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Why do we need the Federal Reserve? Why can't the US Treasury just print its own money like other countries? Give it to me straight.

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>what is control of interest rate
Get an education fucking loser

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yes, the magic of our system is that it was debt based though....so forced the feds to create taxes on citizens to pay off debt
...it was thought that the pain of paying taxes would keep a natural check on the system because ppl would resist and thus lawmakers would spend less.
no one fully counted on idiocracy happening so thoroughly or the effects of R / K selection and IQ implications.

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Let the market determine interest rates. The fact that the fed has that power has destroyed our country. END THE FED

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better yet, genocide the jews because they'll just keep trying until they're gone.

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you poor fool the other countries bank owners are the same people as your fed

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it gives more credibility to your locality to have money administered by an apolitical (traditionally) organization that supposedly can't be influenced by the retards who comprise the government. in theory this should help with capital formation as capital is international. so in all actuality, there isn't a reason anymore now that the fed has made it clear they are trump's bitch. we are entering a period where international capital will have to re-evaluate from the highest levels where they should put their money. I would bet crypto is helped by this.

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So the Jews can run the country

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Why do we need an interest rate?

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Ooops I mean why do we need to "control" the interest rate? If it happens it happens. Fuck.

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You have no power here.