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>Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled a plan to cancel $1.6 trillion of student loan undergraduate and graduate debt for approximately 45 million people. His ambitious plan has no eligibility limitations and would be paid for with a new tax on Wall Street speculation.

I busted my ass at work and took risky investments so that I could pay off my $180k in student loans in under 2 years. Meanwhile, Katie will have her $200k student loans for a useless degree totally forgiven.

Who does this kike think he is?

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Even if he gets elected, this will never happen in a million years. Just like the wall.

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>I busted my ass at work and took risky investments so that I could pay off my $180k in student loans in under 2 years. Meanwhile, Katie will have her $200k student loans for a useless degree totally forgiven.
Sounds like if it was up to people like you, we'd never have cryptocurrency because older generations had to slum it with fiat so it "isn't fair" that there's maybe something better. Go to hell, boomer.

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and that's how you ruin financial discipline of a country.

Can't wait to see it.

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You made a poor decision and paid the consequences for it so now everyone has to go through the same stupid decision as yourself?

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I paid off almost half of my loans with crypto profits you poorfag.

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That's not fair. I paid off my student loan before cryptocurrency took off, and you get to pay yours off because of some ridiculous ponzi scheme bubble? Who do you think you are?

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>Its only okay if we spend trillions bailing out mega corporations, we cant help out our citizens that'd be insane!
god i hate libertarians and neo cons

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IMAGINE paying off debts or keeping more than a few hundred in fiat in 2019
get all-in on crypto and gold and sit back and watch these fucking retards burn down their centrally planned system and with it (((their))) power

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I'd get it if he were to talk about paying for college, but no, he's talking about waiving student load debt? fuck that. that money was borrowed. if you don't want to be responsible for paying off a loan, don't fucking take out a loan.

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God. I wish. I was putting in close to $4,000 a month on those loans. Imagine if I had bought only bitcoin and ethereum during that time period (2016 and 2017).

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If you dont want to risk not being paid back dont give out loans in the first place chief!!!

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fake and gay

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He'll never be elected, let's be real.

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you little wanna-befag listen up, you never paid off $180,000 in loans. You are LARPing as a decent wage cuck. You sneaky bastard, you aren't going to fool me.

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We haven't had financial discipline since the 60's

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>>Its only okay if we spend trillions bailing out mega corporations

Nobody ever said that was okay. We want the people who recklessly spent more money than they could pay back to be properly punished for it. We also want the banks that recklessly loaned money to them, knowing they couldn't pay it back to feel the bite from that. If you can call "making tons of money but slightly less than we were expecting" feeling the bite.

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I cashed out near my ATH in January 2018 and dumped most of it into the loan.

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So you didn't bust your ass. You got lucky with internet fun money.

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I don't give out loans clown. whether or not you pay back your loans is on you, choosing not to has it's own consequences. I have no sympathy for you fags who willingly take out student loans, then cry about how hard it is to pay them back. yeah, no shit. it's not fun. it's a choice you made though. I didn't make that choice cause I'm not an idiot.

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>jew says we need to tax whites more to pay for Niggers, spics, jews, and morons

haha based i hate capitalism we need more immigrants

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Did you miss the part where I said I paid up to $4,000 a month? That's way more than most of you poorfags' monthly pay.

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the point isn't having to bust your ass is it? it's borrowed money, the point is just paying it back before the interest eats your soul.

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Did you know that presidential candidates sometimes say they will do things that they never plan on doing, because it makes the peasants cheer and vote them into power? Crazy world we're living in.

Seriously, no politician would dare betray the banks that financed his campaign. That's how you end up shooting yourself in the head 3 times and hiding the gun.

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Jacobin claims that all he'd have to do is have the sec of education sign it off the books. Based on the wording original student loan bill from the 1960s.


Socialist Grandpa could actually do it.

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Bernie's actually that crazy though. crazy enough to believe the shit he talks. he's cool about a lot of things, but not this. banks aren't financing his campaign either.

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OP, you paid off your loans and are free from the eternal Jew, and you did it by honest means. That alone is commendable and you have no need to respond to the haters ITT.

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>Bragging about earning about as much as a cop.
>No wait!
>He's bragging about paying 4k a month to shekelstein
Get fucked millennial. All of the zooner gang will get free college and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Who habs to pay for it :DD

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Same morons that paid for the war in Iraq.

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I hope someone assassinates this old faggot. If you're a brainlet that wants to take out $100k in loans for a worthless sociology degree be my guest but you're responsible for your own poor decisions. Making others support your retardation is straight nigger-tier bullshit. Holy fuck zoomers are so worthless and short sighted.

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If he promises to pay for it out of Social Security funds I will vote for him completely unironically. Boomers BTFO.

