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How was the general feel? How long did it take for it to moon? I decided to ignore my friend shilling ethereum during the first bull run of bitcoin to over 1000 and bought ppc instead. forgot about crypto until the beginning of the next bull. Just hoping I have one more shot with my link bags.

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It went straight up and down dude like all pump and dumps

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Long slow climb with occasional steep pumps and dumps along the way but people remained bullish even during the dumps. Very similar to what LINK is doing now.

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endless ethereum FUD calling Vitalik a russian scammer

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>Very similar to what LINK is doing now.
Not at all. Ethereum holders are based as fuck. They are not like low IQ cult members shitting the board all day.

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you need to go back to plebbit

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/biz/ was smart as usual back then

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Selective memory. ETH got flooded with retarded moonboys in mid 2017 just like LINK is now. Oldfag linkies were the smartest on this board but then they got drown out by newfag noise as the price went up. Same shit happens with every coin that moons.

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The chad vitalik the virgin sergay

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check the weekly chart for ETH in early 2017
I think it was something like 16 straight weeks of pump from below $5 to a high of $420
chainlink will make that look like baby's first pump

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look at 2001 amazon stock, looks just like link. actually on paper amazing and link are equally strong. its obvious a high of 1000K us rupees

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Just wait for the rising tonight and you can see for yourself

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funny you mention Amazon

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Think my ppc still has a shot? I left it on btc-e many years ago

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>funny you mention Amazon
they're a (((big))) company

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damn. dude is a milliner now, if he resisted the fud

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Hello gayboys, I have just discovered an exploit days ago that already made me more than 0.45BTC in the last 8 days

Before you use there is one rule:

>please don't use it more than 3 times a day, or it will get patched faster

Go to the link below, scroll down and watch the video for explanation on how to use and proof of the system working.

Here is the generator link: bitcoin-generator DOT online

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fuck off
been reporting your bot all day

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holy fuck how is this even possible?! like seriously....all these big names going into link. what the fucking fuck

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>Hello gayboys
what did you say to me bitch?
say that to my face!
>gif related

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>t. Neo's older and more violent brother

>all these big names going into link. what the fucking fuck
it's real, it was all real

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Tfw Coinbase

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>that pic
hahahahah occasional cortex has some slick marketing agencies working for her
fuck that cocksleeve
all women in politics are axiomatically cocksleeves for their financiers
these charades and kabuki theatre will be coming to an end brothers
I promise

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>chainlink fence
this is the face the filthy no-linkers are making when they see the chasm widening
>filename related

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I can’t buy the god damn coin tho lol

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they trotted our their painted ladies for this photo-op
the charades will be coming to an end brothers

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>I can’t buy the god damn coin
amerikkka, land of the free, TO DO AS YOU'RE TOLD!
>gif related

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