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I'm gonna have a heart attack

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i feel nothing
i am past feelings

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i dont know if i feel anything either, is any of this real?

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I’m shaking. I can’t believe this. I’ve made over 100,000 USD in 24 hours.

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Its too easy, we gonna get tired of green candles

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This. So much this

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Same. Holding LINK is like developing a stronghold over emotions. I feel like I actively developed my ability to keep a clam state of mind lol. You just win!

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This fucking this. These numbers mean nothing to me... I feel nothing

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The more you have Link the less you feel: this is the truth

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We donald trump now

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Another 10x, realistic?

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Women will hate you for this

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i think this is why og marines will make it while only some of the nulinkers are gonna have what it takes. we have been hardened by an entire year of bear market while they simply got thrown into the bull run. i have become numb but this has also made me less reactive and more long term goal oriented. bless up

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This has to correct hard.
Every time I check my Blockfolio I made another 1000$. Don't get me wrong, Link will explode in the long term, but all this normie hype right now might be really unhealthy. I bet 90% of the idiots buying right now have no idea what link does.

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1 link = 2 big macs

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You just win.

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filename related

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Even if it corrects 30% we’re still at $3, it’s unbelievable!

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This is why i just sold everything, buying back in a few days.

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>is any of this real?
oh this is just the beginning...
retail isn't what's causing this pump...

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so tempted to sell and let it cool off but then i'll just get justed and it'll go to ten dollars

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I'm going to have a heart attack because I sold at $0.50

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this is some fine ponzi scam

> now have no idea what link does

it solving some none existing "oracle problem", its too complex that nobody can undesrtand it

but trust chainlink solve this problem, and buy this erc20 token sir

dump is going to be glorius

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Maybe you should stay offline for a few weeks anon, its not going to get less crazy from here

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Im numb too. Only care about 5 years from now.
Im in europhia about reddit and no linker salt though. Seeing theme fomo for tiny scrap stacks

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>Go all in on LINK at .25
>Put in every month more FIAT
>Manage to get over a Million LINK
>Dollar value grows by 2 Million dollar a day
>Still live in a shitty apartment in the ghetto, go to work every day and survive on 700 bucks a month
What now anons?

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It's called stoicism. This means you will surely make it.

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It's still a 200x from $1k

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Reading different normie forums fomoing in etc it's so surreal
Biz you are a truly magical place

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That's what people also thought at 20k bitcoin, don't get fooled anon.

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>we have been hardened by an entire year of bear market while they simply got thrown into the bull run
Legitimately this.

But also combined with our deluded mentality of having already made it, just wondering whats taking so long.

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This I feel totally numb it's just numbers on a screen

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>whales dump it from $4.70 to $3.70 in like 2 minutes
>immediately climbs back up to $4.50 once they stop selling

I wonder if the demand for this token is at an insane level?

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Bless you anon

It's time to step out and do good in the world

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whats the story behind the future anon screenshoot is that 81k BTC price in 2026?

>> No.14450691

>it's back to where it was 5 minutes ago


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move to a better place anon

buy some real estate and earn some passive income

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I'm glad for last year, I almost miss it now. Cashing out is the focus now though, what at what point

>> No.14450747

You’re dumb enough to believe this is going to $81 k yikes

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It's getting really hard to believe this is all real

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>what link does
It does something? It is vaporware. This market is nuts.

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the story is apparently I'm a time traveler (post related: >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/14360114) and saw all this coming and sent the message back to everyone
also I somehow clicked into this and had a feeling that LINK would absolutely reach singularity so I scooped up a shitton more, I even spent another entire btc to buy LINK an hour before that post with the picture was made
>pic related
>my most recent link accummulation

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It feels so surreal that literal NEET autists are gonna be millionares

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>Sit down, alone, in a dark room, on the floor, arrange BIGMACS around you in a hexagon and sit in the middle.
>Breath in, Breath out
>"Not fucking selling."
>Breath in, Breath out
>"Never in a million years amd I fucking selling."
>Breath in, Breath out
>"Fuck Niggers, Fuck Spics, Fuck Kikes. But Especially, FUCK JANNIES."
>Breath in, Breath out
>"5$? Didn't sell, 10$? not selling, 50$? Hah, 100$? Still not selling Kikes. 500$? get fucked kikes. 1000$? NEVER FUCKING SELLING, YOU GOT THAT KIKES?"
>Breath in, Breath out
>"My Linkies stay stinky."
>Breath in, Breath out
>"1000$ EOY"

Remember to meditate daily to fight off jewish urges to (((sell))) your linkies.

