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No doubt it's a brilliant idea. The only problem is that LINK was never meant to be a coin. Do you honestly think Wall Street will let NEETS living in their mother's basement run a chainlink node for their billion dollar contracts??
Chainlink is an utility. It's a service not a currency. Instead of pitching his idea to angel investors and receive funding Sergey decided to brand it as a cryptocurrency and have his big payday in advance, on top of free publicity for his product (decentralized smart contracts). The partnerships are meant for companies to learn the technology.
Once the technology is established, Sergey's company will dominate the market of smart contracts. It will have it's own oracle network that will handle all business contracts.

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Sergey is Satoshi. Do you think you are smarter than Satoshi? That's what I thought, bitch

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> arguing from personal incredulity
We get it. You sold at $1.40 or whatever.
No one fucking cares. Learn to use filters and just filter link out - you're not cut out for this.
It goes in all fields and is hidden.