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you laughed when i posted this earlier today.
are you laughing now?

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Wait until asure partnership

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>your TA was wrong because eventually it will go back up
we're reaching levels of cope that shouldn't be possible

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Based and fudpilled

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Wall Street fag here, how does low volume with price dipping indicate bear? I have always been taught that high volume confirms the direction of where it is going. Therefore this is actually bullish as fuck

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>he's back

I've missed your posts OP. Easily one of the funniest posters on /biz/. Legit kek'd audibly when I saw this in the catalog.

But really, you should have some sex.

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Kek, you faggots celebrate way to early. We can feel your desperation and fear of being left behind.

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I fucking hate bull markets. All ta idiots start to post their chart
>I told u!!!!!!

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Newfriend, this man is a based larper that ironically posts (((insightful))) TA about the opposite of what is to occur.

Based contrarian anon is based

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100% of your calls have been wrong

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>doing TA on crypto

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so when i posted this earlier today, and i said the price would go down, and now there are pink link threads with people crying and panic selling, that was a bad call?

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yep this

newfags who came here in the last week don't understand how bullish OP's post is
everytime he's posted TA saying a dump is coming, we've had a massive pump afterwards

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>tfw bought at .2-.4
I'm still laughing bitch.

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They laughed when I posed this

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>hot 77

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