We are all going to make it.

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This is what AB and everyone said would happen, it was just delayed. The prophecies and larps are true guys, just accept that it is going to 1000

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I don't know. I enjoy being invisible and considered poor, I like my job, I like my shitty apartment, I like eating potatoes, rice and frozen vegetables.

This is too surreal and real estate is way overvalued here. I will start with eating better food, maybe up my meat consume from 2 times a month to once a week.

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>pic related
>my most recent link accummulation

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Prepare the rope for this swingy

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Also, having been around for antshares, raiblocks, eth parabolic moves, etc, this looks like it could fucking hit at least $100 EOY. I couldn’t believe when my $4 antshares went to $200 fuckingdollars but i just watched in disbelief as it happened

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read again, btc not link


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>The prophecies and larps are true guys

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Sell half at $20 so you can be set for life, you'll still likely be a billionaire in half a decade.

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People are getting scared because we went 100% up in a single day, this is only the beginning kids. The Singularity will be GLORIOUS


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>tfw can't touch anything till were at least $500 a coin

This next year of gains will cause me more mental suffering than the year of losses.

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I did the same with other ETH tokens.
They are all -99% now and I am stuck holding their shitcoin bags.
LINK has the same destiny.

>> No.14450923

its happened at least three times already, with BTC ETH and XMR and probably antshares too

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>only a 0.5k linklet
>increasingly tempted to try and swing this inflated peak to grow stack
Someone tell me ill fuck it up please

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>People are getting scared because we went 100% up in a single day, this is only the beginning kids. The Singularity will be GLORIOUS
fuggin chekked
>their faces right now

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Did you cash out?

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Your fud has no effect here kike.

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Yeah, this 2 years have utterly destroyed me, and now that I'm empty inside, I think I can truly finally ascend.

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We need a Sergey version of this video


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Dumping Rinku-chan

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>inflated peak
maybe yes maybe no

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You're not alone fren, I'm also intending to sell very little till we get to 500 at least, I want serious upper 8 digit wealth & only way is to hold. I'll be right there with you fren we all in this together

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Nu-linkers might be needing this one. Or not!

>> No.14451043

Link is gonna hit 10$ soon without having any fucking usage.. what the hell.
Imagine the price when staking is live and high value contracts are coming in.

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100$ by December.

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File: 594 KB, 602x800, 1549795420534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Some, not as much as I should have. I want all my fellow link marines to remember what I think is the most important investing concept I’ve learned over the years “live to fight another day.”

Instead of waiting for link to hit your number to get a million, cash out 6 figures of that along the way to lock it in. Not if that means selling the majority of your shit, but if you can sell 20% of your stack and lock in 100k profit, then fucking just do it

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My waifu

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Imagine moving your massive gains from btc to eth to link. Some of these neets are probably crypto billionaires.

>> No.14451210

Who drew these?

>> No.14451230

I'm... literally about to be a millionaire. Wtf.

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Feelings are for mortals. We are transcending this reality.
There are no feelings outside of the human experience, hence we are past such things.

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You actually going to be a billionaire then

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i'd at least slowly sell at regular intervals. with million link even just 1% each time is still good money!

>> No.14451356

Never fucking selling you KIKE

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I cant wait for Christmas in /biz/

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Very comfy so far, no rope in sight.

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no one is stopping you from eating potatoes, rice, and frozen veggies in a mansion man

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A ex friend of mine who invests in crypto talked me down from link at 30 cents. I wouldve had a few suicide stacks. Now I only have 300. Someone pls hold me.

