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Don't tell me bizonacci hanged himself

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rumor is that if you shitpost hard enough, bizonacci himself will appear in this thread and give excuses to why no more new videos are being made.

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He's heavily into LINK since last year so he's probably fine.

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He is in the cagie

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rolling for bizonacci to come back

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why do you think we are mooning

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all youtubers can hang themselves

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Bizonacci get your ass out here before I open up a can of whoop-ass on you.

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Calm down. He is making a masterpiece video about Chainlink.

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It's biconazzi

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bizonacci got heavily scammed by AMB, so i wouldnt be surprised honestly

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Sorry guys, I will start making videos again soon.

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bizonacci... please.. just tell us you're fine.. just a word.. show us a sign..

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Oh wait no it isn't :D

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Link Anon is better

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You don't have many friends don't you anon

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i want to believe

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We miss you

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That's rude

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>since 2013


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Didn't he come back a few months back & say he was working on something? I think he even posted screenshots...

Opee is probably right though

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He's fine you morons. He just makes videos under a different handle


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I miss bizzonocci so much.

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literally who? sounds like a faggot

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his content was 10/10. I hope he kept a bag.

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Plz bizonacci, we love you.

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Retard, thats not bizonacci thats a reddit tier faggot that waterstamps his pleb shit and tries to humor the zoomies.

Most of his stuff isn't funny and the production quality is cheaper and amateurish compared to bizonacci.

Also bizonacci was funny and clever, and had the best quality material.

take the prince of zimbabwe bullshit out of here.

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Im fine mate

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Bizonacci inspired me to do a full 3D movie about Sminem and the Bogs but it was too much work so I abandonded it

here some WIP screens

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>since 2013
>still hasn't made it

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REMINDER that he made a LINK video in early 2018 which no normie would ever comprehend.

REMINDER that he has put references to LINK in most of his vids eg. Sergey in the Mcdonalds wage cuck video which has been seen almost a million times.

Theory: he knows he is famous now. He is waiting for the singularity and will return with a Chainlink video as the ultimate triumph of /biz/. But he has to wait and can't release it too early.

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PoZ gave me feels. His videos are pretty gud

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this, the ambrosus scam fiasco was totally devastating

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looks kino as fuck

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have sex

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that's awesome man

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thanks guys, maybe I will finish it someday

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This was always my theory as well. If true, it means he did us a real solid by NOT bringing normie attention to our meme token too early. Instead he left hints subtly so that his fellow autists would know that he knows. I expect him to return and complete his saga by dropping a video with Wojak escaping wageslavery by riding the singularity wave into a timeline where he is a successful aristocrat. It’s going to be pure kino I just know it.

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There was a video posted on here, a crypto hedge fund guy talking about how they found out CZ was literally having his market makers fix prices, and painting specific TA patterns based on telegram discussions. Bizonacci was making videos of exactly this in early 2018s. I wonder what he knows, and if he was hired by CZ or maybe CZ's enemies? I know the bog thing was a meme already but he seems to know a lot for an animation youtuber. Very spooky.

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>Look back at the Bogged video
>He sneaked a pic of a thread in the biz catalog full of flippening threads about link saying "1k eoy"
>tfw I didn't even know that Chainlink was a thing before this year

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his channel is probably demonetized and he didn't get that many views on the final JUST video. this together with not much happening as of late (meaning the videos will feel forced) makes it so that it's better to stop. JUST was a perfect ending anyway.

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fuck you faggot, he's right

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>you didnt know what chainlink was until this year
despite it being relentlessly fucking shilled here for about 2 solid motherfucking years?

get the fuck off my website, newfag

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have sex

and he's wrong

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>Caring about youtube monetization when you know about crypto
There's no way that was a factor.

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if you have other things in life you don't have time to make meme videos unless they generate money

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>Sergey in the Mcdonalds wage cuck video
I can't believe I missed this. I only noticed the 1K EOY in BOGGED, are there any other subtle references?

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niggas stinky (yuh!) i ain't sellin linkies (nuh!)
paper wallet, all my money on inkies (uh!)
fuck niggers, fuck whores, blame chinkies
you'll never get your hands on my stinkies

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he's working on his magnum opus link vid. he's the stanley kubrick of memes

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Sure think so. Will be glorious knowing we all held through the bear market and emerged victorious

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reminder that he shilled AMB which pretty much exit scammed

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screenshot of sergey from the wage cuck vid is also header of his second channel

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I heard he cummed in a 13 years olds puss and got inrested for that.

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yea where is this nigger i need my program to watch

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It's okay lads, he's just working on a 20min epic to tell the story of the BOG up until now.

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what if, perhaps, he enjoyed doing it?

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Hope he didnt sell his LINK for AMB, because then he might have actually suicided

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do you know, perhaps, what "don't have time" means? if you have other things in life with higher priority you simply can't make meme videos just for your own personal enjoyment.

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Fuck remember the pasta about sergey telling a mcdonalds wagie about link?

The ending of wage c-ckin it is of the bogs phoning up ronald mcdonald to initiate “technologic unemployment”.
>technologic unemployment would put wagie out of work
> But Wagie met Sergey before that happened
>the mcdonalds meeting sergey pasta (I dont remember it well)
If wagie bought when he met sergey, he’d make it out alive and wealthy.
Which means...
The bogs are on link’s side at least

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That's a wagie mindset
Shoo shoo wagie scum

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some people become adults

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pretty much this

chainlink was the third chance I had to join the moon mission and I didnt do it either :(

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He's right. Most prince of Zimbabwe vids are actually cringe

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he made it a while ago

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I want to believe

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lmao you should just upload the test material to youtube, these look cool

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I missed that detail lol

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>not much happening as of late

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Upload more frames. Shit looks kino asf

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i believe that was sam hyde buddy

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The clown one is good tho

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AMB cucked him hard. He posted on AMB telegram once, he was one of the high buyers. I lost tons on AMB and I didn't even buy where he did. He was one of those people that wasn't holding good alts, most alts went down like 95%.

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POZ is bizzonaci.

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He's literally fine, he's holding like 80k LINK

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Nice work mate, you should finish and release it in the next bull run!

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POZ is the walmart steak that is filled with AIDS and hobos cum on the side of a hipster cuck LA trench

Bizonacci is 1 BTC steak served in the Himalayas

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He put my gif in the video :3
Don’t rush the man, he knows what he’s doing

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this 100%

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what video ideas do YOU have that wouldn't feel forced? and remember that you must not repeat any concepts already covered by a previous video as well

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God damn this board is retarded

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>same person
imagine being this retarded. The style and quality of the videos are leagues apart.

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Please do fren

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They are practically identical. Same software, same editing style, etc. Not to mention The POZ channel took off about the same time bizonacci stopped posting.

I also emailed POZ awhile ago asking if he took BTC donations and the address he gave me was the same one Bizz uses.

kill yourself pls

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