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Oh fuck, theyre officially announcing Chainlinks partnership with Microsoft and some representatives for Microsoft will be speaking.

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What time does it start?

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post source or be outsed as pajeet. thx

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it's dumping upwards

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(where di dyou find it?)

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Source fuckin homo

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You can do everything in that infographic without blockchain.

What makes chainlink valuable.

It sounds like a solution looking for a problem.

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Calm your tits, reverse search that image, it’s a year old

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>Replying to 2018 link memes
lurk moar

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this. royalties is old use case. doesnt flow with the cloud expo at all. stop being a retard and wait for the stream

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the connected their datacenters so you can run workloads in both simultaneously this is nothing to do with link you mong, its a play against aws.

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>June 2018
Good LARP faggot

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old screen, MFT has been priced in for 2 years now.

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I luv how linkies imagine MSFT / GOOG etc are going to just give them free money instead of just doing this themselves
>in b4 muh agreements
>in b4 muh magic erc20 token