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If you're not taking advantage of the huge spread between Binance/Coinbase on LINK price right now by arbitraging the shit out of it, what are you even doing?

If you already have a fat stack of Linkies, your gains will be all the more powerful.

Just fucking do it and add 5-10% to your stack every time you move them.

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its 10k USD limit per day. not that helpful for rich fags

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Increase your limit.

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fuck the irs

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retard reporting. whats the suggested cycle to run?

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I cant get my fucking coins out of coinbase REEEEEEEE

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I can't verify ID on binance without risking that they will kill my account for being American.

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unless you live in New York State. No access to LINK on CBP or CB. I'm watching thousands of dollars slip my way because legislation sucks. anyone know any workarounds?

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can i vpn with coinbase?

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No, you'll have to use Binance or another exchange

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If you trade on binance as an American that's breaking the terms of service. They mention right there in the paper that anyone caught breaking the ToS will have their account suspended and locked until review, and only after an unspecified period will they unlock it for you to get your funds off (if not worse).

I'm American and just gonna wait for BinanceUS to come out. With the terms they have now its way too sketchy

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how much link to make it?

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Yeh but at the end of the day you end up with fewer Link but with a profit right? No thanks will Hodl for my first exit point.

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