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Don't do it yet wait for a retrace dude. These kinda gains aren't sustainable and will go down again before they keep rising.

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Fomo, but never sell. You can being a fomoyolomofo, and you can be a panic seller, but you can't be both. Ive been both. It doesnt work.

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This, if you buy now you're gonna wanna kill yourself in a week

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>buying on a massive green candle

You know how this is going to end. Just chill the fuck out.

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so you guys think there won't be any big news in the next few weeks?

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Itll retrace maybe 20 cents and hold support there and rise again shortly after. That's been the trend for the past month

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I bought today for the first time at $2.8 and will continue to buy and hold if it goes lower. I repent.

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yes but there was the google, oracle and coinbase announcement this month.. that's the only reason it kept rising

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There is always forgiveness for those who repent, my child.
We still have $997 to go on our journey to the realm of freedom

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up 100% in 7 days
the absolute state of /biz/

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Based and benevolent pilled

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Trufflecon and the 50 start-up companies using chainlink are just around the corner

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Might be good advice in a bear market. What you fail to understand is that when we're bull is that buying at any price is going to get you massive fucking gains

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You retards keep saying this and there's always some new news to leave these idiots behind. Keep telling them this.

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I'm a complete linklet at 300 linkies, but to me, $300,000 is making it...

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that's only been true for hte past 2 weeks or so

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biggest mistake o' yer life kid

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To me, 50,000 is making it. It's not like I'm gonna live off it, but even if I just take out 10k to make myself more comfortable, I can invest the rest and get actual 'making it' money.

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Congratulations you fucking genius, you figured it out, now sell all your fucking LINK and never post on /biz/ again, faggot.

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>it'll go up forever this time!!11

How many times does it need to happen until you retards learn, there will ALWAYS be a dump.

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any predictions on how link goes from here? will it have the coinbase drop in a week or is this thing gonna steady rise?

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Im 100% in LINK but we are in 5th wave, next weeks will we have a retrace.

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you are forgiven

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This. I'm really fucking good at being poor, 50k is life-changing, pathetic or not

no fucks given

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chinkwhales on Binance are getting mowed down, hope they all kts

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This, calm the fuck down and wait

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what are you waiting for???

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based & cool-headed pill

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i look at this and feel bad for being at level $2, but if this shit ever gets to like 100 it wont feel like shit

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Know the feel. Even with my short stack of 220 LINK, that's already $220,000 burgerdollars, which is a lot for me. I don't plan to make it only in crypto, I just need some cash to kick off some plans I have.
Though it appears that by the day, there are more and more anons with huge stacks (50k+) that are selling at $2-$3. It appears that a side effect of having a small bag is that you cling much more dearly to each LINK you have, because you're poor and even a single LINK (read: $1000) makes a difference.

If you have a huge stack, don't fucking sell. I'm a LINKlet, and I shall remain a LINKlet until the very fucking end.

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Listen to me and listen carefully OP. This is the best coin in crypto. You can buy now, but I wouldn't. Every LINK counts. We're seeing MASSIVE amounts of fomo right now. Wait till it ends. Link will probably continue going up to about $5 or so, but it will retrace between $1 and $2 eventually. Then you can hammer it.

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i dont think it is retracing below $2 my dude, I say this as someone who fudding this coin all the way up to $2 and had to fomo in. The amount of actual legit news and partnerships it is getting as well as the shear volume of purchases will prevent it from ever going that low again.

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Small sack link gang, fren. Let's hold this bag all the way to Mars.

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>told to buy link a year ago when it was >0.50
>ignore it
>see link hitting 1.80 2 weeks ago
>buy 300
>link hits consistently above $2 last week
>buy another 230
>swing link right before coinbase and lose out on 30link by panic buying right after the pump
>regret everything
>today happens

I cant even imagine what it's like to be a real link holder. I'm sub 1k and just made a week's pay in 6 hours. Fucking thank you all for all the memes. I only regret that I stopped going to /biz/ in 2017.

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let's do it fren

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I'm not going to say you're wrong because I don't know. But you don't know either. Plenty of assets went up and up and up without stopping, there is definitely a very realistic chance this can happen here as well.

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I felt like shit for buying at $1.20 and holding through .85, hold fast marine and you will be rewarded. Buy the dip

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But you sound wiser for it

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steady moon to $10k
heard it here first

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You want the truth? We dont know. Noone fucking knows. But it's general good practice to take some profit on massive spikes like this instead of fomoing in and buy back on the way down.

