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>imagine the retardism
>welcome to /biz/

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I'll bite

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the greentext illuminate mit in a nutshell what this 42 shilling is about. as most likely I am involved in the whole creation that is I am curios.

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In a nutshell
>pic related

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>is this what moving through time looks like?
>I ask leading questions for a reason

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more like the reset-button-protocol. imagine this
>living a life full of joy an happiness
>get confronted with real life facts
>paying rent
>paying for every shit
>get a vision
>get more visions
>connect visions
>know when you're gonna make it time will be up
>utter chaos arises
>know that you haven't made it
>realize that you may have it because you deep dived into religion and the occult
>remember the vision as soon as you "make it" in this world it's over
>remember the other visions about being the one who speaks out the last word that will literally reset everything
>sit there and panic the more your net worth increases with chainlink
seriously guys. I will get shitscared the more I'm gonna make it.

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You can’t even confirm what coin this is referencing

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stephen was a fucking mongoloid who only knew shit to deceive other mongoloids
>he didn't knew shit

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stop posting this picture faggot it has fuckign the date 2017 in it.

>try again

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Yes exactly

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but I can confirm that it's some fake ass hilarious BS that completely ignores the UX/UI concept of literally everything. just imagine in a hi-tech whateva society that the UX/UI will stay the same for 7 years. only the true mentally retarded will confirm to this delusion.
>this is you

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this shit is so embarrassing

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Hell yes brother end this eternal suffering

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it's just gonna resest and make those involved remember while you are being reset to do your NPC shit all over and over again to mine some godcoins. whatever they are needed and used for.

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>10 years from now, LINK will only be measured in % of world GDP
>mfw they didn't lie about the greatest wealth transfer in history

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in 10 years from now there will be technology around that will be some sort of public speed camera that will literally flash you and have your soul stuck in some animated gif les than 1 second in loop while you are being full aware of all of your previous memoires just waiting and hoping in this less than a second loop for somebody to release you from.
>literally Jesus

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Thanks for pointing out that this time traveler was lying about being a time traveler. I'm sure a lot of people will be thankful for the certainty you have provided them with.

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Look again
Next time try seeing with your eyes instead of your mouth smoothbrain

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how did you like my coinbase larp? that actually became true less than 10 days after it shitposted it? oh, and while we are at it.. what do you want our linkgregore to do next?

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I still use windows XP

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can you think of a more effective and efficient way to even the playing field between the Old Guard elite and the autists whose memetic network effect brought to power the most savage hunter of pedophiles that the Oval Office has ever seen?

So we're all in this Truman Show together? Thanks for the tip, singularity.

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good faggot. soon you may go for sticking your stick that creates life into a male shithole designed to shit. congrats.
>never gonna makeit

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Only a sodomite could be this literally butthurt

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>So we're all in this Truman Show together?
na. npc's have no awareness. you could be a npc and just doin' what you've been programmed to do.

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>using xp
>not feeling retarded
>visiting 4chan
>permanently being accused of being a retard
all in digibyte? or did you lost your funds while investing in centra tech? naaaa... you don't love shitkineed cocks. do you?

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> Vechain still a thing in 7 years
also if I want to make my past self rich I'll give him lottery wining number, taht's a more usable fortune

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going to sleep. faggot.

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the absolute state of negative polarity

time goes on, tables turn, now i know
first it giveth

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>If it ain't broke, fix it til it is.
Ah, a fellow Blizzard employee. Fancy meeting you here.

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>Look again
>Next time try seeing with your eyes instead of your mouth smoothbrain

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that 42 dude is one of the worst people to ever post about link, knows so much about satan and chainlink but cant bring himself to clean his nails lmfao

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>time goes on, tables turn, now i know
>first it giveth
>this is /BIG TIME TOMMY/
>and I say: "FUCK THA HATAYZ!"

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found the faggot who cant clean his nails

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>but cant bring himself to clean his nails lmfao
you're mistaking me for another person lol
nice try though
but somehow I'm not surprised at your inability to read, much less your inability to articulate anything meaningfully coherent

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black friday stampede meme

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we knew half a year ago when drunkanon told us lmfao wtf nulinker

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>t. barely functional illiterate
go back to the archive and read the names again lol
I'd never keep my nails that dirty hahahaha
>pic related
>that's how clean I keep them

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I'm the dirty nail nigger, you called?

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I have since cleaned them!

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>I'm the dirty nail nigger, you called?

where'd you run off to zoomer filth?
I'm coming for you...

Your man got scared called Riverdale with a baseball
hat, took a cab to Hawthorne
I know where he's goin'
You can't hide in an empty apartment with a matress
and no protection, with a New York psycho
Bombshells in the Hollywood section
I'm pressin bells and bells and bells till you fuckin
let me in


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Still some ashes from all the weed I smoke.

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>Still some ashes from all the weed I smoke.

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How big is your stack and how big is your cock?

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a gamecube?

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Not just any gamecube!!! THE GAME CUBE, the one that let's you actually play in real life, pretty much a cheat code.

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what is wrong with this board?
what the fuck is happening?
1 out of 10 is now a schizo retard larping about esoteric faggotry and muh time travel. Or maybe it's just one retard talking to himself. Idk but it's pathetic. Link doesn't need this shit to work.

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>a gamecube?

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>what is wrong with this board?
>what the fuck is happening?
did you say HAPPENING!?
>Or maybe it's just one retard talking to himself.
story of human history
turns out the joke, as always, was on (((us)))

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>what is wrong with this board?
>pic related
it's too late now...

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>1 out of 10
soon 9/11

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video removed shortly after I posted that lol
those words are the lyrics to this song: