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Am I the only one who feels like the emperor has no clothes? And I'm saying this with a 50k stack which I haven't sold a single token of yet. If you peel away all these layers of hype, coinbase hype, google hype, oracle hype, ISDA and derivatives hype, whatever else is fueling this parabolic rise right now...

...at the bottom of it all is a 5-node ETH ticker that returns the price of ETH every five minutes. That's it. Of course it might be much more than that some day, but it needs so much functionality added to it still (staking, rep, collateral, etc), most of which hasn't even begun to be designed or implemented yet. It still seems to me like far less than the sure thing that this price action is making it out to be. I feel like we have hit a Perfect Storm of hype events for Link this last month, but when the storm peters out we're going to be back where we started... holding our collective dick in our hands while we watch a 5-node ETH ticker pinging CMC over and over.

I have tiered sells set up for when we hit $10, then $15, then $22.5, etc. So I obviously am bullish longterm. But I have not seen such a disparity between market sentiment and underlying present-day value of the product since (I hate to say) the early 2018 days of random TRON and Verge moonpumps. I honestly feel this rise is unsustainable, unnatural and probably will hurt LINK's reputation as a serious project in the longterm.

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the silver to bitcoin's gold... oh wait no that's LTC

so what's link's "thing"?

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i hope if fucking crashes hard so i can buy more

a link is now $5.50 leaf bucks fuck me

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Don't count on it.

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shut up faggot

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delete this you fuck, we need the euphoria to last a few more days for us to dump

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It'll cost the same as antimatter.

>comparing boomer-rocks to the 4th industrial revolution

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>Implying relevant parties haven't been privately testing implementation of chainlink with their smart contracts since 2015

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Why? What is LINK's current utility such that it commands a market cap nearly as large as Monero (which actually does something utterly interesting, unique, and essential)? And again, I say this as someone bullish on LINK's future, but I feel this price action will be damaging to LINK's reputation. It is a violent hype-driven upward movement and likely to be followed closely by a violent fear-driven downward movement when the hype dries up. And then we will look exactly like BAT did post-coinbase launch, which will be depressing.

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i know what you mean i’m feeling the same but then i look at CMC and realize even if it’s all hype there’s still more substance in LINK than every coin between us and ethereum

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That is just more hype and speculation. It seems unlikely, given that rumors of a 'private' pivotal with far more development and functionality than the public pivotal would have suggested turned out to be bunk on mainnet drop. Mainnet turned out to be exactly what was in the pivotal, no more and no less.

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OP, get a rope, you’re not getting sub $1 LINK anymore, sorry faggot.

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You will make a mistake. Real value without speculation of LINK right now is $10

If you add speculation and FOMO, maybe we go to $40

You dont should forget that whales are accumulating right now.

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Chainlink is easily 120bil market cap in the next bullrun. You're just being a big queer right now desu - xrp 120bil MC with 99bil circulation, how the fuck do you think LINK will NOT reach the same figures when total crpyto market cap is in the trillions?

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Spotted the leddit nulinker who.bought my $5 bags

Desperate for it to pump more lol

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so climbing up gradually from not even top rank 100 to rank 16th isnt gradual over the last year? from 80 cent to 4 dollar isnt even that big of a pump, so relax.

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I think you're right OP. Go check the daily thread on r/cryptocurrency, just a bunch of degenerate gamblers meming about how they FOMO'd into LINK.

Retracement is inevitable, although I definitely plan on buying back in. I just hope this episode hasn't hurt the reputation of the project

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I'm seeing link all over facebook and reddit, I feel it's coming close to being cashed in. I'm looking for an exit soon, they haven't actually solved the oracles problem it's hype and vapourware

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>I honestly feel this rise is unsustainable, unnatural and probably will hurt LINK's reputation as a serious project in the longterm.
god he's dumb

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you comparing link to antimatter?

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We will have a retrace to $5 when reach $10 in the next weeks.

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Maybe antimatter is FUD.

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and funnyest thing that its still erc20 token, i.e. link doesnt even have own blockchain

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I feel like the only reason you'd act with such kneejerk repugnance is if you were afraid what I said was true. Pic related is my binance balance, I have another 7k that I transferred to CB. Haven't sold a single one yet. I am not trying to swing the price, I am just genuinely flustered that expectations are becoming exponentially detached from reality. And when they synchronize again, it will be a painful wake-up call.

