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Out of five of my closest white male friends, only one heeded my advice, and he didn’t do so till a dollar twenty and I had to buy it for him. I tried to help them, but I didn’t push. Money is a touchy subject.
>I tried to save them
>they didn’t listen
Search your phone and show when you tried to save your friends’ lives

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Giving money advice to your friends is always a bad idea.

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All messages are in my native language so RIP image reply.
I told a total of 14 people. 1 heard. A 15 yo overwatch god I used to play with, that told his brother and have a chance at missing the wage-cuck route. Godspeed W.

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They will never listen, i stopped talking about a year ago. When you do make it though expect them to hate you though

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my friends all bought

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I’m the black sheep of my friend group anyway. They are all semi Chad and hardcore normies. I have been a live music producer for 4 years so I have a lot of time to do drugs and worry about the fall of civilization and shitpost here. Kinda fucks you up after a while. And that’s a good thing

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The one friend who listened was a literal autist I met playing Runescape. Good lad, glad he's gonna make it.

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shilled a discord fren and he bought about 25k..... couldnt get anyone else to buy though i had a friend interested in buying $300 worth right before it blew up, dunno if he still wants to

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Same here desu

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I shilled AMD for weeks to my friends while it was at $9.0. Told them Ryzen would be the next big deal, laid out how it would power every next gen console. None of them listened. Last week one of them told me his coworker took my advice on a whim and 3x'd.

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I had one! He bought around $0.77. now he will join us in singularity. I'm proud I made at least one marine. The others will only enjoy the annual trip, not the life of it.

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I told two of my friends about it. One of them is a turbo-normie who worships Tai Lopez - to my non-surprise, he was completely disinterested

My other friend, to my surprise, actually knew what link was and browsed biz. He unironically fell for the link is a meme meme and didnt buy any.

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I shilled LINK to a buddy of mine from work, he quit and went home cause he didn't like finance. He was one of those guys too that was making fun of BTC but he had an open mind. Bought some crypto a month back, 2x'd his investment, then I got him in on LINK at a little less than a dollar.

I think he has a bigger stack than me now. And can apparently be comfortably unemployed

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I have 7 of my friends, my parents, my sister, and my brother all in Chainlink. Pic related.

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>I had to buy it for him.
exactly too confusing why would they listen

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>This is just the beginning

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I tried. Most of my friends are poor lefties tho. Some of my friends own bitcoin but they are bitcoin maximalists and said that chainlink was a shitcoin.
Daily reminder that if you adopt an ideology to frame something that you just got into, then you are weak minded. Especially when its something as complex and new as crypto.

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I’m an autist I can’t help being dramatic

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Got my whole family into LINK! my mom is a Link sergeant now. they listened to me, I told them to buy LINK in 2014 but they all said it was weird and they didnt take me credible. and the best part is my dad is a financial advisor lol. he is slowly but surely getting out of his baby boomer mindset and is realizing the actual potential of crypto

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I have no friends anymore so I didn’t shill anyone chainlink. except I got my mom to buy 60

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i meant to say buy BTC in 2014. Link was still in sergeys womb at that point

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link moms are the best moms

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This one is my brother.

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Of like 20 friends I told to get into crypto in general, quite a few have taken my advice over the years. A lot didn’t though, like this last correction I was yelling at all of them to start buying bitcoin in the 3ks and they just tried arguing with me. I can’t believe I wasted hours on them, showing the fallacies in their arguments. Fuck them, fuck them all. Only the faithful will rejoice, the non believers must repent

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I tried.

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LINK will crash alright? You guys need to get a job. >>14454113 What I tell you about posting our conversations here Paul?

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agreed, its all fun and games until something crashes and they end up developing a pent up resentment towards you.
the best way is to talk about what you have done and how it is working out for you. No need to be a pushy salesperson

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I had a few people listen to me but only one bought right away and got in at .25, the rest were over a dollar

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>i told them to buy LINK in 2014

did you now

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Anon give us an update LOL

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Fucking iphones. Lmao

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Google the price of link on aug 21, 2018 brainlet. Who TF is Paul?

