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if i am up 50% do i unironically sell most of my gains? I feel like we are overdue for a correction

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It takes a special kind of stupid to believe it will suddenly moon when it struggled to break 11300 as long as it did.

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It's stalling fuck fuck

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Largest stack is BTC, LINK second largest. Mother I just cannot fucking lose

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kek confirms 12k

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When will it going retract? I wanna buy more

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A little early but....checked.

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8am Jew York time

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>Steals another posters wojak.
>posts the same pic without altering the name.

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How fucking new are you fags?
This is classic bitcoin upward swing, still going strong. It just churns and churns steadily upward. 13900 probably where the ride ends (for now).

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Here's a lesson from an oldfag: PERIODICALLY TAKE PROFITS. greed destroyed me in the 2017 run because I never cashed anything out

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This is the correction , every year before the halving it's only crabing or up.

We are correcting back to 19k

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Same this is the Chadfolio

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Cope. Pour some coffee, you're going to be up all night babysitting those coins.

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we are about to dildo

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The weird thing though is that I got back into Bitoin at $3500 and ever since it pumped to $4600 people have been calling for a correction before bull market begins. I decided I would stay in instead of risking it. Sure enough three more big green candles happened that sent the price up another grand in a day or two (three+ separate times). And everytime people are calling for a correction. Now we are passed 10k and people still saying we need to go down to 7200 to fill in the CME futures gap. As someone that has stayed in and hit all the major candles on ETH, LTC, BCH, and BTC by just refusing to take profits, I think I could have made more money swing trading but if I missed a major candle I would have sat around waiting for a correction so I can reentry and it would probably not have happened. Only thing I'm debating now is if I want to starve this week by putting more money in chinklink, or if I want to "wait for the correction."

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100k EOY

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I'm not going to risk this shit. Its just a stock for me atm. Just wait a few years and dont waste your money trying to play it like you are some day trader. Your pockets will thank you.

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Yeah like a day n half

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Just sell so we can pump already

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zoom out, we've been mooning for 2 months

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>Unironically selling before a halving

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Soon my child, Miss Cleo knows this bitch about to jump up again!

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i hope youre larping

BTC will reach 1 mil by 2021

just buy 1 and put a sell order in at 899,999

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screenshotting this for when you lose everything faggot

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This is what happens when normies buy in without knowing the fundamentals. It's like playing blackjack and not doubling down on an 11 against a dealer 6 cause you're scared.

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100% correct

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no more sellers
they all sold already

only people left are new buyers are the holders waiting for 100k

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That's a weird way of writing 360k

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Fuck this bart market. Can we start the bullrun already? Or at least dump it properly so I can accumulate more.

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Still hasn’t fully accumulated.
Never gonna make it.

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>implying you are ever fully accumulated

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I made this picture back in 2017. I think i deserve some payment for it, send me some BTC for using it.

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I think that statistically it's better to fomo in during pumps rather than wait for corrections. That way you are on the right side of the trend. If you wait for a correction, you cannot know how low it's gonna go or if it is ever going to come back up, whereas I would have panic sold already. BTC presents strong serial correlation and you gotta take advantage of that in your trading. Otherwise what are you gonna do when the dump comes? Accumulate bags of a coin that keeps bleeding value?

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post address?

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vpb suggests nearly no resistance from 11.3 to 13.3

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post proof

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You never sell before the last ATH is reached, bro. Especially not before a halving. The price never significantly crashes in the year leading up to a halving, it's just a steady climb.

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Got only 1 BTC, I need it to teach 2mil min. so I can quit my job and buy a duplex and rent it out at huh prices to millenials.

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the last panel is actually amazing

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I think that since it’s a bull market it’s better to chase the big gainers than to try to buy in on the swing lows. It looks like the big coins bounce right back even higher after they correct right now and waiting for the dip is like you said, worse odds than holding until it breaks up.

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It truly is.

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Guise. Some people on Crypto Twitter are saying 2017 was a one time thing and we will never see moonshots like back then ever again.

T-That's not true, is it?

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it's not a bull market.

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Have you not heard of the concept of consolidating under resistance?

t. Master Technician

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3.5k to 11k is not bull market? Ltc $20 to $140 is not bull market? If we saw these massive gains in any other field of commerce it would widely accepted as bull market.

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Were less than 50% to 2017 you tell me

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Use your brain to think for a second and you might find out. Over half the posts on this board are people like you asking obvious things or asking for free advice while the other half is obvious shilling. If you are so NPC you can't figure out shit yourself then you won't make it.

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Link partnership with Microsoft announcement in 1 hour bois

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i believe in asuka anon but maybe libra was an unforseen catalyst for growth

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So what you're saying is take asukas post and triple.it

Got it

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what’s a good price for a stop loss currently, maybe 11k ?
or do you guys beliefe it will continue to go up
what are your estimates for eom

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> tfw i fomo'ed in at 5400 and 9800 holding 2 BTC now

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fuck yiu

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u have nothing to be sad about faggot. I sold my bitcoins at $800 and then fomoed back in at $3500 and now i only have .37btc and 2 eth cause i didn't hodl to 20k. I would love to have 2 btc. If btc reaches 100k then you have 200k and I have 37k. You're in lambo territory friend.

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crap, sorry to hear that. i am actually happy though, isn't this the happy pepe meme? lol :-)

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>greentexts with proper punctuation

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Oh shit I thought he was crying..weird

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60% of bitcoin dominance.

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it just breached 10.000 euros bros
dis gon be gud

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I will sell all my bch to go all in in core.
BCH seems dead af

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>Tfw you sold on the way to the top
Sure, it would only be an $8 difference, but I could've held on longer.

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BCH goal has been stolen by zuckbucks , if zuckbucks fail bch will start to grow massively.

But with zuckbucks all coins that are not proof of work and scarcity created will be destroyed.

Bitcoin cash is one of them so it will survive but if zuckbucks succeed they will lost their own ideal market(cheaper transactions).

Bitcoin core on the other side is going full digital gold with a small blockchain and low inflation rate.

I hope that bch survives but it all depends of zuckbucks now.

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>Thinking the halving won't be priced in

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Toi late to invest a bit more?
I have some spare 2k bucks laying around.

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No btc is going to 100k minimum

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That’s next year.
We will have a pullback, things are going too fast right now.
No idea if we gonna drop very soon or after the halving but we can’t maintain that pace.

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>but we can’t maintain that pace.

The central banks lower interest rates beg to differ

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Austria is issuing a 100 year bond at 1% yield.

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people used to say we will never see 1k again in 2014

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I dunno dude. Something about crossing 10k makes bitcoin want to make 1000 point breaks rather than 100. Human psychology I suppose. Keep in mind that can also work against you. You have to commit to one strategy, you can't just flip flop based on current sentiment. Find out what your goal is. Is it to increase your stack? DCA? Or make more fiat? Taking profits is never a bad idea especially if you're 50% up., and you have cash to reload if/when it dips. At these levels it can pull back stupidly fast as people start to panic, as those who are up as much as you try to get out so they come out ahead.

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