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Is 11k link a suicide stack?

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no, it's minimum to make it!!

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10k is

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its low tier making it unless you sell too soon
50k is what you need to be comfy
sub 10k is suicide stack tier, probably won't make it but gains should be good

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Yes, because holding 11k or more will cause you to commit suicide.

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is 110M enough?

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I don't really want to "make it" in the normie sense anyway. I don't care about cars or buying myself a house ect. I just want to continue being a comfy shut-in NEET. Is 11k enough for that?

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And thank me later


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Minimum to make it is 1K, 1000$*1000 LINK = 1 MIL. Not rich but you are wealthy for the rest of your life and don't have to work again if you save it wisely.

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It's more than enough but these gains will be wasted on you and your NPC tier goals.

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