It feels nice looking at my net worth and seeing that I could buy a house with it, but I recognize this feeling and it was the feeling I had in January 2018 when I held 190k XLM up to the top and back down to 30c (embarassing, I went all in LINK two months later). You'll scream at me and say LINK is different. I agree... it has long-term prospects, XLM does't. But its present-day value is jack shit. It doesn't do anything. That is my concern.

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you're clearly a nolinker trying pathetically to FUD lol

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the neo nazi war criminal and incel terrorist and cyber scammer jason parser is going to steal all of your money


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the important thing right now is to bantz and to laugh at those who didn't make it, so they fuel our profits even more

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Look at eth before 2017. It really didn't do much, and people hadn't figured out how to use it yet. LINK is no different. This entire game is speculation, brother.
We will eventually see some kind of pullback sure. Maybe today, next week, etc. But it makes no difference.

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I agree. And I'm tempted to sell a portion to recoup. (my stack was equal to yours, now 28k)

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35k here. Let's fucking sell OP

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shockingly lucid if true, you're a smart guy.

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>...at the bottom of it all is a 5-node ETH ticker that returns the price of ETH every five minutes.
That's literally more than any cryptoasset below chainlink in rank rn does, and more than many ranked above it.

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>That's it. Of course it might be much more than that some day
Like, uhm... Eth?

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>doesnt do anything
i bet you're the same fag who sold btc at $100

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You're completely right. There's only barebones functionality. And even if they rolled out all the promised features, there's no adoption from an established company that we can point to happening in the near future. Oracle with its startups don't count. I'm talking actually use for business. There's just not that much there. This pump is based on nothing substantial. But you can say that for a lot of the top 25 cryptos. And no one cared much about real adoption in the last bullrun.

You could phrase your post another way. We have no functionality and adoption and we're hitting these levels anyway. This could just be discovery of the "real" price. Once more functionality gets added and the emperor get some new clothes we could moon violently. But I am predicting a huge dump soon.

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Lmao stop being a brainlet
>disparity between today's functionality and its price
It's a miracle you've been able to look at crypto for so long without your head caving in on itself

>> No.14453633

i agree 100%
you are a biz anomaly, a stinky who who is NOT delusional

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Most of the crypto below chainlink shouldn't even exist because of how worthless and pointless they are. Same with many of the crypto above chainlink.

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Don't forget the founders own 2/3 of the supply and residing on the Cayman Islands.
I have a feeling that when they realize this project is going nowhere they will sell everything and exit scam.

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Seriously let's look at the coins ranked near LINK:

Chinese scam, nothing to show for itself
>Smart refugee cities
What purpose does this serve?
Actually has a use
The Bitfinex equivalent of BNB
Ripple clone
Chinese scam
Might be a scam
>Bitcoin Satoj's Vision
Not a scam kind sir, please do the needful and buy buy buy buy buy
Actually has a use
Scam used to launch attacks on BTC
Has no reason to exist

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This isn’t stopping until sept if it even does then.

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it's not that LINK is more valuable than monero right now, but that Monero is undervalued.

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If you can't tell the difference between mass media attention, normie fomo and the mt gox guy dumping btc at the top of the fomo vs people fomoing based on announcements and speculation then I don't know what to tell you. BTC dumped and took the whole market with it, here it's mostly link and btc rising together. Yes there will be a correction but if you think we're going to go something ridiculous like -90% from here (without btc crashing) I don't think you understand what's actually happening.

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Don’t forget that coinbase is the most us friendly normie onramp - also very bot unfriendly

CZs fuckery is kept at bay somewhat by this

I do agree we’ll probably pull back but this volatility looks more like price discovery than a pump and dump to me

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Bitcoin did something new, interesting and valuable the moment it was created, like it or not. It offered an alternative currency, banking, and store-of-value option which had never been seen before in the history of life on earth. Sure much of the currency function has been eroded as the mempool's clogged up and better currency coins have been minted, but just by being the OG decentralized ledger it has a brand name that reinforces peoples' faith in it as a store of value. It's all arbitrary and phantasmal (we could all decide that limited edition mickey mouse wristwatches are the new global store of value and it would be true), but it's still reality.

LINK has, I hate to say it, not yet done anything new. It's still an ERC677 token that has no utility within the project that created it. It might have a function someday, I certainly hope that it has a function someday and that it makes me fabulously wealthy via staking, but that someday isn't now and the disparity between market valuation and underlying value is embarassing, honestly. There will be a reckoning.

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Remember Binance is blocking new US accounts now. Normies couldn't buy LINK easily.

