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Chainlink caused all this

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Take your meds

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imagine being this schizo

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This is true.

Link order book opened, coinbase crashed and bots threw a spazz. Chainlink unironically killed the GBR.

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this is just the beginning first link will reach the top 10
then it'll reach top 3
the flippening

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It won't really be link climbing higher though, it'll be everything else talkting a shit

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oof tiny brains over here

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now this is proper autism
godspeed anon

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Unironically true. This is the TRU power of chainlkni

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It will be the best investment ever seen, just wait.

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L*nk is the cancer killing crypto

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memes aside there is an off chance this could be true

who the fuck has been accumulating link lately and how far does this rabbit hole go?

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I’m starting to think assblaster was a glownigger, and that him and bigdogg are both connected to the banking cartel/fed

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It's like others have said - it "seems" like someone or something wants the price pegged to a specific USD value and it doesn't care what the sat/gwei price is - it will adjust to compensate with ease

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>he doesnt know

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What have you done /biz/.

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People like Lobin and Novogratz have been accumulating, we have discussed this in November however I can't find the screenshot. It had something to do with Big Dogg who also posted on biz on November 12 right before the dump.

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...so this means the goal is to keep link a stablecoin?

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People selling BTC to buy LINK.
Yeah, sure.

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What does it mean then? Institutional accumulation?

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Nobody knows what it means, no proof, no evidence

But what it SUGGESTS is that people with a lot of money are making damn sure all of their friends can accumulate link slowly and silently

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yes, at 1k$

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This is bullish right?

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if this was true, link would be pumping

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delete this thread

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yeah id say so

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Long term: Absolutely 100%

Short term: Nobody can really know

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>who the fuck has been accumulating link lately and how far does this rabbit hole go?
Klaus Schwab.
Oldfags and 2018 fags should know why

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Do old boomers like him intend to run a node? Do boomers even know what a node is?

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Chainlin is a scam. Scammers just manipulating your tiny brains. Be warned, it's going to zero.

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Wrong I caused this. I traded my Chainlink into Bitcoin minutes before Coinbase announced they were listing Link. Bitcoin crashed as Link skyrocketed while I turned into Wojak. If sold all my crypto right now there would be an immediate candle to $15,000 and Link would hit $5 without 30 minutes, but I'm done trying to trade so welcome to my purgatory.

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Why wouldnt they just send their Friends the Tokens and take cash payments from them? No fees, no volatility, No kyc, no deposit waiting - the perfect plan.

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I dunno, that could certainly happen

But the overall point here is, some fuckery is going on

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Yeah always some fuckery on thats the game. I love my linkies but a conspiracy this big is too much imo.

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Here is what is happening. Link will be the catalyst for the next bull run. Btc whales are moving into link but why would they want to lose their btc positions? Luckily for them they don't have to as they have the cash to keep link fiat stable while btc rises then use those gains to buy link. Rinse and repeat. Link will run tonight/tomorrow and then drop a bit and then stabilise while being held steady by whale fiat while the gained sats go back into btc. Rinse and repeat. Nulinkers don't see this cos they are Nulinkers. I'm not.

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happening right now

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>chainlink post doesn't get removed from r/cryptocurrency for once
>subreddit also fills up with posts fudding crypto as a whole

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he will get his underlings to run a node for him

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This is literally the most bullish sign I have ever seen in a crypto.

Seriously. A *token* - not even a "coin" - that not only has decoupled entirely from BTC and Ethereum (even being a ERC20), but is strong enough to make BTC drop 1k in a matter of no more than a couple hours? If this is not a FUCKING BUY RIGHT NOW sign, then I don't know what it is. LINK 1K END OF MINUTE

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Why would it go up if you sold?

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What does this mean?

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How is it even that much of a stretch? We all know crypto has whales that can manipulate BTC and LINK just took every fucking one of them by surprise with google. They need to get in somehow.
Sergey is based af. He doesn't give insider tip offs to chink whales and has left them scrambling.

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listen man, all i know is that during the bear market while every other alt was shitting its pants 90%, LINK barely flinched. if this isn't enough proof for you to be in this coin i dont know what is.

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now that you mention it, it's honestly most likely chink whales who have started manipulating most recently
i think link has taken them by surprise so they're trying to accumulate as much as possible. i think american whales finished accumulating a bit ago.

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Chinks are the worst thing to happen to cryptography. Gas them all.

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To much "stable" liquity turns crypto from a digital asset commodities market into a digital casino Forex options market.

Delist all "stable coins": honestly I would take it a step farther and delist all ©orporate coins™.

Pumping and pulling via tether will drain the actual value out of invested energy into a blockchains due to short term losses transiting into gains by the winners who sell it off quick enough to gain a small margin.

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Lel you fucking think just because youre rich you can escape the government?