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Why does our society demand people go to college for 4 years to "learn" "skills" that have nothing to do with the jobs they end up getting?

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Because capitalism. Not shut up and get a masters, or become manager.

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Because most hiring managers already have a useless degree and they dont want to devalue their own degree by not requiring them.

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Because capitalism. Now shut up and get a masters, or become manager.

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to get shure you become a libtard

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>its da joos fault im not successful
society doesnt demand anything you dumb nazi. make your own buisness and stop blaming the jews for all your problems and acknowledge you suck at life

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>"Just start your own business man"
>"omg you don't have the right licenses, permits, regulations, and qualifications to run that business! lock him up!"

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Kvetch harder schlmo. Seen this pasta a few times already. Dotr very soon.

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You retarded brainlet.

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Because poverty is a product of the mind and fear are the shackles of the poor. Bring a successful entrepreneur is 10x easier, 100x more likely of becoming rich and 1000x cheaper than college but that requires DTOR research as opposed to signing up for school and repeating what professor Sheckleberg says for 4-12 years like you had a lobotomy to make a fraction of the money because it's "safe".

I deeply despise the cowardly wageslaves and their slave mentality... and God forbid you want to mentor them. You bring a hammer to break their chains of bondage and they'll throw themselves on their chains to save their life of wageslavery. Fuck 'em, I now take great pleasure in seeing poor people suffer.

>Maaaaaaan, you're so lucky you're rich and can afford a Maserati! But hey I keep working this engineering gig and put money in my 401k and I'll get to where you're at in 40 years... that's all!

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College is a fucking scam man, I got full rides to both undergrad and grad school and wouldn't go back for one second knowing what I know now, even being free

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