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What are your predictions for the price of chainlink in the next 3 years?

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$20 max. Coin is good but the gas price on ether and the 1bil will hold the price low.

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you are so stupid

please commit suicide

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81,000/link 12/21/2026

cherry_hotwife @twitter
openly cucks her hubby and is a link marine.
How based?

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>gas price on ether
Can you eloborate?

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Anything other than $1k is fud

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It already peaked, reddit have taken the bait, now is the time to sell and leave them holding

We did it lads

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>he doesn't know

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100 dollars per coin is just 35 billion market cap its less than fucking bch in dec 2017
So 300 bucks is pretty real

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This. It is gonna be glorious

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What the fuck I just lost 20%

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Gonna get rekted when usd hyper inflates

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50$ 2019
500$ 2020
1-5k$ 2021-2022

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The reality is that groestlcoin is the future

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>t. Groestlcoin bagholder

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checked, good point

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Groestl is the sound my anus makes when I’m taking a shit

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stay poor

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Which one is it biz? 0.5 or 300?

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The madman

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fucking inspirational right hear my dude
1000 eoy hodl never fodl

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The real market cap of LINK is $2.12 billion as of this writing. Think about what you said again.

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gotta be bait.... or maybe he really doesn't know. wtf, iq of nulinkers

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Don’t think fair market is actually a thing tho, and it’s a pretty shit indicator for crypto that requires staking to work. I wish we had a better indicator but that shit has been so difficult to determine to be able to reasonably price our internet moniez.

If you have more network activity and more stakes, those tokens are very likely never going to enter into circulating supply as it will be required to run nodes. So in actuality, circulating supply would be more relevant here + 300m token lock up that I doubt the ChainLink team intends to dump rather than use it as a continuous revenue stream at higher numbers. The other 350m is going to be used to incentivize business and stalkers to basically kick start and onboard companies, but those same tokens are literally never going to enter the actual market for buying/selling

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Meant to say market cap*

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Kinda want to cut her head off, honestly.

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back to 0.45 by end of july, cap this

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My legit guesses

>2019 December

>2020 December

>2023 December


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6k fees. Fucking jews, man...

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it just did

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How can one cuck unironnically tell me link will rise to 1k and another tell me it will tank at 0.35

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1000$ EOY

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wtf, people are actually buying link on CB pro at $2.75. wow

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Agree with this.
>70k LINKmarine in since day 1 of public trading

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I hope for the sake of kek you are right brother.

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so what do anons mean when we say $1k is fud? how is that fud?

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Those are cheap links.

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>gas price on ether
Can they implement a signing system like idex? You dont use gas you just sign a transaction

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Back to 20 cents in 3.. 2.. 1...

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Because this worth more than $1k at least that’s what the stinkers say.

I’ve seen prediction from $10k to $100k per LINK token.

But don’t listen to them. They’re delusional linkies. Invest in vechain instead.

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Nice FUD

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it will be around $10k
LINK will become the new gold standard and every dollar will be backed by 0.0001 LINK

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$5 max

Coin cant go much higher than a cup of coffee as outlined in the white paper, besides, the maretcap + total supply wouldnt make any sense going higher than that. $1000 eoy was just a meme to fool newfags

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Link will hit a minimum of $100 USD within 3 years. Screencap this

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Pretty sure this is bait but just on the off chance that you genuinely are this retarded, I will spoonfeed you.

>1 billion
Will mostly be locked up in nodes and unavailable for trading

>ether gas price
Read up on threshold signatures

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oh fuck no NO

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Is $14 possible? Eoy?

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>When will chainlink peak

never if retared don't stop fudding on reddit
I am Giga chad the anon who predicted the crash yesterday

I hold link but I know that at some point I will have to sell because of retarded fud that won't let it moon
Paradoxly shit like vechain or Iota will moon only because of hype and normie-friendly marketing

Biz is full of retarded, don't listen to them when they say that they ''don't need normies to moon''... just look at how many retardeds went all in this fake volume pump.

The one who is speaking to you bought x3 at 7660 and sold at 11'400

Then shorted x2 11'400 and here we go

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LINK with a 4.9B marketcap? Hmm, let's just say EOS currently sits at ~5B.

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