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I am a market marker for etf’s working in amsterdam and I will explain this shit as simple as possible. I can smell market making from a mile away.

LINK is being bought at a set USD value which fluctuates higher or keeps stable every passing week.

When BTC was going parabolic, LINK kept a certain value around 2.10$.

When LINK lost a lot of sats because of that move, and went below 2.10$, it immediately got bought up in USD until that number.

NOW BTC is dumping and LINK once again, gains in the sats and immediately gets bought until that set value in USD.

LINK is fucking being accumulated by someone or something, and you better have your assholes lubed up for the moon mission, you millionaire faggots.

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no one gives a shit about stinklink anymore.

buy 0xbitcoin

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i agree its been a "safe haven" for btc whales for too long i noticed the inverse correlation as well. honestly this secret is whats kept me away from this scam

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i also want to dump on newfags when the cb orderbook gets full, hope you're quick on the trigger bud

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Insider here, I can confirm

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Checkd, it goes farther than an inverse correlation only, something is going on behind the scenes and you do NOT want to be left out

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I have noticed

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Link is going to get dumped for BTC once this pull back is over.

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I want to say btc was bought to siphon money into usdc to buy link, but that is a bit too farfetched but everything points to it

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Its true. All of it.
>LINK is the only asset to outperform entire 2018 bear crypto market.
>LINK has already made equal ATH, fully retraced (to the median) and now made new ATH's with a new step in the staircase to heaven forming every week.
>BTC is being pumped with Tether.
>Its gonna implode with tether
>exchanges will exit scam
>The SEC is gonna be like "i told you so"
>coinbase will be like, "we're regulated with the SEC and Wall Street's blessing
>Shills will dangle dying alts to keep more folks from going all in LINK
>2019 Alt season will be absorbed by LINK
>the foolish will wanna neck themselves
>those who listened will wonder how any of this ever became a real timeline

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Fear the secret green eyed God.

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Its cozy watching it.
>LINK is still "dumping" with BTC but it's dumping into higher lows within its current range of consolidation
>BTC just dumped below its previous consolidation.

Shit is decoupling right before out eyes, lads and lassies.

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Someone post the CollusiveCrypto tweet, this isn’t news

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Except collusivecrypto is just a random twitter faggot, who is struggling to get by day by day and I literally get 200 k euro bonuses each year because of outperformance.

I want to add something to the above posts called narratives. The market these days are all about creating narratives and selling it to investors. Chainlink in my books has created the perfect narrative to soon to be sold to everyone whenever “they” decide to do so.

>only alt that does not hype themselves
>only alt with top big tech companies endorsing them
>only alt that gets memed this much for over 2 and a half years
>only ceo that wears the same unprofessional shirt for 2 whole years
>only alt that outperformed ALL the cryptos
> only alt that shows decouplement from BTC


The narrative is already created and they will push it whenever they have enough

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Ima go find a Indian national to pummel the shit out of today. When I'm done I'm going to piss on its face.

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Checked. Good times ahead boys

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>no one gives a shit about stinklink anymore
>buy 0xbitcoin

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Remember Big Dogg.

Please, do not sell your LINKs. You're about to be filthy rich soon.

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Exactly this

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Price is purposefully now being kept low by market makers for the purpose of U.S. customers to purchase LINK on coinbase. Numerous interests have wanted to purchase LINK over the past year, but wanted to make sure it was 100% legal.

Once liquidity is established on coinbase, expect major movement

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please tell me youre not lying im so fucking close to ending it please

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It's being bought and accumulated by a cup of coffee

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give me the deluded price prediction then

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nice dubs but you're full of shit. They could buy from sergey if the wanted to

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Fuck off trip fag asshole, you’ve been caught manipulating us into a pnd for fucking months now. Kys and sage, would love to kick the shit out of you irl

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Why would these "interests" buy on coinbase when Sergey is going to just give them some of his 650 million tokens for free?

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less than $5

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There is no price prediction, the only thing for sure is something is happening behind the scenes, and time is running out, soon can literally mean next week or within a couple of months.

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The ... tingling sensation ... something link related will happen soon ...

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The same guy in everythread.

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Sergey can't (and wouldn't) make handouts (or sell) from that stock to just anyone.