>> No.14453816

I feel your pain fellow leaf bro

>> No.14453874

Enjoy my $4.5 bags boyo

>> No.14453915

Cardano got to like 100B with a whitepaper OP

>> No.14453924

Exactly. I hope all these fudders sell now.
Link will be $50 by september.

>> No.14453933

Sell your 50k stack then.

>> No.14453950

Youre either a brainlet or a fudding genius.

Im betting on brainlet

>> No.14454028

Was does it do? ELI5

>> No.14454034

This post may have saved me from fomoing. Thanks (i think)

>> No.14454054

The data cartel and the finance cartel have chosen this token, like it or not.

>> No.14454061

I dont see the problem op.
Price is speculative until utilisation but lots of huge interested parties are now involved.

Are you just fudding or do you not understand how this works?

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Finally someone with a brain. This ethereum token is way overvalued

>> No.14454098

Google and Oracle has given LINK enough credibility to be viewed as the de facto blockchain middleware project. And now its starting to enter into crypto investors and speculators mind. Bit by bit.

When they first discover it, they will go through the same process as us, unraveling the infinite rabbit hole. See some of the top tier OC memes. All the breadcrumbs. Eventually they will reach the understand Chainlink like a LINK marine, but it will be too late - as we're already at $1000.

$1000 EOY

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Always stay clear in thought, even amidst intoxicating triumph.

We were harshly reminded of that this week when BTC fell from 13.8k to 11.2k in an hour. All the moonbois in the BitMEX trollbox were saying that BTC would be 16k-20k within the next few days got a harsh dose of reality.

>> No.14454174

Tell me the function it has today. It doesn't have one, other than to be transferred between ETH wallets like every other ERC. "Making me rich" is not a function. If you fully acknowledge this, then the current valuation begins to look absurd, even clownish. We're in unicorn territory, an ETH ticker is being currently valued higher than a unicorn startup.

>> No.14454202

>selling linkies
>no you are reddit

>> No.14454227

What's the function of Stellar or Satoj's Vision?
What're the expected future functions of said coins?
>top kek

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i dont understand why this erc20 token chainlink, which has no use case anything, pump like that

chainlink even doesnt have own blockchain, so is it legit crypto at all

ive trying to understand what this chainlink do, but no one could not explain what it do or solve, some talking solve some oracle problem, but when to be specific, no one could tell me what that means

this chainlink seems like big scam

why this erc20 token moons, is beyond me

>> No.14454268

it has no value other than pump and dump. You got lucky and made some money. GTFO

>> No.14454329

realize what you are saying. You have enough to buy a house, yet you are holding an ethereum token that after 2 years, can only fetch the price of ETH. At current standing, it is completely useless.

You already held XLM to the peak and down. And now you are going to do the same with LINK.

You seem like a pretty rationale guy, so I'm not sure why you made this thread. Clearly, you are thinking logically while everyone else is euphoric, and you're only going to get responses from people who also are euphoric.

BTC is chilling right now. Either it continues to moon, in which case, this money from gamblers who went into LINK at the moment will leave and ride BTC. So your bags will go down. LINK it top volume on Binance right now. That is literally the top of volume and it can't go higher.

I mean, I know you won't listen to me, but I used to have 6 figures in ICX, and held it back down like a retard and regretted it for a long time before selling. A lot of people will argue that LINK is better. I wholeheartedly agree. But at the core, these are ALL useless shitcoins that have not proven anything. The only ones honestly worth a damn are BTC and ETH, unironically.

Anyways, I'm going to stop wasting my time. Good luck. When it crashes (not if, but when), will you be happy with yourself?

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>be normie
>see chainlink on cmc
>go to website chain.link
>see swift logo
>see fucking google logo
>think about what other blockchain stuff has been mentioned by google
>omg its only ethereum
>wtf i thought chainlink was a scam
>panic attack
>fomo into chainlink on normiebase

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I mean, you’re right. Until LINK is actually being staked, guaranteeing value as collateral, and becoming scarce, all this is speculation.

But it will still go to 1000 on spec.

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I somewhat agree with OP but I think this is the real reason for the pump.
1) binance bans Americans
2) huge announcements basically every day for weeks
3) reddit and twitter start to notice but still the price barely pumps
4) conebase lists it
5) immediate massive pump
Really looks like tons of burger normies wanted to buy the news the past few weeks but weren't able to and then they all flooded in at once. That said, this will still dump soon.

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SEE THIS, SEE THIS trannies? This is how you FUD. Much better than expletive-filled rant fud where it's all about "delusion!", "shitcoin!", "scam!" But either way it's getting pretty old.

