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So I made just a small buy in Ripple. Any idea why they are holding it all on me?

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Wait what????

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I don't know, I was hoping someone could explain it to me.

Maybe you can also explain to me why I have a billion dollars worth?? I only bought little bit, as I said.

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Holy fuck you're rich

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I'm pretty sure it's a glitch, it has to be.

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Has to be r-right? Otherwise you're

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Don't forget to give me some if that's confirmed, I missed the link train I'm depressed as fuck.

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I call BS but if you are for real can you donate 50k to a fellow goy?



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Based biz bro billionaire

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You got an update for us?

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A fucking billion

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move it into an offshore account bro. then venmo me

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Dude. It's sitting there in the "withheld" column. I can't do anything until July 2nd. I have no idea what the fuck I just assumed it was a glitch. Can't do anything with it until then I guess

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Have fun biz buddy. Disappear the xrp and yourself asap if it gets confirmation

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Bruh. This bull shit! I’d only believe you if you paypaled me a grand XXXX(((((

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Swap it to Monero ASAP, move if through some Monero wallets, swap it to BTC, buy Link

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send some to some of your brothers anon it's the right thing to do

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But really are you actually a billionaire though? What do you mean by glitch?

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wew, I'll be on the lookout for a thread this tuesday

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im gonna go ahead and say some whale is really fucking pissed right now. he had some fat fingers and u just won the lottery

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I'll hold some for you. Feel free to send a million USD worth of XRP to see if it's working.

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Pfft yeah ok, bro. Remember me on July 2nd cos we both know it's real and you're really a billionaire larping as if it's a glitch.

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Even a million isn’t worth it if it’s XRP

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Can you imagine? Oh my God put me in the screen cap please

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Wouldn't this show up on whale_alert?

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Another screen showing this. Someone tell me this is just how it's supposed to look or something...

no way I'm getting my hopes up on this bullshit. i wouldnt even know what to do

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pack it up boys, its monopoly money

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Holy shit anon if it isn't a glitch that's fucking awesome. You should make a tripcode ITT if you ever want to make another thread about this:

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That check gonna bounce, that exchange is trying to pull 1 bil from your bank. You'll likely be arrested until they figure out what happened. Sorry op

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You tumble it and disappear to a country with no extradition

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Is there a ripple ledger we can see your wallet from?

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Do this op >>14442092
Keep us posted this shit would be fucking hilarious if it were real.

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Your first mistake was posting it here where you can't delete shit

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wut in the actual finger licking fucksticks

you'd crash XRP if you tried to cash out.

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>the first /biz/ billionaire was the result of a total fluke

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And off XRP

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Cash out and take this shitcoin finally out of its misery.

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who would win /biz/:
a lifelong investor who reads candlesticks like technical readouts, who has spent decades mastering the art of market psychology and painstaking financial research,
a fucking canadian whale hunter

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Ok. It will probably turn out to just be a mistake of some kind anyways.

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If it was true I'd legitimately just do a straight up market sell. Not sure how that would even work at those levels.

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Don't worry, it's not worth anywhere near 1,000$

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not the most original namefag, but eh. hope to see you on the second, yolo
whats the canadian IRS? will they give you a cavity search after this one?

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Janny cunt deleting addresses but not deleting Pi Pajeet thread, KYS nigger.

Anyway OP best thing you can do is withraw the XRP change it to some privacy coins a few times then start cashing out.

don't market sell, it's going to crash XRP and you'll lose a lot of money

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Don't worry OP i'll crash it for ya

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for real though, assuming this actually works, what do you do? i think other anon was right, i would contact a finance attorney or something, maybe even private message someone from xrp on twatter or something before you obliterate their company

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So you tried to deposit 500 Canadian pesos worth of ripple and accidentally put a 1 and six 0 in front.
Nothing interesting will happen, you'll just get declined.

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no. I did deposit 500. and it showed 500 withheld for like 2 days. then on the third day suddenly there was an additional billion withheld, on a different timeline.