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Meant for

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Being a BTC maximalist is the safe choice. Nothing wrong with that.

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Told my best and only friend and the only family member I have left. The friend listened, the family member didn't. Oh well I have a new family now anyway.

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I invested in crypto for a friend back in Feb 2018 when bitcoin prices were dipping. I went all in on LINK. He never paid me the amount I invested for him, so I'm keeping the stack and not telling him.

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not link but still laughable

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I was in a discord group last year, none of them took link seriously because 'never buy anything /biz/ shills'
fast forward to now, none of them have any link and they're shocked by the prices link is reaching these days

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Told 20+ people, 3 bought. I prefaced it with everyone about risk but I made it a point to tell everyone so no one can say "well, you never told me!" I've hawked this shit so much to everyone that they can't say shit if it moons and they got left behind. I still shill it desu, over and over regardless of price because it has so much room to go and I actually want them to succeed. I told them the fundamentels, use cases, everything. I've basically had an elevator pitch and given it over and over in front of the same people. A few will make it, so its all worth it. Don't give up on frens, frens.

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>I sold it all
>I just panicked

one of us
one of us
one of us

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You guys dont really care for your friends and family

when link hit .50 cents i made my aunt buy her 10k stack. i felt stupid when it dipped to .30 cents. but she never noticed that.

when maninet was announced i went all in and forced my GF to get her 10k make it stack. which cost her 8,000 usd she had saved up. she is a waitress,

before the blogpost rumor day may 17th, i made my brother browse biz with me he saw the threads and belived in the magic, my brother bought 3k links, for a dollar each. took the day off and took my laptop to his house and made him buy. he gave me cash and i transferred link. it dipped to .80 cents, he didnt get mad. i told him he has to suffer before he can make it.

i have 1k stack for each of my family members. and my mother.

If you guys didnt make your loved ones buy you didnt love them. nuff said

all y loved ones got in under a dollar.

remeber back in the day we used to say any link under a dollar was a blessing. everything was true

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>all these reddit traitors making normies buy stacks

scum the lot of you

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hello Chosenite

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>anons make their aunts and grandmas buying cryptocurrencies

lmaso, its crazy that crypto isn't a IT-nerd specilist thing anymore, there are many normie bagholders, i know one guy who shilled link to hes grandma, the granny owns more link than many of holders here.

i dont shill cryptos blindly to anyone because i believe that if i spend +1000hours of my life researching and studying so i am not giving the fruits of that success to everyone.

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Distant from my family except my parents. I got my dad to buy 1000, he gave it back to me though. It doesn't really matter if they don't buy because when I make it I'm going to build them a house on the property I'm gonna buy. I'll get to live next to my parents on a big ranch and they'll never have to work again. Feels so good.

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>If you guys didnt make your loved ones buy you didnt love them. nuff said

i tried and they thought i was crazy. their loss.

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are you going full on nostalgic reminiscing the past on this board or what, you need some shoulder to hold on to with wet wipes

search your phone for old messages when you tried to save lives LOL

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told a dozen people
only 2 listened
1 who didnt listen is bugging me for days now asking if he should buy now

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based, how do grannies even know how to buy it

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Got my older brother and best childhood friend into link. Happy that I got the two closest bros in my life on the boat. No one else listened, but I tried to tell them.

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I told all five of my closest friends and only one of them listened

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In laws, friends, co workers, family, only one person listened. I got one person to invest in Link besides me. I have who I shilled, when, what the current price was, and their response. If anyone asks me afterwards "why did you tell me" I'll have the answer of "I did, at X price you said Y." Their loss.

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so many reddit fags in here

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Some of my best bros and I have been holding since ICO

Feels good to have a squad on the journey

We’ll all retire to neighboring farms

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Told parents to buy:

Enigma at 50c before $8
xrp at 28c before 47c
doge at 25-30 sats

"Oh yeah show me some good things to buy and ill throw some money on it"

Never does.
Given up bothering.
Keep the money for my self

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I even spoonfed them and mentioned how much money I made in the past week

Really makes me think most people just plain don't WANT to be rich. They're happy being poor wagecucks

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oh no no no this is a sell signal

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Why don't they listen, /biz/?
These are my best bros too so I feel bad knowing our friendship will be lost when I make it and they don't.

