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>just was bullied by a group of teenage girls while on shift at McDonald’s. I used the middle finger but it just ramped up the confrontation

High school all over again

I’m a fucking coward

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How did you get bullied by girls, anon? I'm in Maccies all the fucking time cause im an uber eats driver. so sick of being there, the only saving grace is all the teen hotties in skintight leggings.

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Lol just rea chateau heartiste or something they want that dick mayn.

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Heartiste got taken down by (((Wordpress)))

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never heard of that shit before but this guy seems pretty redpilled om bitches

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There's a compilation pdf that gives you the basics on archive.
He's still on gab as well.

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you're a pedophile. just like 50% of all uber eats drivers.

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>you're a pedophile

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>during all human history men used to fuck women between 13-15
>"Hey, I feel attracted to a 17-18 year old"
fuck off

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This behavior might be acceptable at reddit, but it's not here, please get the fuck offy Mexican commando sign language board and go back you pedophile faggot.

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>go back you pedophile

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this, uber workers need to know their places. They are creep beta males

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>Yes, it looks like it will be over at Unz. I'm working on cleaning up the XML files to deliver to Ron.
>Briefly, I figured Unz's site was 1. least likely to deplatform 2. a solid, durable repository which would keep my work publicly accessible.
And though Unz and I wouldn't agree on everything (or much at all), I have to give him credit for running a site of true dissidents who are unwelcome anywhere else.
>There are downsides ofc. I won't feel as free to be me over there. And I doubt the Unz audience has much crossover with the CH readership. I will get around these limitations by running a side project that I won't advertise too loudly.


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>not being attracted to sexually developed young women

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Its crazy how much pedophiles project the truth. I bet you are literally balding aren't you?

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>I bet you are literally balding

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>Doesn't understand the difference between pedophile and hebephile.

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try explaining that to the judge you dirty noncecase

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It is an amazing transformation of high iq individual from red pill pussy chaser into nuclear GTKRWN autist. One of the best places on goyternet

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You just changed the first 4 letters, good job. All of you are sick fucks. I hope someone violently murders your mothers for doing the world a disservice and not getting abortions instead.

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>All of you are sick fucks

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I'm glad none of you live forever. You will meet your maker soon fags.

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Our maker impregnated Mary at 12, cry harder incel

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The sickest fucks are the most loud people in judging other sick fucks to cover their tracks. Like most feminist men are actually rapists.

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Oh you were there and can verify? Cope/rationalize harder you weirdo.

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Yea, I hate feminism. Just more blue pilled virtue signaling while they look for their next victim to molest.

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I kept checking out this girl and her friend started looking at me and laughing. Then they both said to me to tell my companions to shut up and I said no. They argued with me and I shut down.

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It’s a well established fact. It’s also a well established fact that across the West for centuries up until the late 1800’s the age of consent was 12 or lower.

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You’re arguing like a literal feminist though retard

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based and truthpilled

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>appeal to authority
neck yourself

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Yea, and the average life expectancy was less than 40. What flavor would you like?

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>calling out pedophiles makes YOU the pedophile.

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And? Are you implying girls matured faster back then? Otherwise you're excusing what you call "paedophilia" back then simply cause life expectancy was lower.

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You may or not be a pedo. But you are definitely a feminist.

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No, I'm pointing out the obvious that it was more for survival of the bloodline than it was for sick degenerate fantasies.

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>go back you pedophile faggot.

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shut the fuck up retards

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>High school all over again

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I think all humans should have basic rights, I don't go categorizing myself based on my beliefs like some subhuman bluepilled faggot. You should really go back.

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It had nothing to do with survival of the bloodline you idiot.

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>I think all humans should have basic rights
What about a normal man's right to be attracted to a sexually developed young woman?

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God is a pedophile.

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Same faggin lmao.

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>neck yourself
good advice for when you get to the nonce wing you noncey nonce

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don't want to be that guy but this isn't bizness related is it.

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Stupid fucking newfag can't even figure out IDs

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