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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Freddy the fuddy Ferret, the hottest new meme on /biz/ after Wojak the Pink, Bobo the bear, and Crabbish the crab.

Say something to him.

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I'll start.
FUCK OFF Freddy the fuddy Ferret, your time is done.
Link's mainnet is out and the likes of Google and Oracle are actively shilling Chainlink so the time is now to roll with the momentum and forget about your petty spite against whoever you don't want to buy Chainlink at these prices.
You had two years to accumulate you poorfag faggot. Link is at a high enough price to let the broader public get in.
A suicide stack is 2000$ right now. That's for a fucking suicide stack, a make it stack is 20,000$. Most reddit normies aren't willing to put this much in a single token because they all hold 25 coins worth 200$ because they don't trust their instinct and knowledge and they fall for the diversify meme. Reddit will hold pocket change and quickly sell at 10$ because the stack gets too big, they get scared and they want more REQ and NANO.
/biz/ needs to wake up to the fact that as if this second a 10k minimum to make it Linklet tier stack now costs fucking $21,800 USD. No one on reddit, twitter or wherever else is going to be putting that kinda money into it. They will be getting pathetic stacks and boasting of their 150 Link portfolio. The bigger once might get a 1k suicide stack and that's all. We've succeeded in keeping reddit out of the stealth phase. It's awareness phase now, just let it grow organically, quit FUDing because at this point it just hurts us more than Reddit.

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And so, an epic new meme was born.
Welcome, Freddy the fuddy ferret. Now fuck off.

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Fuck off Freddy the fuddy ferret.

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should've chosen this desert rat with no hair as mascot

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also checked

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Freddy detected.

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Eat shit nigger.

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Fuck off Freddy

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You had two years, male feminist.

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Classic freddy.

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Let me break this to you. Chainlink goes up based on adoption. Shilling link is pointless no please stop posting gay threads on my board you faggot.

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>Chainlink goes up based on adoption.
And speculation from private buyers.
It's what got us from 10c at ICO to 2USD, don't forget.

No need to rule out one or the other, fuddy fuckstick.

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That is because of adoption fucktard. Stop posting here faggot

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Adoption of Link tokens by private buyers, yes.
God you're dumb.

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You literally don't understand the subject and assume you do.
Leave this board you disgusting invalid

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Link's only utility right now is the USD price of ETH.
There is no adoption yet at this stage you idiot.

The rise from the ICO price to the current one is ENTIRELY due to private buyers.

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I still want more link, don’t have more fiat. Swing trading hype is how I accumulate more. You’re gonna have to be my bitch for a long time.

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You're not very optimistic about Chainlink's future price, are you?
How much are you holding?

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>keeping the price down so you can buy more
You'll have more, but the price will be lower. Where's the benefit?

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I like this.

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use it wisely fren

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Maybe you don’t fully understand what’s in the future. Do you want to make an extra few million dollars or not?

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>Maybe you don’t fully understand what’s in the future.
A gimped moonshot if normies don't join in.

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Wrong hunk.


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femanon gtfo

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Top kek. Read the white paper

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Tell me all about how the white paper says enterprise adoption makes normie money irrelevant.
Protip: those same enterprises are the biggest normie money whores of all.

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The one that talks about decentralized oracles that anyone can run and use?

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Normie money is irrelevant.

>KYC nodes

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>Normie money is irrelevant.
It's what got us from 10c to 2USD.

>KYC nodes
Optional, lmao.

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Normie money would have taken it higher than $2, but normie money won’t take it to $1000+ and that’s the only price that matters. You’re just shitting on yourself by not getting as much as you possibly can. You absolute scum. This is your chance to make it. I am waiting for the days of pink wojaks from obliterated bag holders. Those are priceless.

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>normie money won’t take it to $1000+
Yeah, not like that happened to Bitcoin or ETH, right?

Also, if normie money can get us from 10c to 2USD, why would you not want to involve normie money further?

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>normie money took Bitcoin and Eth to $1trillion+ marketcaps
When did this happen? Why would I want to get less LINKs for the same price? That’s a tough one. Let me run some calculations then I’ll get back to you on that.

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>When did this happen?
BTC did about a x6MM, ETH did about a x4k.
All on normie money.

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