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Show some respect. You’re speaking to a Lieutenant General.

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This. Worst part is their anger towards me and FUD convinced me to sell most of mine.

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why didn't he listen

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I got my brother to buy 500 LINK at 39 cents. I don't think he ever really believed in me, just wanted me to shut up. Maybe someday he will learn that my autism has benefits.

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>$5 next year
weak FUD

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I got only one person to invest in chainlink and they're up like $300 so far. Shoulda coulda woulda

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You're the friend they needed.

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fuck off nigger i would give up my entire 2 million LINK stack just to see u hang from the trees

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my close friend said I was essentially gambling and should research calls and puts.

>> No.14456984

Is that Signal?

You are gonna make it

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It's not so simple. Most of my family is arrogant and adversarial toward me at all times. I told all of my siblings, every single one of them dismissed what I had to say, even though all of them claim to see the value proposition in blockchain. I've had hours long conversations with one brother who even deduced that something like chainlink needs to exist, but he STILL thinks chainlink is a scam. The others either don't care, don't see the ramifications, or just want to talk over me about their uninformed ideas. They all cop out and tell me "good luck" while rolling their eyes.

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you tried fren, not everyone can make way of the world

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I didn't start telling friends until this week. They missed out on cheaper link

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I'm not black dumbass. He was saying that I'm going to be nigger rich. But yeah he is a dumb hick, I'm unironically a lot fucking smarter than him. Even when I was a kid I never wrote like a retard like he does.

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dont worry anon. what you dont realize is this is a good sign. when their eyes go from rolling to greed you know what to do.

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I shilled chainlink for the past 2 years to my group message. They never listened. Literally don’t understand normies.
Although I’m 22 now and was begging my parents to invest in BTC in high school when it was still like $80. They didn’t listen then but they did buy some chainlink, so they might make it.

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how does your elevator pitch go? ive tried to articulate the "who, what, and why" and everything it means, but im just not very good at it.

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>my screencap was saved and sent to someone through text
took me 20 minutes to time this perfectly

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just tell them it could go to zero tomorrow and think of it as gambling with a good chance at profit -- never had family or friends come at me when I set them straight from the beginning.

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discord grannies

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Mobile, so might be different ID. I start with the utility of smart contracts by giving an example of an insurance payout that the insurer doesn't wan't to give so they drag you through court, but with smartcontracts the contract self executes if the parameters are filled saving all of that time and money, coupled with efficiency it has massive potential to replace many of the worlds contracts. It hasn't been adopted yet because there hasn't been a good way to get data to and from the real world on to the digital contract, having a centralized way to move that data is too risky and won't be adopted because it is a single point that can be attacked and disrupt the contract. Chainlink is the only one working on that problem, they are building a decentralized network so it doesn't have the single point of failure problem. I equate it to buying oil when everyone is just learning about Henry Ford. That's the gist of it. I've been told people get like 20% of what I'm saying, its usually because they're not particularly interested and don't know anything about crypto to begin with. Good luck friend, I also usually provide them with youtube links if they're interested. One explaining the blockchain, another on smartcontracts(better than I can explain) and a link to the chainlink faq. Hope it helps you convince someone.
Thanks buddy.

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I tried to tell a friend of mine about LINK back when it was .30 cents last winter, because I knew he went on 4chan for a couple years, but he was a /pol/faggot and not on /biz/

He told me "Yeah, I'm not so interested in bitcoin because it reminds me of the tulip mania back in the 1600s :^)"

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thanks for taking the time to write that up, friend. i appreciate it.

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I got 6 people in. I’m happy that I’m becoming wealthy, but I’m just as happy that I’ve brought wealth to friends and family.

>> No.14458620

Whichever one of you came to /pol/ and convinced me to buy (at 1.50), you're my friend.