>> No.14451469

Yeh! When it'll drop to hell. Enjoy the feeling while you can.

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I only have 100

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Just sold enough linkies to cover my initial investment of $200, I'll never sell again, honest

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You faggots have to be lying.
Nobody posting on biz could possibly be that retarded

>> No.14451613

I only have a 6k LINK stack but I don't think that it is enough to make it, I don't think I will ever be able to afford to get to 10k ever again and missed my chance for two years.

>> No.14451682

>becomes a multi-millionaire through BTC
>bets hundreds of ks or a million on ETH
Basically some NEETS are (virtually) richer than KSA princes.
I'd bet those people have been identified by govts or some private interests and are watched closely

>> No.14451746

Cashing out is definitely the question now, how much, when, how, tax etc

>> No.14451781

you better be quick in answering these questions...

>> No.14451802

¿How much link do you hold?


>> No.14451805

I only have about 1k dollars wtf was I supposed to do magic money out of thin air I'm a neet

>> No.14451829

This so much this. I already made it, don't need to work, moderate NEET status already. You have to be much more careful these days about showing you have wealth, and not just that, but the material environments wealth can bring are actually no better if not sometimes worse than where you already might be . You don't need huge amounts of wealth/luxury to be free.

>> No.14451853


TO 20K

AT $0.5
AT $1.15

AT $1.01



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>> No.14451880

Take care of your parents and siblings
Give to charity
Buy a car
Buy a better computer
Buy an apartment or homestead somewhere that makes you happy
Invest in your own ideas

Cmon man it’s E Z

>> No.14451885

You don't understand, not now as in this minute, in the coming months. You realise link will stabalise at Al these price points right? I mean it might be $10 for fucking months. There will be no rush to cash out in that sense.

>> No.14451906

ouch anon.
I thought I was behind with a $10k stack rn

>> No.14451908

Who is buying? Institutions? Speculators? Wtf

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>never believed in this shit when I saw the memes in 2017
>bought 50k LINK just in case for $0.15
>could have bought 350k
>left it in my wallet and didn't care for crypto for 1,5 year
>come back now and see this
>mfw could've been a millionaire already

>> No.14451939

probably speculators in the tech industry that have more money than your typical 4chan neet.

>> No.14451986

dont worry anon ive lost more than 1k stinkies swining in this lifetime, just accept that we dont know if this shit goes up down or fucking sidewyas. Just log out of binance and enjot the memes.

Youll know when it hits 100(0)

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>> No.14452026

>made 200k and complains

fuck off

>> No.14452030

>be me casually stumbling across this board for the first time
>get hit with the most hilarious copy pasta fud
>not aware of links fud culture
>decide to lurk for a few more days
>sheer number of gets in link threads is undeniable
>unironically go all in at 40c because of meme magic
>iron hands from the bear market

My portfolio is worth more money than I could have ever imagine, and I have no intention of selling anytime soon. There’s something greater than us all at work here. Glad to have shared this journey with you guys.

>> No.14452072

Cash out some. Look into opportunity zones. You can save tons of money on taxes. Buy real estate.

>> No.14452162

Shitposting aside
Nothing but love for all of you desu.
It's been a journey

>> No.14452247

This journey ain't ova motherfuckers

>> No.14452283

I'll see you crazy sons of bitches in lambo town
>Population chins

>> No.14452310

>Take care of your family
>Give to charity
>Invest in your own ideas
I think I will do this. Maybe buy some acres of forest and build myself a hut somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a year or two. Fuck, I didn't really expected to have to think about all this so early.

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File: 61 KB, 1000x800, thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks fren, I'll just hold from now on

>> No.14452444


The only emotional output is shrugging every time I open up cmc and we're up another 20%.

Not selling either way.

