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Hurry up and down vote, we can’t let them know before 5$


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Oh, shit, LINK is a plebbit coin now.
Anyone have good lowcaps for me?

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Everybody flame this faggot.


going around copy pasta link shill like a fucking niggerfaggot.

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I made that thread :)

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I'm glad we are all on the same page now $5 is the amount then the real shilling begins.

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not doing free work for link whales sorry tired of being poor, shill or chill

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>SWIFT Announces it's going all-in on blockchain

Lmao, also most of the chainlink comments are either complete FUD or bizraelis. Meanwhile the vechain threads get hundreds of upvotes/comments and gold.

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Who the fuck cares about reddit?

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thanks, upvoted.

Also, fuck off Freddy.

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upvoted him, thanks

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chill or shill.
whales can fuck off.

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Will you faggots stop talking about plebbit for once? Literally 95% of this board just got here from plebbit in the past few months it's all the same retarded poorfags posting on both sites I fucking hate all of you kys

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You guys seriously need to think about improving your lives, seriously who gives a fuck about reddit at this point?

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Loading up my fud account as we speak

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Shilling to normies is actually the best FUD, they are going to crash LINK under a dollar KEK

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There's another thread about Google shilling Chainlink with 25 upvotes. Guys... I think people are starting to catch on.

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I’ve held this shit since it was on ethdelta. I have way more link than 90% of fucks in this board. I was never into the shilling thing, but found it funny while nothing was really happening with link.

For anyone who hasn’t caught on, link FUD started out as a funny fucking joke. Anyone who is still doing is one of two things:

>a nulinker who was too stupid to accumulate before
>a mentally ill retard who was lucky enough to accumulate before but couldn’t tell a joke from serious rhetoric (probably severe autism)

This shit needs to stop. Link is now in the spotlight, whether you realize it or not, we need reddit. True enterprise adoption is years away — it may not ever even happen desu. Let the tards pump your bags fools. At least from there you can decide if it worth holding for true adoption when you have a fat stack.

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Whales are the ones shilling to pump their stacks. If you are sub 10k you should be full FUD mode to get more.
t. 45k stack who is neither fudding mir shilling

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Phone posted because I’m at lunch disregard the fucked up grammar and syntax.

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>link FUD started out as a funny fucking joke


I miss the days when people would just post pictures of forks with a shadow

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>we need reddit

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>permanently sabotage the mooning chances so you can get more.
You'll get more, but they'll be worth less.

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You think this is a game? You must be a nulinker.

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Stop helping nulinkers. They had plenty of time to get a stack of your size at dirt cheap prices.

You are likely literally helping the people that called us all “stupid link tards” for two straight years.

If they own any link at this point they’ll still make plenty of money. This FUD is hurting the chances of us making ANY significant money. It’s absurd you would think this is acceptable.

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Just a bunch of literal who's. Can't believe anyone still falls for this scam hypecoin.

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We dont need reddit. The project has merit on it's own. You guys and your mental gymnastics.

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I am no nulinker. In fact I was almost doxxed back in 2017 for showing my dumb face on a link stream. Anyone who has actually been around should be able to at least verify that to be aware of that event proves I am no nulinker.

I’m also the one, that during that stream asked sergey if link nodes would be paid in link. I am literally one of the most diehard linkfags on this board.

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Anything can happen fuckface, you’re not a fortune teller. Of course it had merit, that doesn’t mean it’s a shoein, stop acting like it does.

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Calm down. I dont want reddit faggots getting rich. I am properly skeptical of LINKs potential. You are treating it like a ponzi.

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OPQ is the next Chainlink, biggest usecase for crypto, working mesh, under 100M total supply

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They’re not gonna get rich. 95% are peasants with no more than 1-2k in crypto. There’s just a lot of them.

And I’m not treating it like a ponzi, I believe it does have merit and a very good chance of adoption/being profitable. I just also understand that I’m order for an asset to go up, you need someone else to buy that asset.

You’re letting reddit fucks live /rent-free/. Just stop worrying about them... I don’t. Why would I worry about the existence of a bunch of NPCs?

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