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Hi guys, could you please tell me when this is going to correct? I've thought a lot about it and have finally decided that I wanted in. Never got in because I began browsing biz around the sibos debacle and fell for the two men one philosophy major fud (I come from b originally and btc was shilled for a time there). I of course dont want to enter at that price that's just ridiculous, Ive seen it pathetically hover around 20-30 cents for month so Im not that stupid. Thank you linkies

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even if you get link youll never make it because youre too dumb to dyor

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DCA faggot. Though i prefer to buy them in one go and it currently still cheap

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2 Y E A R S

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We don't know when/if it will correct or frankly care. We've been accumulating for two years like smart people. There was pain in holding, but atleast we aren't in your position.

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Fuck off were full

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How far down do anons think itll fall when it corrects? Got 5k when it was at 1.60 and wanna get more.

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If you aren’t swing linking, you’re gonna be stuck holding bags like bitcoin

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Well well I can say that you might enter anytime depending on how much you can spend, right now until BTC will be less volatile most of alt coins will be in red , so apply this buy red sell in green, July often is a crappy month for cryptos maybe because many people is on holidays, to me Alt coins will start raising in September but December will be the month, and then after BTC halving which will happen next year will take all cryptos to another level

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now. this is only going to go up. you could have 12x'd but you lacked the mental fortitude to machete your way through the lies and illusions. lacking in inspired insight. not going to make it.

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Oh, and forgot to say, this board is really disgusting, lots of brown people shilling ridiculous blatant scams. And that's really cute when you say you have the best memes, lel, you should visit b sometime (Im obviously only talking to the few white people left here)

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"we're" And no, I want a drizzle of new money to keep the rest from losing interest or panic selling.

It corrected today. It's likely that tomorrow will be greenn/mixed day for coins cause of how hard the dump was today. I would go in now before the markets open up and buy. You don't even need to dollar-cost average, just buy in and don't sell till you have a strap+.

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Just buy now faggot, it will keep going up and up. The longer you keep faggoting around the more gains you will lose.

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Just buy. I hesitated buying more while waiting for a little dip in price and then Google announced. Now if I have money, I just shove it in.

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2$ new floor

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can us top being a racist faggot for five goddamn minutes so chainlink clients don't pussy out because of this stupid board.

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there's no way to know if it ever will because some entity is pegging it to hover around seemingly arbitrary dollar values
if you look at LINK/BTC and BTC/USDT they're literally just inverted

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>you should visit /b/
This has to be a fucking joke.

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samefag here. It was me and I was jk XD

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Im a girl btw

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This is just a hair above entry floor. Get the fuck in now, do not swing trade, seat back and relax for about a couple years

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Show it.

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Tits or GTFO

P.S. I love u cutie, let's see that body :)

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People in this thread. Kys faggots

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i can tell you the ath it's going to this cycle but linkies are a bunch of arrogant faggots and don't deserve to sell the top

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It's already corrected when it drop from 2.5 to 2.1. That wasn't some pump without any reason, it has reasons behind its rise and that were very good fucking reasons. CL doesn't give a fuck if you were watching it hover near 20 cents. Think about it like buying ethereum for 2 usd.

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Is that Link-chan? Does she have lewds that I can fap to?

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Will I make it if I also buy Holo?

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