>> No.14458677

I like it but honestly I think one is better off just not telling people unless they’re actually interested people. I’m around a bunch of idiots who are actually incredibly smart people but not smart enough to just stop and listen

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Pics of sister

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Kek, please tell us the latest

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Happy to help, sometimes I leave biz for long periods of time because its a shit hole filled with hateful doomers but there's diamonds in this rough. LINK is gonna make me rich, I DMOR but the only way I ever would have seen it is from the beautiful bastards on here. I try to pay it forward when I can, we all live real lives so its no fun to make it alone. Maybe your peeps will listen and make enough to at least buy a house.
I get where you're coming from, but I felt like I had to try even if it meant only one would make it. There were no consequences for me shilling, I saw it as a win win. Either they'd profit, or they wouldn't but they'd never be able to give me shit if I made bank and they didn't.

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I tried but not one of them listened. Had my best buddy jump in at the same time as me back in 2017 but he fell heavily for the meme lines trying to be a daytrader and burned himself out not accomplishing much.

The others never got in at all, the intelligent ones always listened to what I had to say and agreed with me but would always end it with a variation of 'I'll get in eventually'. The others that are on the not so bright side (also the majority) come up and with the most infuriating excuses and copes that I simply refuse to bother anymore. I've had this one guy tell me he can't possibly afford it and when I insisted that's bullshit he used the"you don't know me or my life" card. Not a single month passes and faggot is posting pictures on the WhatsApp group with his new PC parts, the same faggot that bought an expensive phone a few months back insisting he needs one because reasons. This might not sound like a lot of money to you but we're in Eastern Europe. Putting 500$ in Link here is the equivalent of putting 5-10k in the US. One of them even derailed the convo to shill boomerstocks and argue they have better returns, with the paradoxical exception that he isn't fucking holding any.

I have all sorts of examples but most boil down to: "yes I understand Anon you make a good point" followed by literally nothing as if they were the ones patronizing me, I feel as if I get dismissed like a crazy person in their own minds after those lines are recited. Can't be my shilling style since I never went for the hype angle as much as the technical side.

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I didn't tell them to get into chainlink specifically
four were interested, two actually went ahead, one of them JUSTed and was burnt out, how things went for the last one I don't know. he might still be in. I'll have to ask him. I was going to tell him about chainlink, but the mainnet announcement happened and I didn't want him to get JUSTed with the dip I expected.
Guess he'd know about chainlink by now if he's still in.

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this thread is fucking cringe. I just imagine the same thing happened in late 2017, there's probably thousands of autists who's family and friends don't speak to them because they lost them thousands of dollars.

>> No.14460448

>Can't be my shilling style
>attempted to shill to multiple and failed
>It's not me, it's them
How can you not be able to convey the value of Chainlink. This shit sells itself.

>> No.14460534

I told about 10 people, 5 of whom listened.

One got in around .50 and now his stack his worth 6 figures

>> No.14460567


>> No.14460647

>essentially gambling
hes right though. All investing is gambling.

>> No.14460659

Yeah this, I always knew it would be up to me to make sure my family survives the transition into the new age, most of them are super bad with money anyway. It was always the plan to make sure they get set up on some land in good houses, so I don't care if they hold or not.

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Gave them the birds and bees about reliable tamper proof inputs and outputs but not before explaining what blockchain and smart contracts are, also going chronologically to cover the rise of BTC and then ETH. I put it so it not only made sense from a technical perspective but also from a financial one, to look as distant as possible from tulips, ponzis and general gambling.

If it really was my fault somehow then I don't care, if they didn't bite after all the shit I dumped on them backed by the iron hands that held for 620 days, they deserve to stay poor forever. I wish I had someone to spoon feed me like a helpless toddler before the BTC / ETH explosions, yet it didn't happen and I had to find all of this on my own. I have zero sympathy left and am totally on my own now.

>> No.14461570

I told about 4-5 people.
Only my best friend bougt. Now we are millionaires. Others will be wagecucking whole life. Fucking retards.

