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>become multimillionaire
>know it's because of meme magic
>muh fundamentals too
>laugh it winningly off
>have one moment after 48 hours to cry for less than a minute
>tears of joy
I really made it. it's so stunning. can you feel the incoming change? yet some of us decided to ride the full 1K EOY meme. the chosen who shall accomplish the most extreme way of this journey shall be rewarded with deeper knowledge of the undeniable. for they have been able to see. to fud. never to shill. ever prepared to confuse and ridicule. knowing that they shall make it. frens, we made it.

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a million is fun but you what is cool - a billion

keep going anon- there is light at the end of the tunnel

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>to fud. never to shill.
Multimilionare myself now. Didn't care that much after becoiming one because the bear tough me well. FUD was for identity starved retards, kys

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You a billionaire?

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Congrats I had my chance I witnessed the Trump kek magic and still didn't go all in nobody to blame but myself.

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Congratulations what are you gonna buy

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>I really made it. it's so stunning. can you feel the incoming change?
yes I can my friend
>who else had to cry after realizing you're a multimillionaire?

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multi? bro, shave off $1M and help zuckbucks get into the fucking top 100. DO IT FOR JUSTICE.

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>family and friends

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>helping evil globalist jews to establish satancoin

Not worth it

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I would not tell anyone just make surprised purchases

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imagine. there are only a selected few who will go for the 1K EOY meme. and these shall have the most intense and rewarding journey of all. they shall be enlightnened to a level of badassery enlightment. for their journey is truly the most intense and god connecting.

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i hold 0.95 LINK
i am extaremely ric h

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and traveling. and if we're starting to run some business we have to either make chainlink referenfes in your brand blatantly obvious or subliminal. but it has to be integrated by those who REALLY made it. i.e. million+

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lms livemyself

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chianlink would have never made it on its own, meme magic is catapulting this coin into the stratosphere. anons, we are the chainlink.

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Congratz fren! Now that you don't have to worry about your financial situation you have time to ponder this: how can meme magic work? What does it tell you about the nature of our reality? How can your thoughts shape the world around you? Are you only a 3d being in a chaotic universe or is there a deeper, more whole side of you?

Godspeed anon!

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I haven't made it yet, not even close, but I feel like it's a sure thing. It's only a matter of time.

Pretty comfy rn boys

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no, he isn't.

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I'm only a 3k linklet so have to ride the link train a wee bit longer before I shed a tear. Tissues on standby.

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>uniroincally things I asked and educated before /biz/

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>imagine calling my business and money related sd card BIZ before knowing about /biz/ and then making it with /biz/ to still hold 355K link

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everyone on this board is a billionaire whale except you