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- Peter Thiel: 42,000,000,000+ RSR
- Commander: 500,000,000+ RSR
- General: 50,000,001+ RSR
- Lieutenant General: 25,000,001-50,000,000 RSR
- Major General: 17,500,001-25,000,000 RSR
- Brigadier General: 12,500,001-17,500,000 RSR
- Colonel: 7,500,001-12,500,000 RSR
- Lieutenant Colonel: 5,000,001-7,500,000 RSR
- Major: 3,500,001-5,000,000 RSR
- Captain: 2,500,001-3,500,000 RSR
- First Lieutenant: 2,000,001-2,500,000 RSR
- Second Lieutenant: 1,500,001-2,000,000 RSR
- Sergeant Major: 1,000,001-1,500,000 RSR
- Master Sergeant: 900,001-1,000,000 RSR
- Sergeant First Class: 700,501-900,000 RSR
- Staff Sergeant: 500,001-700,500 RSR
- Sergeant: 300,501-500,000 RSR
- Corporal: 100,501-300,500 RSR
- Specialist: 50,001-100,500 RSR
- Private: 1-50,000 RSR
- Subhuman RSRlet: 0 RSR

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Merely a corporal

Figured I'd play with small money on this longshot, but depending on how much this thing takes off in Venezuela it may be worth getting more.

100k seemed like a safe suicide stack.

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unironically looked into this last night and became a sergeant.

thanks for the info beck

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The white paper is really shady when it talks about the use of the RSR token. Sounds like it's just for voting rights.

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RSR used to buy RSV will be burned, fren. They didn't make it easy to understand tho, but it's pretty gud

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Congrats fren. Glad you found the information helpful.

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Also useful for arbitrageurs and speculators, maybe you did miss a few sections on the WP

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Commander reporting

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Me. Theil, is it really you?

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Where do i buy if i only wanna buy a few grand?

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IDEX especially if u are a burger.
The volume isn't bad at all.

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I want to gut this whore.

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The one and only. Posting from my seastead

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Absolutely based.

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How much RSR to make it?

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Corporal reporting in, I'm literal subhuman garbage for not having more money to throw at this.

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ngl RSR is a long position with high rewards.
price targets for RSR exceed $1 since the supply will be burnt each time it is redeemed for RSV.

if you've been around /biz/ for long enough, you probably think that making it is 10 million.
if you just got to /biz/ you probably think making it is anything over 1 million.

either case, fortune favors the bold.
and RSR is a really big fucking fish and in the short term before eoy it should at minimum do a 20x.
dyor tho


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Alright, thanks.

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