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>..but babe, enough about me, what about you..how's everything been going with your crypto, are we up?

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Barely cute enough to wife, she better have a good personality

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>are we up?

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"we" are not up, I am though. now please make yourself useful get me a beer

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>are we up?

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Ummmmmm, excuse me? You promised me that you'd share as I supported you in your venture.

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I didn't know you invested your own money in crypto as well, babe. good for you.

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We're up babe

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>'enough about me'
wanna know how I know youre making this conversation up ?

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Just making sure everyone's kickin off at "we"

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>Brown eyes
>fake blonde
No, we're not up. And I don't like you anymore.

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Her eyes are black just like my soul when I realized I missed on BTC, ETH and stinkies.

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I love how these guys love to talk shit and never had a serious relationship. Then will post about being 31 yr old virgins, anti social, and sitting in Mom's basement all day.

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who the fuck are you and where is my wife konata

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>those soulless eyes

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What souless eyes and vapid expression

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came here to post this

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-T roasty

if you consider that fucking sentence indicative as a serious relationship, you are delusional.

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>t. roastie

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The worst thing about this picture is the fact that the dumb cunt is drinking fucking lemon water with A FUCKING STRAW. JUST FUCKING PIC UP THE FUCKING GLASS AND DRINK NORMALLY. YOU'RE NOT A FUCKING CHILD.

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>Putting your lips on a communal glass
Don't get me wrong, I do it. But it's not hard to understand why some dont

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You're still putting your lips on a straw that has been sitting out in a container behind the counter for a week that waiter staff also touched. Glasses have at least been washed semi recently.

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why do they do this

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>You're still putting your lips on a straw that has been sitting out in a container behind the counter for a week that waiter staff also touched
You're leaving the part out where that straw stays wrapped in paper until they give it to you

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t. cuck

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Fastfood restaurants have those, alot of restaurants dont. Wrapping cost more than just the straw in a bigpack. What if they dont have a straw wrapped in paper, she wont drink it?
What about the lemon? Any idea who touched that and if we assume the glass is icky, she's sucking the germs right up that straw.
It's pointless, childish and you sir, are a germaphobe, go wash your hands.

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Sorry beck but I think we're done lmao

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I've literally never received a water that at least didn't have a portion of that paper still on the top of the straw to show the customer no one has touched it. Not sure what shitholes you eat at

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What image are you looking at?

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>are we up?
ahhh... Oof... Yikes... um... uhhh..

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Is that dude on the right getting cucked or something? That's the worst forced smile I've ever seen. He looks dead inside

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absolutely. thats probably his girl and that guy in the red tank is probably a "Friend" that he secretly hates because he looks like him only taller/stronger.

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I don’t have any crypto. Who told you that?

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I-I'm up 500k$. You want me to buy you something nice sweety? <3

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haha yes <3
a new pair of shoes and a new dress and maybe we go in vacation for a few weeks, you know to relax and have fun ;)
btw did I tell how much I love you <3 I love you for who you are don't ever change <33333 xx

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what is your problem with straws?

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Post the correct one next time

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Childish when used to drink out of anything but an on the go style cup and not anymore clean than drinking out of the glass. Oh an also a waste of plastic, but that's just me.

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> we

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Most of you are probably too young, but in a relationship you are supposed to share everything.

Last night I sold 50 LINK and took my wife out on a nice dinner.

Relationships are about compromise and sharing. You'll all get it one day.

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Anon, but you are supposed to be paying for her dinner anyways so that is expected. You still owe her 25 LINKIES, possibly just giving her some spending cash or letting her have a girls day with your credit card.

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Look guys, we have an oldcuck here

Hows the testosterone levels doing lately?

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>are we up?

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>Last night I sold 50 LINK and took my wife out on a nice dinner.

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Imagine paying $50,000 for a dinner. Just imagine.

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Holy faggotry

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They're both fags. You know any straight guys who unironically wear tank tops to the club? That's a gay bar.

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Fucking right. My gf bought me a fucking yeezy's. With her own money.

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How'd that $50,000 dinner taste you absolute fucking moron

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8/10 for the timing

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Yes babe, we have 250 link that I bought at $3.30 a pop! Btw, what times Jamal coming over tonight? You promised to let me watch this time.

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>sold 50 LINK for a dinner
>not already always having enough dollarydoos in savings or credit on hand so you dont have to liquidate assets for anything short term
>liquidating assets for a dinner of all things

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>"What is this 'WE'? And no, I'm still broke."

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i'm only down like 50%
it's just that btc is pumping and i have alot of alts.
...it's fine right?

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even the guy in your pic is a full blown cuck holy shit

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I lost it all. Also, we're through. You can lick your crap up of the curb tomorrow morning.

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Honey there is something more serious than that. I have aids

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I am the gf who makes more money than my boyfriend and has way more passive income (partly because of crypto).
he does have a PhD in math tho

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Based and aryanpilled

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No, we aren't up. You have nothing to do with this. Now shut your blowhole and go get me another coffee.

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Why the fuck are you spying on me you piece of shit?

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>Last night I sold 50 LINK and took my wife out on a nice dinner.
>spent 50000 future dollars on dinner
what the fuck are you doing

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