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IDK if im a marine mate im at a pitiful 2.5k. The amount isnt even that bad its more that I had 17k USD in my porfolio when this shit was .30 C 6 months ago

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Welcome fren

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Hello linklet
We are not selling

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Can I be a marine with my even more pitiful 50

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Link won’t be the last investment opportunity in the world. Take profits reinvest. Realize you’re already ahead of the game

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I couldve had 50833 if I listened to the memes. Though I will say there wasnt alot of news on this 6 months ago

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It’s not going below $2 again dude no way

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When we surpass the xrp marketcap link will be worth more than $50 each. A suicide stack at that price will cost $500k

>> No.14437421

just fucking buy as much as you can as as soon as you can and keep buying don't listen to these dumb fucks shitting themselves over 20 cents difference

>> No.14437445

Anyone with less than 10k link should be looking to swing trade parts of their stacks here. I sure as fuck am. 3k isn't enough to make it.

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Less than $5 is a great deal

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Fucking sold, you have to be retarded to hold now. Chainlink been added to the most planet exchange known to wagecucks. Look what it did to my boy, they killed my boy (xlm- suck a braver)

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I wasn't even on /biz/ that long ago, more fool I. Kicking myself from a financial standpoint, but that was probably best for my mental health.

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I cannot believe how many people have triple digit stacks, this is making me fucking nervous
it's like how people used to throw around 5 digit stacks of btc like it was nothing

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>triple digit stacks

>> No.14437547

Wait for the retrace, there's always a retrace.

Not even Google and Walmart partnerships could maintain the initial Link pump and Vechain's.

Fucking wait you fucking retards.

>> No.14437552

do you mean triple digits like 100k

or like literally 3 digits, like 100

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There will definitely be a retrace. But the problem with crypto is when something goes parabolic, it can reallyy go parabolic (raiblocks, verge, etc). I think the local top will be $5-10 but who the fuck knows.

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You have a fundamentally different idea of the size of the stack

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yeah i kick myself over it but there wasnt a lot of real verifiable usage of the coin until recently.

Not to mention minus chainlink, biz's track record of being right isnt very good so its hard to take shilling seriously

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did yu not feel the fucking meme magic you fucktard

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Im new to biz and a brainlet, can someone clarify for me as to what they mean when they have 10k links, is that $10k invested into link or actual 10k links in their portfolio?

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you didn't lurk enough bro. I spent 5-10 hours a day lurking /biz/ late 2017-early 2018 and waded through the piles of chainlink shit. Everything was there. This was laid out on a silver platter more than btc and eth were. LINK won't be the last piece of the puzzle though (I think the last one will be DFN)

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It means they have 10k actual links.

>> No.14437829

10k LINK, which for the last year and a half has meant about ~$2,000 to $5,000 but now means $31,000

>> No.14437886

the fact that so many of you retards hold link makes me not want to buy any, you faggots will just dump this shitcoin as soon as it hits any real big targets. 90% of the total supply is in the hands of some of the biggest scum on earth, why should anyone trust you guys

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Fuck off we're full

>> No.14437932

its so hard to resist the fomo.
the only money that i have is the 0,0115 btc in my coinbase wallet (and the 0,006167 in a copay wallet) and i really dont know what to do.
im hoping that it drops soon so i can buy some.

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>These kinda gains aren't sustainable and will go down again before they keep risin
Links the REAL DEAL, its not a fucking shitcoin PnD. This shit is unironically gonna be worth hundreds of dollars one day,

>> No.14437966

Bro that's literally nothing who cares if you lose it just fuckin put half it in right now

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Thanks Anons.

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People called me retarded when I FOMOd in after the Google tweet. LOOK AT ME NOW BITCH

>> No.14438017

sold at 3.50 will buy again once it corrects

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yeah i know thats nothing.
but its really all that i have, im such an asshole, thats all crypto i got in like close to 1 year through nicehash mining and abusing the electricity of my parents

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Guys where do you store your links? I just leave it on Binance right? Idk what I’m doing

>> No.14438119

i transfered all my binance links to coinbase today. I'm not getting fucked in the ass for being american.

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>everything's a meme
>retrace don't matter

listen. if it's $1, $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 it doesn't matter. you buy.

>b-b-but it might retrace!


>> No.14438186

Thanks anon yeah I’ll probably do that too

>> No.14438204

nah i just wont buy if it doesnt retrace

>> No.14438221

is it safe to keep them on coinbase? I feel like they can just lock your account for whatever reason they feel like.

>> No.14438228

Just send it to your eth wallet. Ledger or airgapped wallet preferable

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Fuck off newfag

>> No.14438313

Anybody stopped buying until it hits $2 again?

