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>chinked to the max
chinked to the max

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I could've sold my GMN for 200k, muh bags. Oh well, at least I have LINK to tide me over for now.

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My fucking GMN’s I am literally crying right now, transferring them to binance right now hopefully I can dump it on that 35 k buy order there , please for the mother of god, i am just going to put the money into link am at a fucking 90% loss, I put more than 210 k into it

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1k linklet, only thing keeping me from necking myself are 1000 eoy memes

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lol godspeed anon

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Fucking kill ne, what’s the most painless way to suicide guys?

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what is happening?

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Mainnet got hacked, it is under a 99.9% attack right now

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And what about when it's at $4.50 EOY ?

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Doesn’t this coin constantly get exploited

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this is was my ticket, now my ticket is in ashes while linkies sail to the moon. Life's not fair.

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let me dream... it's all i have left

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Bought this for a buck in early Sep 2017 for the WTC 9/11 memes. Unfortunately I sold at $3.

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is there any news about this? their reddit seems to be censored

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>ever believing in obvious chinkscam projects

China husrred stupid roundeye.

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>lose 90% on chink scam
>buy link at the top
>lose 90% of your remaining 10%

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Don't worry that the team has a hard fork and no financial loss is safe.

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Anyone owning this shitcoin after pic related deserves to lose everything.

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Jesus Christ, I wonder how many of "US" there are. 1K here too, praying for that mil!

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Can someone explain to a brainlet how something like that can even happen?

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If 99 people rape 1 person is it wrong?

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was their collective happiness from raping higher than the sadness of being raped 99 times?

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