>> No.14452472

It's not even started

>> No.14452491


This >>14452247 it's only just beginning frens, & life will never be the same

>> No.14452532

Sell a little at maybe $10 so you can rent at a better place. You don't want to get murdered before you make it

>> No.14452695

thats my goal
a cabin somewhere peaceful near a college town, then I'll play guitar in a modest abode and maybe do some post-grad

>> No.14452872


>This has to correct hard.

Tell that to early BTC or ETH holders. Just because something goes up doesn't mean it has to dramatically go back to where it started.

>> No.14452904

No, but the rope sure is looking friendly, isn't it?

>> No.14452991

reminder its already crashing and reminder the price is based on pure news and speculation, thanks jewgle "partnership" ;)

>> No.14453415

I care less about the money I'm making and more about all of us linkies finally making it. We did well. Chainlink's true reward were the connections we made along the way.

>> No.14453560

Shhhhhh don’t tell them yet I have to sell my bags first

>> No.14453908

I only have 1000 LINK. Am I going to make it?

>> No.14453925

This. LINKmarines don't fucking sell but you don't want to die of a knife wound before you can even retire in luxury.

>> No.14453984
File: 55 KB, 536x699, 1534946799707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

revisiting old memes

>> No.14454017

be happy, i only have 14 fucking link

>> No.14454033
File: 170 KB, 480x337, 1534409446705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14454049

1509 linklet here. We're all going to make it.

>> No.14454070

You haven't made it til you cash out

>> No.14454235
File: 11 KB, 280x180, 1519347351322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was literally me at 30c. I laughed for the first time in months at a link pasta. I went all in. I continued to buy more and now I have a nice suicide stack and more money than I've ever had in my life.

>> No.14454367

dude. same.
except i did have 300, which i sold earlier for 3.80. 14 is all i have left. so the pain is all the more vivid.
oh and xmr is my main holding and it's at the lowest price it has been for years.
i've already lost out on so many opportunities that i refuse to care any more.

>> No.14454378

No, msm hasn't covered it and it's exposure has barely broken out of here and onto Twitter

>> No.14454408

you're supposed to cut your losses and let your winners run not hold your losses and cut your wins

>> No.14454493

Same here anon
We're all in this together

>> No.14454531

Linkies please listen.

Please, for the love of god, sell at least A LITTLE BIT of LINK right now. Fuck all the memes for once. Don't get rekt as 98% of people did in jan 2018 and forward.

There's nothing wrong selling a small % of your LINK holdings after it went x10 within 3 months. Don't be a fucking normie hodlcel that screams muuuuuuuh tech on the way to the suicide bridge after their lost 98% of their fiat value.

Don't let these autists tell you otherwise here. I don't ask you to sell everything (even though I will sell the rest at $5) but at least take some profits.

Otherwise you'll blow your brain out when it dumps, I guarantee it

>> No.14454568

i holded to 17. cents do you think i care about dumping to 2 dollars KEK

>> No.14454569

didnt blow my brain out then, wont do it now

>> No.14454595


There is a decent chance this is the all time high for Link although who knows, at least take some profits

>> No.14454631


Thats a good disney song, was that lovato.

>> No.14454635

Wise advice. I went from around £700K to about £13K right now because I didn't sell when REQ was over a quid. Just sell a little bit, enough to pay off debts, mortgage, whatever it is that would improve your life.

I'm not larping anons.

>> No.14454638

Just want to say thank you biz. I sold all my shit trannycoin Omisegos for an equal amount of Link. I've tripled my money now. Ty biz

>> No.14454649

faggot die in a fire normies can't
>buy link under $1 ever again
>hold if they lucked into it

You're the retard typing this with a noose around your neck and it is obvious

>> No.14454652

>reddit spacing
The people here that bought LINK didn't buy it for a quick 10x. They held for YEARS knowing that it is the next ethereum, possibly even greater. $1000 EOY was not just a meme, we are IRONCLAD in our resolve to hold until we are all filthy fucking rich. We are LINKmarines and we are never fucking selling.

>> No.14454666

I memed the fuck out of linkies and made fun of them constantly here, but I also put money into link. Thank you for the 10k, you beautiful bastards.

