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I did. Feeling so comfy right know

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I'm continuing to as coinbase decides to release my fundus

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ptsd is back sage

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i wonder if she shaves her pussy or grows her hair out? either way, i bet it smells like cupcakes

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Hi Hannah!

I bought more RSR today with my BTC gains today

'preciate your motivation!

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RSR have big news coming.. hold onto those bags biz

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gimme the new man, what's happening?

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any crumbs sir?

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My balls are blue. I've been edging all week waiting for an announcement.

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"RSR used to buy RSV will be burned." Literally the only thing you need to understand to see where this is going lads. Thiel knows.

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Stop buying ffs I'm in the same position

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Will this get listed on any other exchanges anytime soon?

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well, its backed by Coinbase Ventures so what do you think?

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Just a matter of time

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its an ERC-20 so anyone can list it if they want

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hi I'm a brainlet and what does this mean

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RSR is literally backed by Peter Thiel. Go figure..

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friendly reminder

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