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>Boomer parents bought a house for 300k USD when they were both 27
>Now 60 and want me to take it over
>"Sure, how much is left on the loan?"
>310k USD

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It might be an interest only mortgage

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Why'd you do that? I thought buying a house was all about in the end actually owning it.

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Are your parents negroids?

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have you seen locust eating a field until there is nothing left, destroying any future for crop growth...thats a boomer

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>let's blame our parents and not the jew that is printing money from thin air

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the house is probably worth a shit tone more than 310k

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Only whites let themselves get scammed like this. Niggers got burned on too many sawdust mixed cocaine so they're careful

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>no no, boomers never do wrong, it's jews/lizards/Martians who is to blame when they fuck it up!
Ok boomer

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>33 years
>300k house
>calculate for inflation and appreciation
>house is worth around $3-4MM
>won’t pay $310k to get $3MM


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>inflation on the principal of your loan

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Maybe they bought it, then took out a second mortgage or something when the house was worth millions.

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home equity loans

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So how long left on the loan or do you have to refinance it for another 30 year term?

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Must be this.

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I the house was worth $300k 35 years ago and it's in a non-shit area it should be worth upwards of $1m today.

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If his parents took a 300k mortgaage 35 years ago then the principal on their mortgage today would be 300k discounting whatever they paid off. It would never be $1m unless they took out multiple, recent mortgages.

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We aren’t talking about the loan you absolute fucking brainlet. We are talking about the value of the house. OP could sell the house pay the entire loan off and have a few million to play with. Shut the fuck up, it’s an obvious LARP anyway.

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He's saying the value of the house would be 1 mil, not the amount owed on the mortgage.

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It's magical thinking. The house is the same but older, your money is just devalued.

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If they paid $300k for it 33 years ago, they would have to have bought incredibly badly for it not to be worth multiples of that now

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That logic doesn't apply to land and other natural monopolies. There are a shitton more people on this Earth than 30 years ago.

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You're both partially right, Der Juden offered the Boomer a trade: A life of hedonistic excess in exchange for their childrens future prospects. To which, the Boomer gleefully accepted.

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Black people are smarter than to fall for a scam like that. They're more likely to stick with renting out of laziness and bad credit. Only a white person could do something as stupid as what OP describes.

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I thought that OP was expressing frustration at his parents' unpaid mortgage, OP may only have 300k to pay but surely OP's parents paid a loooooot of interest by now, and at a time when 300k USD had more purchasing power than it does now.

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Because all around us are the symptoms of a disease. Our forebears lacked the intelligence and the grit to resist the diabolical plans of a tiny elite. They fell for every trick. They never thought about you. Now you have no choice but to comply. Apathy. They let it all go. You were sold.

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At least I still have my foreskin

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its only worth paying if theyre going to die in the next 10 years

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Lots brainlets here.

Your parents are retards btw

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>what is a second mortgage

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no, it's just that niggers don't even understand when they are being scammed so they don't complain

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>niggers don't complain

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they only complain when they can understand, like when they can't afford chicken

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What is the value of the home in the last fair market assessment? Your parents probably refinanced the home years ago to take it some equity. But I would wager that the house now is worth far more than 300k.

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