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Anons pic related (NRG) is airdropping 800 dollars worth of coins to American and Canadian citizens ONLY
1,700 spots left
I cannot post my link so I’ll post this video:

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Wow the round is finally finishing
Signup Muricans and let’s close the rounds

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How can Britfags participate?
Did I miss my chance?

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How come iv never heard about this airdrop? Thanks OP

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Looks amazing but I’ll have to give my ID

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miss out on free $800 no problem

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>free $800 for everyone

whats the catch

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Nothing it’s just the concept of Energi
No premine, no ICO. They just want to have the highest adoption.
I’d suggest you read the white paper

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>American and Canadian citizens ONLY

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The attend to become a proper currency. Their first target is to become the standar currency for Venezuela
In this effort they give away coins to increase adoption
It’s a coin not a token

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Round 1: is closed but it was a global round
Round 2: is ongoing and is only for USA and Canada
Round 3: is closed but and was for EU, AUS and NZL
Round 4: will start in approximately 3-4 days, has very limited spots and is global

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Sounds like a long shot?
I’ll just claim my airdrop and run

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