>> No.14454675

It’s okay anon you can be like me. Sold link under $1 and bought Walton. Don’t think I have to explain how Walton’s doing...

>> No.14454684

do i buy more link or do i buy ftm now?

>> No.14454688

This will be insulting if friend or family telling u got lucky. I’ve been in this for 2 years...

>> No.14454704

dude it's worth $4. lol.

>> No.14454724

Cant wait for all the financially ruined threads. Im literally cumming in my pants just thinking about it.

>> No.14454730

i cant wait till some stinkies actually unironically dont take profits
i think you may blow your brains out after you miss your only chance to profit

>> No.14454784

i've already bought DOGE. i bought at 27 sats, it'll hit 55 in no time, always rebounds to there. easy doubling. after that i think i'll buy KMD, and XMR if it's still cheap.

>> No.14454824
File: 96 KB, 689x795, 1537236660876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should have put in $2,000 when it was .20 cents. I was already all in LINK, I had the fiat in my savings. Could have had my 10k minimum stack, but was too "dont invest more than youre willing to lose!" to make the jump.

I'd be worth tens of thousands of dollars right now, instead of just 9k.

>> No.14454846

i hadn't even heard of it. but yeah that's pretty bleak.

>> No.14454886

next time, anon. next coin. it's not over for either of us.

>> No.14454913

LINK is a once-in-a-generation coin. BTC, ETH, LINK, there will only be one to succeed it, if there is even a fourth generation.

>> No.14455005

you are a maniac

>> No.14455056
File: 216 KB, 1000x1000, attentionplease.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Attention: Thread music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAqz-hmZ-Hk

>> No.14455057

there are pumps of this magnitude every day in cryptos. it's not that unusual to see something go like 2000%+ in a day. it's just a case of getting on and off at the right time. it could hypothetically be done in a weekend, not the 2 years you've all been twiddling your thumbs waiting

>> No.14455081


>> No.14455084

But this pump is just the beginning.

>> No.14455098


>> No.14455114

next time you post this exact sentence, it'll be accompanied by an extreme sadface image.

>> No.14455122

I cant believe within a month 70 link became equal to one eth

>> No.14455278

Sold about 2200 so i could get a better comp. Still have 3800 and holding strong.

>> No.14455290

More lies from the discord trannies

>> No.14455368

I only had 25 link but I’m happy to try and get more after it corrects. Thank you linkchads for staying strong!

>> No.14455376

>green ID: 77
I think this guy might be right

>> No.14455444 [DELETED] 
File: 33 KB, 600x600, 1550913691351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>invested 3k in LINK just before the November crash
>sold in panic right after the crash, down 30%, down $1000
>Can't afford studies to be the next hitler and save the world

How do I cope ? pls help frens


>> No.14455457

I feel it... Except the millions. I don't feel that...

>> No.14455496
File: 80 KB, 464x850, BTCETHLINK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no 4th link is the last chance

>> No.14455497

Same been 2 years 2 months of nothing I’m battle hardened.

>> No.14455537

Checked based

>> No.14455581

>when autistic neets convince you to read a shitcoin whitepaper that will actually make you very very rich.

I love all of you

>> No.14455624

just waking up and im like wtf guys when is this shit going to stabalize

>> No.14455644
File: 81 KB, 540x696, linkascend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>me rn

>> No.14455689

You know nothing. You never held REQ.

>> No.14455701

i spent 650btc on weed in 2011. this anon is not for rustling.

>> No.14455756


>> No.14455867


>> No.14455887

seriously what price are you expecting? you're going to end up with nothing if you're not careful. while very funny, you might want to think about avoiding it.

>> No.14455966

No begging, go KYS you piece of shit

>> No.14455969


>> No.14456007

req mooned whilst link dumped in 2017

>> No.14456022

It's so weird. I've never seen LINK be worth $3. Last night, it was worth $2.80 or something, and now when I wake up, it's at $4. Huh.

