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We’re building a universal store of value.

We believe that everyone’s money should be secure. Billions of people around the world don't have a safe place to store their money. Banks in some countries can't be trusted, and some governments inflate their own currency to pay off debts, hurting citizens in the process.

With a few exceptions (e.g. money laundering, terrorist financing), we believe anyone in the world should be able to transact with anyone else. This requires low-friction, cross-border transactions, which are hard to do with our existing financial systems.

The Reserve project aims to solve both of these problems with a stable, decentralized currency that can’t be abused by a government because it is globally distributed outside of anyone’s control, and thus nearly impossible to shut down.

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Those are just a few of the investors an backers, for an exhaustive list check https://reserve.org/investors

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this shit is gonna moon so hard soon

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Don't tell the plebs

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Fuck off shitcoin. Im all in ZUCCS and ill literally make 10x.

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where to buy?

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Biztards, if you're still holding, please get out. You don't deserve this one

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Huobi or idex. But all the volume is on Huobi.

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This. I sold my RSR at a loss over a week ago, it hurt but I've literally got it all back now. There is zero reason to sit in a dead coin clutching hopium.

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>buy at ATH
>sell at ATL
The /biz/ way

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You could then again DYOR

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Fudders and doubters only have to take a look at the github to know that this project is going interstellar:


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Let's put it this way, i invested $3 of gas into ZBUX and now my holding is worth $1000 and it's only on DEXs. RSR is perma ATL. Phenomenal.

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>E thinks I'm talking about biztards not deserving a rektening.
Ahahhahaha lets quickly move on

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>zero activity
Yikes, are you sure you're not a fudder in disguise?

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RSR marine here. it will have its day !!

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Just bought another million

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Moon mission incoming

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"RSR used to buy RSV will be burned." That is all. I hope you understand what this means by now

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how can my money be secure if your shitcoin dumps

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why do women do guy shit and hope that we find that attractive?

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People on their telegram are talking abouy 'locking in' their money and checking back in three years. So i guess that's how it's secure. Hilarious to see bear market cope during the golden bull run.

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Pretty sure that's literally every telegram group out there. Did Thiel lock his money in as well?

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90% of this shit will never happen. Buy something with real partnerships like Chromia.

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yes coinbase partnership is not real buy my "insert my shitcoin here"

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I hope he doesn't otherwise he's down badly twice now, BAT and RSR kek.

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The amount of cope is insane in here. RSR is going to moon you nonces. The fact that it's ecosystem operates quite similarly to the MakerDAO should tell you brainlets something. Actually, 99% of you probably have no idea how the MakerDAO works, so nevermind. Don't buy this, let me increase my bag.

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You see you can go with Chromia but I see the vision behind the Reserve Protocol, could make a much bigger impact

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biz is only interested in shiny shitcoins that have 10x'd in the past week

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Coinbase owns equity not tokens so that means something..

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Big facts, 99% also probably WILL never understand anything in this space. For anyone reading this you just need to understand one thing correctly about RSR. That is "RSR used to buy RSV will be burned." Go figure out exactly what this implies

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We're talking about crypto here, just sharing info. Not financial advise

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the problem with this is that literally 90+% of the total supply is owned by the devs, plus the mcap is already like 16m

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>mcap is only 16m
>he's gonna miss out on this insane upcoming run, because muh total supply
It's not over for you just yet. You still have time to re think this one

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You probably shouldn't buy if you can't figure that

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Are you just pretending to be dumb or don't you realize only shills would ask that question?

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RSRbaggers have been talking about an imminent moon mission for weeks whilst literally missing an entire market mooning. You are not a good trader.

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RSR is a total shitcoin with tons of bagholders on biz. several fags "invested" 2+ BTC at the top. REKT

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look what matic did with similar portion of total supply as circulating supply.

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Good things come to those who are patient.. Its a good project to hodl if you believe in the vision and team

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You people think peter thiel is just going to dump on you?

1. That isn't how VCs sell.
2. Look at the people involved in the project. You have a network of some of the biggest VCs in the silicon valley. I'm not sure if you know what that signifies but when you have this many big blockchain investors involved in a project AND non-blockchain investors, you know that they aren't viewing this as a quick flip, but as a powerful piece of technology that is going to be much bigger than it is now a few years down the road.

Just follow the money, you have some of the most powerful people in fucking modern day Rome (silicon valley) that are excited about this shit, its going to moon and hard. This isn't just another blockchain platform, its a new type of project with an extremely strong team and even stronger backing.

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>caring about VCs
a few years ago we would have laughed about projects backed by VC money. we would have said "fuck not buying your VC bags" or "enjoy the VC money grab". now you newfags seriously EMBRACE being fucked in the ass by VCs???


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Yeah like Thiel's other chumps in BAT. Keep holding for another year lads whilst everything moons!

Fucking sad lot.

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dumbass even if you were to calculate the marketcap by total supply this shit would be nothing compared to the range of peter thiels normal investments. the guy invests 545 million casually in biotech startups.

just look at who is involved. its easy to see where they are seeing this project 5 years in the future. The network RSR has here is insanely strong - Brian Armstrong, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman - these people have access and influence to networks and capital far beyond anything you can fathom. If you think they are jkust going to have this project sit like a limp dick for a year you're a god damn dumbass.

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not even a poajeet pnd group spreading fake news about a facebook partnership managed to pump this dead shitcoin.

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it will below your mind.

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