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what are my chances of outsmarting the jew when I have an IQ of 120? don’t tell me to buy the universal incel token (chainlink) either

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I ask myself this same question every day.

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130 iq is the minimum for making it. this is already known

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135 IQ here, I bought BQQQ and I'm absolutely JUSTED

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you could unironically kill yourself
the jew seek power and control over all by killing yourself you undermine their effort to own you

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You're nothing new. They've nullified countless of people like you. They have a tried and true strategy ready to go for you if you ever even remotely become worthy of their attention.

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>don’t tell me to buy the universal incel token (chainlink) either

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>what are my chances of outsmarting the jew when I have an IQ of 120?

Merely asking this question to others guarantees you don't have it in you to beat out an ENTIRE CULTURE AND SOCIETY DESIGNED TO STAY ON TOP.

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120 iq retard reporting in

Is over bois, depression picking up, get bored of mundane actions yet i know im not good enought to take advantage of those around me, i can only pray for 60iq trading strat to keep feeding me

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You can't outsmart the Jew yourself but you can help. You can shill the high IQ Jew fighters. As a 120 IQ you could tailer the message to the 110 IQ men below you. The Jew must be fought at all levels and awareness is the first and biggest step.



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>120 IQ
>makes a thread like this
Online IQ tests are inflated by at least 40 points to make retards like you feel smarter than they really are. Your actual IQ is probably well below 100.

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Jewanon here. You cannot beat us ,so join us. Move to Jew York City and do some research on wealthy Jewish elite families. See if they have a daughter that’s roughly the right age for you and then figure out where she goes to college or hangs out and then figure out a way to accidentally meet at a party or bar. Obviously one that is skinny but with big Khazar milkers is ideal. They’re rare, but they exist. Make her fall in love with your goyish blonde hair and steely blue eyes. Play the part of an un-Jwoke good goy until she begs you to marry her. Congrats. You’re now part of the family. You can even convert and really get yourself into club shekel. This is what a Jew would do to get what he wants.

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well you also have to have the self confidence to actually believe in your judgements rather than the shills of internet frogs

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The jewish way to become a jew, by some >jew

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Don’t get too cocky. Your weimar empire is going to fall at any moment. The goyim are waking up.

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They seem to be. But our money is considerably more liquid than gold fillings and Deutsche Marks this time around. Why do you think I’m into crypto currency? I can easily move my wealth to Tel Aviv, goy. It’s actually better for us if the goyim do wake up a little. Jews that want European countries to turn into 3rd world shitholes deserve to be ovened imo.

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much rather plot against you fuck Jews fuck you you may not be extinguished but your bloodline will be.

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>my dad's a kike
I have an immense hate for jews because I was subject to their horrible abusive cult's actions.
Here are some tips that you can use to know how to beat them.
Know that they are essentially all sociopaths, so you cannot threaten them without actually taking the action.
If you do decide to fight them you need to go all in.
I recommend having a lawyer on retainer that is not accessible by the normal public, like mine.
To do this you will need to form high level connections, which can either be done by joining a synagogue and church.
If you decide to join their cult and go into the temple, they may ask about your jewish heritage.
Here is how you jew the jew. Because they love going on about the holocaust, you can simply say your family died in the war and father ran off to form another family.
Their cult promotes this behavior and you can tell them the reason you never explored your faith before was because you were an atheist and drug addicted.
Jews have a tenacity for being addicted to crack, because it's coke but cheaper. It's an open secret.
Once in you can rub elbows with these monsters. And even once you get your own lawyer and he finds out you aren't really jewish they won't care.
They love that kind of behavior and probably will respect you more for it because they are not above selling each other out for greed.
Once you have a lawyer like that you can gain more connections for essentially insider trading around your town as to what's really going on.
It's misconception that they do not like spending money, they just have to be tricked into thinking they are always getting something over on you.
Because the males are all weak cucks the wife runs the house, except in the orthodox homes which is opposite.
This is an exploit you can make by selling the female half shiny objects especially if it will make the other cunty females jealous.
They love being able to show off to the other kikes, much like niggers but neurotically clean.

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Also because their men are weak, the female will often envy a strong man.
If you can do business that involves having the woman around be flirtatious so that she thinks she can fuck you.
They are whores.
So it will gain you access to more of their business by her talking about how great your customer service is.
They will invite you into their home which will give you access to more of their connections and social activities.
They love buying property to rent to be slumlords so buying up property they need before them would be crucial.
Always prevent anything degenerate you do be visible to their eyes for them to exploit from you.
If you fuck up at all, your high level attorney can practically get you out of anything.
You would not believe what you can do when you have a lawyer that is friends with all the judges.
I had a situation arise once where simply the other party seeing who my attorney was, pretty much made it impossible for the other party to find a lawyer willing to even take a case out against me, including a DA.
You may not like it but you will have to put a lot of effort into joining them without actually becoming one.
Hopefully crypto is one step in the direction away from their control of resources, though they are gaining entry.

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