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>on a differenti timeline
Mfw we're in the matrix unironically

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Keep up posted on this anon. Would seriously be pretty funny if you became a billionaire and crashed cripple with it lol.

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dump it faggot, make us rich

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OP will you send me like 1 million buck please my mom is divorcing my dad and I need a place to stay. I'm also in a wheelchair

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toasting in ebin bread

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was crashing xrp part of your plan?

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Alright OP then if its real just
make sure to send me a small loan
of a million dollars

tag: 1640989849
address: rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy

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ay dont forget me just 500k cheers, :^)


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Fucking beggars! Kek at that situation, I knew one of us would make it. Although just by accident.

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>make video

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Quick! Save my ripple address, congrats dude.


Remember to give this random poorfag on biz a lot of ripple ::)

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Yeah a fucking billionaire screenshots his posts and posts them on here to ask you autists questions about it. yeah that happens.

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honestly I would give you 200 just to change your mind.

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I have a business proposal - think hunger games, but with rape.

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>anon gets rich on accident while im still flipping burgers

trade me lives

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if this is real don't market sell or you'll fuck yourself out of hundreds of millions
just slowly offload it, plus I'm press sure if you try to cash out a big chunk your bank might fuck you because they'll think you're money laundering or doing some illegal shit

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If true you’re gonna be murdered if you don’t return it.

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Please for the love of god, if this is true and someone really fucked up, please share some of that wealth. I'm a poor dumb bastard that will never make it on his own, not that I haven't tried.... I am the point I'll get dumped by my 3/10 girlfriend and I want to finally move out of my fucking mothers basement. I don't even have money to buy a fucking gun and shoot myself and spare myself of the fucking misery I'm in.

Now literally the only thing that is still holding me up is that fucking bitch and she'll dump me. Fucking piece of shit life.

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no worries anon

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dude hell yeah lol

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Just sell a million dollars worth a day every day for 4 years. That's way safer.

>> No.14444996

bros, you gonna share the wealth, right?

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Fuck that shit, I would also market sell...Think of all the baghodler suicides he could induce! He would be making the world a better place, how can you put a value on that?

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You cant just put a billion dollars into your bank account overnight kek. Coinbase would freeze his shit.

>> No.14445053

can you send me five bucks for gas? I'm adopting an inner city orphan child in a wheelchair. His mom beat him relentlessly with jumper cables. Not sure if I can make it on a quarter tank in the old pinto.


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And if Coinbase didnt his bank would.

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Better idea. OP, exchange ripple into btc/eth and then pump our link bags.

>> No.14445081

Look this isn't going to happen anyways...let me dream of XRP hodler suicides, please.

If he can't prove its his, its coinbases as they have the keys...

>> No.14445087

Then he might pump reddits bags too. He should instead pump a biz shitcoin like brap coin because we're the only faggors that hold it.

>> No.14445107

I have no brap, but I have some fren

>> No.14445117

He might have actually gotten them legitimately like that guy who accidentally sold all his neo for an average price of ten cents even it was 40 dollars because he market sold too many.

>> No.14445118

Put me in the screencap
Market buy everything and watch the chaos.

>> No.14445157

I don't have fren but he could just pump every/biz/ coin.

>> No.14445170

yes op. Please pump biz

>> No.14445193

I actually have 300 biz coin. There was only ever one trade I just checked

>> No.14445198


OP you are gonna be the greatest hero ever


>> No.14445214


Yeah, if you make BRRRRAPPP pump would be nice

>> No.14445649

and if the banks didnt (((they))) would

>> No.14445670

Better convert it eth and then to BRAP on forkdelta anonymously.

>> No.14446166

show us the address proof or you are larp

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Poorfag here. Send help fren


>> No.14446951


True manlys would hide it then market sell while 100x shorting on another exchange

>> No.14447001

It's on an exchange, you aren't getting anything.

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