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I was up at 3am trying to get my fucking printer to work for school, for some reason printing from browser preview doesn't send the print command to my printer, I don't have time to research proper updated driver for my printer, and I'm a fucking computer science major. Took me like 20 minutes to get the fucking thing to do work.

Then it got me thinking how the zoomer generation will use printers, most of them don't even have a desktop in the firstplace, just phones and tablets, in the future they probably won't even buy printers.


The Uber of printing. You need something printed, you uploaded the document, along with required specifcations (collated, etc) and it will upload to the apps server. Local people who own printers and are signed up as printers will be notified of this request if their printer they registered with the app is capable of fulfilling the customer's requirements. The user with the printer can print it up, take a picture of it (for proof purposes) and deliver it to the person for a fee.

Honestly how often to most normies even need to print something? Does buying a $100 printer and buying ink every month make sense when they just spent $3 a few times a month when they need something printed?

So who wants to make this then pay me a salary as the idea guy?

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So I don't mean to be rude but I'm taking note of this on my notepad app and may act on it at a later point and take full credit.

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you dont want to do that, i have nothing to lose sonny.

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are you not describing Kinko's right now?

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Well see I understand that but you are probably going to forget about this idea that came to your mind all of a sudden in a day or two. I might actually make it happen and I will hide under the radar while I take in the profits and sit on my fuckin ass.

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Make it happen

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You're going to have a hard time beating the UPS store and similar places. Most people don't need it delivered, so it's going to be cheaper to just pick it up themselves. Plus most people needing to print things are either students with access to a library with printers, or employees in an office with printers.
I just don't see much of a market.

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You mean Fed Ex Office/Kinkos?

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I like it but printing isn't exactly an expensive thing to do. You could only charge like $1 for your average college paper, because who in their right mind would pay more?

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>inb4 someone hacks your app and spam prints bbc porn to every printer on the global network

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Most people don't need food delivered either, but grub hub etc made it cheaper. The point of this app is that there could be tons of people with printers around you, with any luck your neighbor will be a printer. The delivery won't be from a guy being paid hourly in a building 3 miles away, it will be from a guy in his sweatpants without a shirt a house over.

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Thanks for the additional notes on this subject.

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I'm not worried, I used to be a part of a emarketing/business community back when forums were a thing, and this guy took my idea about a bitcoin free lance site (this was before crypto was huge and there was crypto everything), and he copied it to the fucking name, coinlancer. And it crashed and burned and nobody ever heard of it.

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>idea guy
is not a job, it's a form of failure that lasts years
>comp sci major
who doesn't want to code a simple platform/uber clone
>cant install a print driver, hasn't learned how yet, but wants to start a printing service
If this isnt bait, the life you are choosing is going to be hard and disappointing for you OP. Fix that and skip the weed for a bit. You can literally code wtf is wrong w you. I'd be less of a dick if you were speaking w a business mindset, but shit dude have some pride in your abilities. you have a promising idea but success is about implementation, not innovation.

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But for the safety of you and your family you should hope it fails.

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I think the real innovation will be a p2p system for doing any generalized task
With some common frameworks e.g advertise a printing service, which sets up file upload receiving, timely processing and delivery blah blah

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most people never act on their darkest desires, I think you're one of those and for your sake and with respect to you just don't do anything stupid.

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>Local Young Entrepreneur Found Dismembered and Stuffed Inside Printers All Over Campus

The headline your mother will read.

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Chill, anon.

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That all said I'll brainstorm a bit w you. Printers fucking suck. They are shit. They are intentionally shit to help keep counterfeiting in check but also because ink costs more than blood. In enterprise, even 3rd party helpdesks have a printer vendor to deal w that shit because printers just fucking suck. At home everyone is stuck with whatever is on sale at Staples. You need to take the the apple approach and include service/ink refills/etc paired w one amazing (looking, at the very least) print device. You'll see Kyocera take this approach, panini printers are hot af right now, etc for businesses. Maybe do this for retail consumers? Add some normie features like scan to dropbox, scantron grading & practice test generation, bill pay, etc. Have devs pay you for api access add an app store. There's an untapped market in retail & printers, but all you did really is identify a market. Thats hard so good job. You need a real problem in that market to solve now. Market, problem, paradigm without skipping/combining steps. Sounds normie as shit but it helps you slow down.

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Yeah, I'm gonna go rail some more adderall in 20 minutes and masturbate for 8 hours straight to trap feet porn, but thanks for the advice.

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Kek. Not going to tell you how to live your life, but know that you can be much more. You cane here for a reason. Remember to eat, stay hydrated, and that traps are kinda gay.

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Just think how many people just want to boss people around, pretend like they have a secretary. A kid goes to class, orders his paper be printed, and it's delivered to him as class is starting

>here are your files Mr. AryanBlood_1488

That's pretty much why people like using uber, it makes ghetto trash people feel like they're rich and have a limo driver.

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Yeah I love the idea of paperwork with my private info printing out on strangers' printers.

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Yeah good idea printing out your nuclear launch codes on this app. And you just made a good point, there is tons of data here you'll be able to store and sell to shekelberg

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>cs major
>cant figure out how to print from browser
your idea is about what i would expect from the above

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I'm pretty sure anything with a screen replaced printers in like 2001

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