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How did this guy know it was gonna crash so hard?


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I'll buy a few more at that point, extremely bullish

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13.4k fib resistance was likely to retrace from. anything from 9k to 6k was possible from the get go we will see.

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24th of june is a long time ago in this game, and its still nowhere near 7k

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Geeeezz I wonder...

Tether isn't crypto: change my mind.

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Tether pumpingand dumping is killing crypto bit by bit.

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how did I know?

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Seems like a fakeout to me though, to get people to sell too low too early

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>How did this guy know it was gonna crash so hard?
but its june 27th and btc is still above 10k

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How did I know?

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Good opportunity to buy.

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How did I know?

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Hint, not by listening to what any faggots say on YouTube or on here

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>How did this guy know it was gonna crash so hard?
It was obvious to anyone who's been in crypto for more than two weeks

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How did that guy know?

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Who cares if BTC crashes, Buy raven protocol to make awesome returns in future. 100x we are here!!!!

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Did anyone cashed out yesterday when it was at 14k? I can't be the only one

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cash out a little bit (like 1%) @13.4

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That just means LINK will gain in SAT value.