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> lower highs

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You mean to say its going to retrace from its exchange listing news like every coin that ever existed has? OMG LINK IS FUCKED

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I'd like to announce that because you love chainlink so much, right?, my fellow marines. We are going to, right?, we are doubling the amount of LINK, right? You can buy now twice as much! Great, right? Now we will announce over the next year, right?, my fellow marines, that we will sell to you 50 million LINK every day, ok? My fellow marines, now you have more of what you like, right? Twitter will be very happy, I can imagine right now.

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Based but you should've teased "Industry breaking financial news for LINK" before the reveal.

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Higher lows you mean, not two weeks ago we were sitting at $1.10

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>higher lows

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Only in sats, making you a moron.

Also, look at what's actually happening.

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What is our link/eth buy in point marines?

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Wass happenin bud

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Actual news.

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Could Link please fuckin stop gaining value when BTC goes up? That's fuckin retarded and destroys my trades. Fuck you.

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Chu talkin bout

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Google Cloud, Oracle, Coinbase, ...
No amount of meme line astrology can prepare you for what's coming.

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long months filled with nothing while whales slowly make their exit

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>higher highs

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Fuck off Freddy.

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their exit from BTC yes

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