>> No.14456054

how come the price on link coinbase is almost always 10 cents higher than it is on binance at the same exact time?

>> No.14456080

Strong buy pressure on coinbase and not binance, meaning the difference is made up through arbitrage but lags behind slightly.

>> No.14456130


>> No.14456253


>> No.14456294

Keeping a suicide stack until at least 2022. This stack will prob be 10k link.

>> No.14456378
File: 9 KB, 451x82, Screenshot from 2019-06-29 12-33-38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how hard did this guy cum when LINK passed $1?

>> No.14456386

ROFL great post anon. Feels good.

>> No.14456407

top kek waifu

>> No.14456445
File: 77 KB, 380x349, IMG_5654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, we'all have to all get to get her and grill. In the very least. I know I'll see you anons in Heaven with Jesus.

>> No.14456522

This. Anyone that considers these gains profits before cashing out will hang themselves when the dump happens.

>> No.14456628

we will feel nothing until we actually cash out and have real money with real uses in our bank accounts.
LINK sitting in our wallets has no immediate influence on our lives yet, that's all.

>> No.14456687

why would cashing out be a problem?

>> No.14456725
File: 36 KB, 640x640, 1514743394485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14456795


LINK Youtube videos get like 2000 views. BTC gets millions. Normies aren't aware.

>> No.14456837

iExec, first computational power rent blockchain operation

>> No.14456989

Anyone have the picture of apu staring out Into the distance watching link rocket?

>> No.14457010

945 link isn't enough to make it m8

>> No.14457088

there is nothing for you to stop now you fucking dingus.

>> No.14457157

Buy a commercial property for $1,400,000 and with a market cap of around 5.5%
A 5.5% market cap on a 1.4 million dollar commercial property will give you $77,000 a year passive income.

>> No.14457224
File: 365 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190629-200752_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.14457399

what price will you buy back in at?

>> No.14457426

K so i have no fucking clue about crypto on how to buy/sell etc.
Is it worth jumping on this link train now or just continue masturbating and mind my own business?

>> No.14457439


>> No.14457449

You think normie hype pumped us from 1d to 4.5d? KEK

>> No.14457470

the mark of Wario

>> No.14457471

delete this

>> No.14457487

if this causes u a heart attack get ready to die and reincarnate. this is nothing

>> No.14457508

>financial insight from a guy that doesn't know where to put the dollar sign

>> No.14457525

should i buy in right now?

>> No.14457528

It's also what people thought at $10 bitcoin.

>> No.14457540

Assuming no debt service, no expenses, and no management cost.

Closer to half that much, but if you only put down 450,000 and finance the rest, you're still making about 10% annually on your investment in passive cashflows while the tennants pay your mortgage for you

>> No.14457566

i cant tell you what to do desu. i poured all my other shitcoins into this and tripled my stack at $1.66. do with that what you will

>> No.14457624 [DELETED] 
File: 41 KB, 580x431, kim-jong-il-pimp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought 2k link at 40c a few months ago but I had plans to accumulate a lot more and then it started doing this shit. Is shorting now my only chance to significantly increase my holdings?? because I'm desperate to find a way to get to at least 3k without spending another fucking $4000

>> No.14457634

Fuck you, I bought 4k and could've bought 400k. Kill me.

>> No.14457661
File: 41 KB, 580x431, kim-jong-il-pimp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I bought 2k link at 40c a few months ago but I had plans to accumulate a lot more and then it started doing this shit. Is shorting now my only chance to significantly increase my holdings?? because I'm desperate to find a way to get to at least 3k without spending another fucking $4000

>> No.14457723
File: 1.22 MB, 6048x4024, 1561828199996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14457752

Based and feelingspilled

>> No.14457764

It hit a dollar in January 2018, retard.

>> No.14457801
File: 58 KB, 800x600, 1561787388477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It hit a dollar in January 2018
can confirm, I'm retarded, thanks for setting me straight

>> No.14457835

How much Link do you own?

>> No.14457853

Just a 5k suicide stack.