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September: $5-$7

Everything I've said has been true, I've made absolutely no positive gains and I've had no impact on the market other than the push for $1.00

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This would be a legal nightmare for U.S. companies and would be beneficial to nobody in the short or long and could actually be detrimental if Sergey is making backroom deals.

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ok can a linkie please give e the standard explanation for the 650m out-of-circulation links?

its unstable af

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Link was always meant to be a $2.10 stablecoin. It’s in the whitepaper

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we got a nu linker boys

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Sergey will give free LINK to companies that will actually use the network but he isn't going to give free LINK to financial institutions that are speculating on the market or want to run nodes, they have to buy LINK like us, via OTC from whales or from exchanges.

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it's imo the strongest fud. if it isn't handled well, everyone's fucked.
I've been buying since pre-sibos

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holy shit, lmfao.
I have been trading for two years now on ICT concepts and I bought Chainlink back in August because I noticed it was making hh/hl. I was already suspected they played with BTC price to siphon money into Chainlink but this is making me horny as fuck

welke firm werk je voor? Ik denk eraan om volgend jaar na mijn studie bij een prop shop te gaan traden

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Then why the fuck is it dumping right now, chainstinkers? You guys actually thought it would keep going up? Delusional.

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nothing is free.
no you didnt stop

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>it's imo the strongest fud. if it isn't handled well, everyone's fucked.

so you're telling me the team havent even addressed the concerns?

i would love to join you lads just to be one of the gang, but this thing makes me worry for my potential investment, and for the younger link marines who are all in with everything they have.

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They are preparing for SWIFT

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3 years ago when I was 16 I was in school thinking about how fucking shit life is going to be in the future and how I would have to create some awesome mobile game to make €900 a month from ads to live ok until university and then until a good/ok job.

Now I'm here, with my 21k LINK stack, on this weird ass forum talking about an investment that will propel the 4th industrial revolution while almost nobody outside of this forum has a single clue. Feels like I'm in some kind of a movie.

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it hasn't been explained in a satisfactory manner, no.
probably one of the reasons it isn't valued higher already.

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wow you actually get it here's what i did:
>got the cb news at 1:02 yeseterday, before the market realized
>increased link position
>went on biz, told newfags that cb means institutions were coming, that we'd moon as soon as the listing was live
>sold at $2.42 for tether
>btc dumps as a bonus
>wait for whales to dump on cb normalfags, book is taking a long time to fill up
>buy link at pre cb sat levels

you'd be amazed how many newfags believe the dumb hype that people post here. somebody literally bought link for $2.80 on coinbase KEK

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Based youngfriend

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imo, the funds (350m) will be split amongst massive corporations and even neet nodes at the true launch of the network. 350m will stay as a sort of reserve for the trust network that will be the #1 valued crypto asset.

cap it' check it' <>:)

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serg will give out 350mio for free to big corporations
he'll never sell the other 300
source: just trust 'em

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Even on the 5 minute charts if BTC is green, Link is dumping and vice versa

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This thread makes me hard

Advice on best way to manage wealth after we make it? I'm not think of too much diversification I don't see why link isn't going to be one of the best places to keep wealth in the next 5-10 years

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Checked we really gonna make it bros

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Haha everyday w this shit. Most of us are up over 1000% on link. You think we care if we lost 10%.

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Lubed and ready to go, OP.

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Dude chainlink has been going by the ict playbook for months. Judas swing lows into liquidity pools to set up for breaker obs, almost always in ote on fibs. It's been so fucking crazy

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ok guys I’m about to dump 350m tokens brb

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>ict playbook
What is this?

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ive been trading for years and i know almost none of those words. where can I learn more about this jewish magic

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Also notice how besides the random google announcement, LINK doesnt moon violently, it makes up slow and steady like 5-10% gains at a time. This is very different then other coins.

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I'm worried that LINK decoupling from BTC means it won't pump during the bull market.

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You got it in reverse, you should be worried btc won't pump during the bull market.

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>Also notice how besides the random google announcement, LINK doesnt moon violently, it makes up slow and steady like 5-10% gains at a time. This is very different then other coins.

Ok, so, maybe brainlet question but this is all good for link holders long term, right?

What you are saying is, big players are moving in to link but they are doing it at a deliberately slow pace so that it doesn’t shoot up all at once, is that right?