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Market is insane.

>> No.14454615

if normies are buying the news then you should be selling. that is if normies are even buying crypto anymore

>> No.14454726


None of that shit matters dawg, as long as the price keeps going up people will fomo in. The price is the only thing that really matters. I bet 90% of the people who buy LINK have literally no idea what it even is, all they know is it seems to pump for some reason.

>> No.14454743

crypto has always been hype. The team is building something promising and the price speculation follows.
bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash system that is everything but an electronic cash system.
ethereum is a smart contract platform but you can't find 1 complex smart contract
there is no reason to continue because the rest are shitcoins

>> No.14454900

21st century market sentiment is value, you fucking retard. Social media and constant connection have made speculation, sentiment, and personal opinion more valuable than the actual value of a coin.

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I was looking at this meme and it has sam hyde on it at the $10 mark, just a week ago sam was talking about buying link perhaps he will fomo in at $10

LINK is a very powerful meme, on par with baneposting, I think it may be able to bend reality

>> No.14455249

Google, Amazon, SWIFT.
Links ‘organic’ price is somewhere around $8-10 as it currently stands, this pump is just caused by ease of access.

Anything past $15 would be something of concern (with all the points you made)

>> No.14455268

you have no idea. just shut the fuck up with your expertise

>> No.14455629

If any company was already useful out of the gate, there wouldn't be much to invest in. Remember anon, we're still just banking on LINK even solving the oracle problem in the first place. Link is just the one trying to do that with the most potential by far. It's like investing in the Wright brothers before they even made their first shitty airplane that flew for like 10 seconds. A couple years after that and they already had fighter planes, bombers and crop dusters. It's always a gamble

>> No.14455845

similar situation here. my view is that current link value should be 1$, ~$15 if use cases pan out.

Im also greedy and dumb and think there might be more hype left in the tank.

>> No.14456285

Op u seem like a nice guy so take my advice. SELL at least 1% of your stack per day. Link is worth 4b now fully dilluted.

>> No.14456381

you can tell by the way this guy types that he's a boomer that has money
thank you sage boomer

>> No.14456398

bro everyone buying in are people thinking that they found a secret coin that 4chan vetted. They are buying to hold

>> No.14456436

>"utterly interesting, unique, and essential?"
Listen, goofball, Link is a token built from the ground up by the finance cartel to become their bitcoin and we are lucky to have it. What the other tokens and cryptos do, or don't do, matters fuckall.

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Based marine fuding so we can still accumulate more

>> No.14456558

Begone reddit

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That's a shit comparison. How many grams do the electrons encoding a Link token weigh?

>> No.14456752

Absolutely this

>> No.14456763


>> No.14456838

They did

>> No.14456920

I already saw this with Ethereum, people selling at $20 and they lost the pump up to $200

>> No.14456952

low iq thread. links real value now is at least $20, we're going there cent by cent

>> No.14457000

thats my point its not going to go down

>> No.14457303

Now that I think about it this truly is the next Verge. It literally does nothing. Considering how many years it took him to get this far staking, rep, collateral, etc will take half a decade.

>> No.14457318

I agree with you and that's why I didn't even buy link and only have a 4k stack. But I fucked up big time, I thought it would take longer than now to even get to 5 dollars. I feel horrible

>> No.14457333

Maybe not, but the normies will. Back to 0.60 here we come.

>> No.14457442

If that were true we could pump anything just by "vetting" it. We would have a license to print money.

>> No.14457447

>so what's link's "thing"?

the new etherium

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>I didn't even buy link and only have a 4k stack

>> No.14457554

Oops, meant I didn't buy more. I mean I was mostly in BTC and had bought Chainlink first at SIBOS by giving into the hype and buying the top. Then bitcoin went to 20k and I planned on buying a huge amount of link with it but hesitated then btc crashed and I ignored crypto

>> No.14457900

based and scampilled

OP is a whiny faggot that wants to sell but is afraid to miss out, Just sell you pussy no one is holding you back

>> No.14458054

This, while I do think Link is more valuable, Monero is way more valuable than all the shitcoins ahead of it and is top 5 material without a doubt

>> No.14458272

aren't there better privacy coins than monero?

>> No.14458347

we will now. eth now chainlink, maybe bsv will actually be worth something

>> No.14458983

This place is a giant pile of shit that can be mined for gold nuggets. That mining will get to be damn near impossible if normies invade in earnest.

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