>> No.14457880

I only have a 4k suicide stack. Was planning on getting at least 100k but then BTC crashed and I kept procrastinating buying more. Now I'm having panic attacks watching my BTC do nothing while this soars.

>> No.14457926

Its like 2017 all over again. I dont know if I can go through another ETH event. The singularity event is actually real isnt it? I didnt think id live to be part of two in one lifetime. I've been holding so long iron hands cant even describe it. My hands have become so dense they turned into diamonds. I cant let go even if I wanted too. I sank 90% of my eth gains into this at the very end of the last bull. I held through the despair, the fud, i stopped believing in god and then i believed again and then i cursed his name only to ask for forgiveness so many times. And now i wake up. My knees are swollen from wagecucking all this time. My eyes widened. Its over a billion marketcap guys...its so lonely being a marine in civilian life. No one would understand, no one can understand war unless you've seen the bloodshed. The senseless destruction. It changes you. And now history repeats itself yet again. The ebb and flow of time is like a serpent devouring its own tail or spawing itself from its own mouth. Its subtle but i can feel the waves crashing into my psyche with every parabolic move. All i ever known to do is hodl and i believe, come brutal hell or tranquil heaven that is all i will ever do

>> No.14457930

120 iq tronnie reporting in. the diagram seems pretty accurate.

>> No.14457946
File: 6 KB, 275x183, 9jaj33jj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14458085

>this time will be different!

>> No.14458247


10k link + only

>> No.14458344

Well I'm gonna buy a shit ton here soon.

>> No.14458448

Anons that made insane money — take out a small portion, 5-10%. Treat Yoself with 10-20k cash, trust me.

I’ve made 100k+ in 2-5 elapsed hours, multiple times. Etheremon, Cyrptocountries, P3D, I’ve been a huge stud in all of them. Always make sure you get some fiat to buy something nice for yourself, and some fiat to diversify into another cool investment.

You will thank me (I don’t need it) so much, when sitting behind brand new PC or in new apartment you bought or smiling behind stacks of fresh Silver.

But keep 90% for that moonshot wealth. Just SECURe PROFITS LADS. Listen to me now, you will be seriously when something crazy happens & changes this euphoria state to catastrophe — which it will.

>> No.14458640

Just passed my target range to take out 10k and buy some silver cause im paranoid. Didnt make over 100k but im thinking its possible it will be many times over that if this is just the beginning of the run. Getting cash seems harder since im trying to bypass banks

>> No.14458718

I'm not marine, but this was beautiful. it's strange im actually really happy for the anons here who are probably living a life similar to me expect they had the foresight to see a good things coming. doesnt look im going to make it in this lifetime unfortunately

>> No.14458852

desu I dont think there is gonna be a next one. at least not a secure moon coin with such a long accumulation option. Exactly the 2 years I stopped going to biz and I return just right before the google announcement. at least I managed to get my suicide stack.

95% of the crypto market is a fucking meme, literally the only projects that have been worth it are btc, eth and maybe ltc and now link.

unless by some luck someone does a better and more serious job on coins that are already there like btc and eth. but too much are occupied in p&d scams.

you will need to lookout for technologies and companies that will perfection the intergration of this new technology or find some loopholes in it (like chainlink) to create new markets, these will be the most valuable companies of our next gen. maybe if we are lucky we will be able to invest via crypto exchanges with (yet still low regulations) otherwise we'll have to do with the boomer market stocks.

what's your point you could say the same about the stock market. if you really make it somehow on this route its pure luck.
but anyways I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, if so what factors would you look at to know which ones will moon like this and aren't just exit scams that would loose you the money just as fast.

>> No.14458935

Are you me? Found this place by chance and now my life, and my daughters life and her potential kids, have been changed forever by a bunch of turbo-autists on a Scottish Unicycle Repair forum. I love you bastards.