>> No.14438317

i feel like thats true about anywhere though. The safest place is obviously one of those wallets thats a usb or something and not have it on a marketplace, but you have to be willing to spend the hundred bucks or so.

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dirty swinglinker here I sold at 3.05 but I'm chilling. We'll fucking see
We'll fucking see how hard LINK will dump in a few days believe me

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we are literally never going near $2 again
buy now or cope forever

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buy back at 2.80>>14438313

>> No.14438429

Newbie here really wanted to buy in at 1.80
Still waiting on my ACH transfer since tuesday.
Feels real fucking bad man..

>> No.14438434

They called me a retard in College (CS degree) when they found out I do crypto and I put some of my money into Link (@ 23cent). I even tried to talk some of my friends into it and accumulated myself about 12k. Hopefully one of those guys check up on the price and feel bad.

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I'm screencapping this when LINK dumps to sub 2.5 levels anon it's inevitable

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out

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I set my buy order at $2.41 but I might move it up to $2.55. When this bounces, one of these price ranges that was previous resistance will become the new support.

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Yeah i guess i didnt but working part time plus school plus military you dont find yourself with a lot of time on your hands

>> No.14438747

You fags literally said the same shit with the coin base BCH listing. It hit fucking pumped to 1.4k before the major sell off
>th...this time it's different!
Laugh now, cry later.

>> No.14438862

Vechain? Kek, that’s a reddit scam coin.

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>you have to go back

>> No.14439494

I did the same. Arbitrage between CB and Binance... for a measly 10% diff. Hope it doesn't fuck us

>> No.14439536

3.50 is a steal right now. $100 eoy boys

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yeah im hoping it doesn't. I have my Tether on a buy order at 2.41 so i am patiently waiting

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>you IDIOTS will sell your already x15 coin as soon as it grows!

>> No.14440194

>litteraly buys the top of the parabolic move

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i dont know whats more funny...
the fomo nolinkers engage in, or the mass pinkwojak shitposting thats coming after it starts dropping below 2$

>> No.14440238

They finally got me.
Going to hide the rest of the weekend of of mortification

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>never listened to stinky memes
>bought LINK today, arounds 200 at $2.27
>set up limit sale this morning to sell all at $4.95, thinking there would be a correction and that it would be a few months before we get there
>mfw we blast past that and fall back into under $4 again

Just turned $500 into $1000 boys. I guess wait for the correction and buy back in? Or is the meme finally done?

>> No.14440381

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU BUY THIS SHIT IN THE U.S.? I'm sorry I'm retarded but Binance says no U.S. I would've bought it 1$ now I'm fucked.

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Former nolinklet hoping in when it dumps back to the low 2s

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>Bitcoin still having a bullrun


>> No.14440450


Coinbase pro.

>> No.14440454

Coinbase just added it

>> No.14440466

It’s on Coinbase.

>> No.14440473

just get your own fucking wallet its not hard

if you cant figure out how to do that for literally any coin just send them my way ill take care of them for you

>> No.14440533

Ah ok maybe that's why it went it up so much today?

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>> No.14440585

Buy back in, and never swing a link again. I'm telling this to you for your own good.

>> No.14440620


What makes you say that? I'm out of the loop on LINK, I only bought in because it popped up on Coinbase.

>> No.14440645

Lol at your id you're gay

>> No.14440708

I have a measly 42, so you're still doing better than me. That's 42,000 USD remember.

>> No.14440798

Listen him anon. I'm just a struggling anon but I tried to swing my Links on Tuesday. I turned my 98 LINKs to 84 trying to swing. I thought it was going to dump back under $2.00, but it didn't anon. IT DIDN"T.

>> No.14440860

I don't give a damn what the mad swinglinkers say now. I listened to those angry anons at $1.40 and didn't buy back in until $1.85. I bought again at $2.40, and they laughed. Now its $3.50. IMO if it goes below $3 again, you need to buy.

>> No.14440866

less than 3 digit link gang uwu

>> No.14440899

Are you a tranny, or a femanon?

>> No.14441002

just a faggot

>> No.14441091

Sorry anon ID says Gay nothing I can do about it

>> No.14441164

This, tried to swing and I turned my pathetic 52 LINK into 49. As much as I want to try and swing this current pump and buy in again in the hopes that it will dump, its too risky

>> No.14441691

Functionally how does Link differ from other cryptos?
What made anons predict it would take off?

>> No.14441826

What android wallet do you guys recommend to hodl my linkies?

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Well you see anon its the logo that got the initial interest. Blue is quite prominent in the autism community. The rest is history.

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Digits don't lie.

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whats best exchange to buy link?

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