And also, they were waiting for coinbase to start trading, and so were pumping BTC in order to get ready to make move into link

Also, weird thing going on right now where there seems to be a HUGE arbitrage opportunity where link is $2.60 on coinbase pro and 2.15 on Binance. Wondering when that spread is going to get arbitraged away.

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I traded all my link for xrp and now I'm sitting pretty with that instead.


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Wtf do you mean "something" ?

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Pls sirs, poo is smell. Help.

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>Wouldn't sell to anyone
He's not selling that supply. That's getting handed out to node running, network participating Enterprise. Some might make it back to the market via node operators, but that'll be a trickle

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the flippening

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good thread

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let "institutions" buy it through normiebase - it's sorta "laundered" that way and it's coinbase's problem, Sergey has shit to do

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FUCK yeah

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You work at flowtraders?

>> No.14406683

any chance you work at flow?

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I know I'm late to the party, but I just obtained 1.2k link...am I gonna make it?

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Link is great, no question about that. However there is currently a ton of hype going on, with back to back Google, Oracle and Coinbase news.
ETH however had quite a rough pullback and is currently pretty low in sats, almost at 2019 lows.

Given Link's very strong price increase and ETH rather low valuation I believe it would be wise to sell some Link for ETH and then switch back after a 20-30% setback.
I mean just look at that green candle. Would you buy that?

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You literally are a brainlet. Never fucking selling. KYS

>> No.14407146

don't play games with your future

>> No.14407193

Lul don’t worry even if you sell no one is gonna buy that overvalued shitcoin of yours.

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Give some speculative price and timelines.

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Come one people, we are peak hype now.
Chainlink has 7 centralized nodes and 65% of the total supply in the hands of ONE guy.
And people talk about abandoning BTC. Get down to earth.

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dude theres no volume on CB. would be hard to arb

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>coinbase link price: 2.60
>binance link price: 2.10

okay retard

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Can I make it with only 1k Link?

>> No.14407498

RIP to all the anons who are selling at these prices thinking this will go down sub one dollar again

>> No.14407534

Much more events and announnce ments along the way ima stay comfy until 2020 then we see how it goes

Not even thinking about selling

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Hey Anon how much chain link can I buy to make everyone look ridiculous?

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that newfag fud expired over a year ago, try harder tranny

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checked son. so fucking comfy bro

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350m are for paying node operators/stakers

300m will be sold/distributed to trusted data providers (Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Coinbase etc) so they can get a head start on reputation farming

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checked again. fml

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I have 29,000 Chain link. Am I poor; n the future? I have had bad luck my entire life. First person in my family to graduate High School and get BA in psych. The BA was pointless and I have been a TinFoil Hat wearing conspiracy theorist since the late 90s Bill Cooper Days. Do I die poor? I will hold these coins with my Iron Fists even if they are worth less than a broken peanut shell .. My father was a disabled Vietnam Vet wounded in action more than once. He left me nothing... My mother is also disabled. I was blessed with a philosophical mind and thats about all I have besides my 29,000 Chainlink...

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>whats kept me away from this scam
Why would this keep you away? If anything, should you not want to accumulate link?

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Could you explain to a non-finance person what exactly a market maker is and why they do what they do? I still dont really understand the concept of it.

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i was too much of a pussy to go all in and now i'm suffering the consequences

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>i was too much off a pussy to buy eth at $10

>> No.14408970

They make the market, why? Because people want to make money. how fucking dumb are you lmao

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>Bought link for 2.80 on coinbase
Links all time high was 2.52 on coinbase

>> No.14409129

It’s not just you, similar experience here

>> No.14409356

You’ll make it. Learn how to stake when the time comes.

>> No.14409374

Gebaseerde anon

>> No.14409418

Kankerhomos kan niet wachten tot link ontploft zodat ik kan verhuizen uit dit kankerland. De nederlandse staat krijgt geen cent.

>> No.14409486

Waar ga je heen en hoeveel LINK heb je?

>t. 5k linkje

>> No.14409583

Maybe at the beginning he offer free LINK to help in the network development but later it will not be free

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If I lost my $5,000 investment it would be all worth it. Reading all the nustinky posts is the most comfy thing ever I just stand on the train to my wagie job constantly with a smile on my face, stifling big laughs as to not be completely autistic in public. These are the days we will look back upon, marines. Savor the moments

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Hier nog een kankerlijer, klaver kan naar mijn linkduiten fluiten