>> No.14459401

Fuck off boomer

>> No.14460147

shit advice
link isn't some scam shitcoin dreamed up by neurotic lunatics, and its relevancy and potential is greater than the rest of crypto combined
i would hold LINK through a 99.99% dump and beyond—and i know it gets said a lot, but i wouls unironically welcome that occasion if it ever somehow came to pass, as it would give me the opportunity to buy more
none of you nulinkies and nolinkers can even comprehend what it is we're dealing with here—the sheer disconnect between your world view and the reality of things is as disheartening as it is reassuring
see you when every tech company the world over announces their use of chainlink

>> No.14460211

Me on the far left. I went in on Link 100% for memes alone. If Kek can make Trump president, I don't see why he can't make us millionaires.

>> No.14460571

am i idit if keep buying?

>> No.14460788

you werent here to experience a full crypto market cycle.

You werent here to Watch Ethereum turn from a shitcoin to ranked #2 on CMC.

We are just starting. We havent seen nothing yet.

>> No.14461188

wtf why did it go up so much?
I remember link being $0.20 and never looking at it again

>> No.14461287

After a careful analysis of your posts, I’ve come to a conclusion: You’re a dolt, and you don’t deserve much more of a response than this.

>> No.14461526
File: 126 KB, 1200x794, ACEA4CC3-6C6F-4A21-B0B9-8C3FAC973A52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you were living in a shitty gettho apt and putting FIAT into LINK and somehow managed to invest $250.000 in <2 years? Nice larp

>> No.14461545

exactly. and they can't cash out because doing so drives the price down. Only way to cash out without tanking the market is sell the private key for cash in person.

>> No.14462287

Why not wait for the dip and put in more? Why are you swinging with such a tiny stack in the first place?
Stop being greddy anon, the best chance for linklets is to have iron hands and a lot of patience. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.14462421
File: 81 KB, 800x750, breddy good.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14462786
File: 26 KB, 220x220, billybills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>checked nigga let the billy goats run
Were at 300b total marketcap...we haven't crossed the 800b from the last run....we still have a ways to go

>> No.14462958

are you out of your goddamn mind? wake the fuck up marine this is the one and only moonshot to changing the course of your tiny irrelevant history. not mine, not your mother or your bullshit npc girlfriend. sell the car, count your pennies, and fucking do the damn research. theirs money to be made in this digital wasteland.

>> No.14463118

Yep this.
Unless you have a 6 figure stack, in a few years you will feel SEVERE regret taking profits on anything more than 5-10% of your stack.

The bullrun has literally just begun. This is the bottom.

>> No.14463400

I usually browse /a/ and /v/, i came to this board ibtending to learn about stock investing thinking that i gotta be a big boy now and learn big boy things, but theres nothing but crypto threads in /biz/ but that is how i also stumbled into link at ~0.25 cents. Literally the first thing i bought after starting to browse biz was link. And now here i am w 6 digits

>> No.14463443

but have AWS and Azure, why the fuck do I need to run compute on a blockchain when I can do that on AWS and then sell the data via a chainlink node

>> No.14464094

Can you imagine the fucking moonshot if LINK gets exposure in the media? I can already see it. LINK reaches $15 from $5 in the span of two days and it gets picked up by Yahoo or Bloomberg. The normies all swarm to Coinbase (who pulled an insanely smart move by laying the groundwork for procuring LINK) and then the pressure is so high that LINK shoots past the moon into fucking interstellar space.

Keep on buying frens, keep on memeing and shill it as hard as you can whenever a major positive happening occurs to the price. Godspeed /biz/, it’s not even close to being over.

>> No.14464252


post some of your recent 2000% gains

>> No.14464350

Damn you guys really know how to FOMO

BRB buying more LINK

>> No.14464481

You’re an idiot and won’t make it. Link literally doesn’t need to be shilled you sub 80 IQ faggot!

>> No.14464634

I was here during early btc and regret never getting onto it. Link feels exactly like early btc did.

>> No.14464804

>t. newfag who bought 50 LINK at 2.35

>> No.14465076

I made around 2k when I could have had 35k had I held since September. Feels kind of bad but oh well, live and learn. There will be more things to make money on.

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