>> No.14461945

When he finds out the price, it would be smart to cut contact with him. Especially if we're talking over 50K USD

>> No.14462073

LINK is a meme is a meme is a meme you fucking retards. Literal vaporware

>> No.14462126

>Made a discord text channel dedicated to link
>only 1 friend out of 20 listened
>update with every bread crumb back since etherdelta/AB posts.
>got pissed off at them one day left the discord for a month.
>come back eventually.
>redditor most contrarian friend who has admin deletes the channel out of spite.
>" uhhhh no one uses it and its a scam. "
>1 out of 20 in that group listened, others called me stinky.
Out of another group everyone bought around 2 dollars because they were slow and poor.
High school friends you've known for 7 years wont listen but randoms in csgo and work colleagues will. Its so painful sometimes.

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>the only problem you're gonna have, is that you didn't buy more...
oh no no no

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>no shit
>i already feel that
>mfw in 2017/2018 I tried telling them

>> No.14462209

My friends refused to pay anything over 10¢ because they thought bought at a couple sats would give max gains, they all bought Tron.

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>they all bought Tron.
tell me about it
I know a couple of those stories
another friend even went into bitconnect
they lost an entire btc at the time from that scam
I warned him, he didn't listen, and so fully deserved the loss

>> No.14462918

can one of you mongolian basket weavers be my internet friend or add me to discord? i could have enlisted in the linkmarine corps earlier but im never part of the discussion at the beginning

>> No.14463053
File: 284 KB, 730x750, 8F4C3641-0CEC-4B97-BA7D-11288AFA3445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


feels good m-man

>> No.14463222

Just go outside and look around. World is filled w idiots that have these big holes something is going to change their wage cycling ways and yet they are not invested in a single thing that would even have the chance. It was hard to learn crypto in my spare time bc my job is demanding af. I gave up a ton of evenings to work on it and learn. A lot of resistance in my mind along the way. But I did it bc I kept an open mind. All these assholes that laugh when you tell them about any of this stuff will chuck their whole lives. Once link is at 25 I’ll start consider quitting my job. If we actually make it to 50 I’ll likely be done so long as I can stake it. 50k holder.

>> No.14463233

Chainlink is actually not much different than Bitconnect. It's just another form of scam.

>tell people you're gonna do decentralized oracles
>make trivial centralized oracles
>tell people you've made decentralized oracles
>cash out at the peak before people find out you lied

>> No.14463685

Jesus money skelly looks like cancer jobs

>> No.14463818

I got two friends to buy 5k. One at a dollar one at 50 cents

>> No.14463893

dad bought
two closest friends bough
brother bought
friend's dad bought
mutuals bought
they didn't sell
I have a few retard gub gub mutuals that I shilled that sold. one sold at .35. It's alright though. my close friends and family are in

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>> No.14463944

Haven't told anyone

I'm gonna surprise them, then book a trip to thailand and have an orgy

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>Told them to buy at 3k
>Told them that the next monday it will pump (17dec)
>Only 1 listened

I tried.

>> No.14463971

i sent memes and gave them clues but nobody found the answer so they didnt deserve link. anyone who shilled outright to their friends is a faggot and a normie sympathizer
i did get my parents and my brother a 10k stack

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Ocf i bought myself some, but... What if i tell you..

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>Chainlink is actually not much different than Bitconnect. It's just another form of scam.

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That i shorted 13880.

>> No.14464287

I told one who likes to bet on football. Tried to sell it to him as a gambling tip off with amazing odds. Wasn't interested. Haven't got the heart to tell him if link keeps mooning so i'l have to keep it a secret.

>> No.14464520

Holy fuck you anons are cringe. Who the fuck shills shitcoins to family and friends, absolutely disgusting

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Tried twice with family and a friend that had just gotten a good job blue collar waging. Only one listened and it was my younger bro; he can't get his binance back, oof. My other brother has cash saved up but it just sits there. I tried shilling wagie mcbigbux on it and he smirked gave a little hhmph laugh and patted my back, "I think I'm set" lmao that wagie mentality. Guys I'm surrounded and it's rubbing off.

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