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the fucking difference is he isn't trying to take steal your money to pay for his shit you moron. some taxes are necessary but subsidizing taqwanda's gender studies degree shouldn't be my fucking problem

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Personally, I don't think this should happen but then again I was for letting banks fall into bankruptcy and they got bailed out so why not bail out people?

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Do you get this anxious about the $686 billion annual military budget that your taxes are paying for?

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Would unironically be a massive boon to our housing market if these morons who were bogged by 6 figure loan debt could take on a mortgage.

I’m for it. Will never happen, but I’m for it.


College dropout with 0 loan debt.

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It's a good idea and would provide amazing economic stimulus. It's obviously a long shot, but one day we will elect lawmakers who support this. We'll see tuition-free university in America within our lifetimes.

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>nazi blames everything on the joos
you guys lost in ww2 and if you will lose again

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>people actually fell for the college meme
Must suck to pay all that money.

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The US military is pretty much a socialist jobs program.

Guaranteed funding paid by everyone (newsflash: most of us don't want to invade and kill innocent people) check.

Guaranteed public funded salaries.

Guaranteed job spot (name one person you know that wasn't a complete pajeet that was ever denied a spot in the military).

But somehow having free university so that people can access higher education and be functioning members of the free market is awful.

Fucking retarded burgers.

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but reeee I want other people to be worse off than me.

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Thanks to Bernie I dont have to pay back shit. Stay salty drumpftard

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Right now our deficit is 2 trillion per year. What do we get with that 2 trillion?
>nigger welfare
>spic welfare
>boomer welfare (social security)
>Israel welfare
>foreign aid
>jew bank bailouts
>wars for Israel
>medical welfare for niggers, spics and boomers (medicare/aid)
UBI - VAT will add another 2 trillion to our deficit. Please explain the tangible difference between having a 2 trillion deficit and a 4 trillion deficit? Because it seems to me that all the cuckservatives haven't been very conservative with giving our money away freely, but as soon as Whites MIGHT get some of that money all of a sudden it's SOCIALISM! COMMUNISM! HYPERINFLATION!

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Unironically just got my vote.

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I hope this doesn't happen. Get fucked, you cocksucking dipshits who racked up giant student loan bills while enjoying life.

I worked while going to school and paid my shit off, eat my shit.

This is a slap to the face of people who aren't retarded.

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If they're not reimbursing people who paid they can fuck themselves with a broken bottle

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>Germany lost ww2
Okay champ.

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Thank you. Some of my classmates bought cars or went on expensive vacations with loan money. Racking up $250k+ before we even graduated.

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You pretend to be on the side of good but you're on the side of societal decline. I will entertain a discussion to fund scientific and programming degrees. I will never pay for someone to take Communications, Philosophy, Sociology, Urban Studies, Gender Studies, Music, Art, History, Art History (fucking lol), Theatre, or any other wasted humanities or art that they can just do themselves and don't deserve a share of my $100,000 extra in taxes over the course of my lifetime (which is what this will cost).

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the probability of this whole thing happening is the same as LINK reaching $1000 ?> 0%

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This. The game is rigged. The Fed loans to banks at 3% and banks loan to you at an average of 17.7%. Why do we tolerate this? Why can't citizens just borrow directly from the Fed at 3%? What purpose do private banks even serve other than to fleece the people?
My point is that we already have a national bank in the Fed. All banks are part of the Fed system and rely on it to borrow at low interest rates, rates which are never available to the people. Why not simply nationalize the whole system?
This way people could directly take advantage of the low interest rates. The risk for bad loans is ultimately carried by the Fed, who simply repairs the balance sheets of big banks if they lose money anyway. So why tolerate the banking cabal?

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It’s a slap in the face of a shitty system. You worked hard, congrats. I’m sure your education cost are the same as someone who studied for a PhD in neurowhateverthefuck science. The system was flawed. They shouldn’t be giving out loans of that size to 17-18 year olds, and education needs to stop being so fucking expensive. Period. It’ll never happen, so you can stop being asspained over the fact that someone might not have to be as miserable as you clearly seem to still be. If this is the mindset of a no-debt loaner, fuck me. I’ll take out two loans.

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Cost of college has been rising and it’s bull shit scheme with the change of the work field since the 1950’s
This is based and what we need

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Still pisses me off. Why the FUCK is this even being brought up? Don't take loans you cannot pay back, end of discussion. No ifs, ands, or buts, you will pay it until the end of life.

Treating university like some sort of fucking vacation. Suck on my average sized cock, I would have loved to own a nice car instead of a 300k mile 2001 Lexus. I would have loved to party instead of sleeping early due to having work the next day.

Get FUCKED zoomers, you will PAY UNTIL YOU DIE.

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>and banks loan to you at an average of 17.7%
wut, my 15 year mortgage from 2016 is 2.85%

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Sure thing, you assmad zoomer. You weren't blaming the system that was shoveling money into your kike pockets, and now you are blaming it when it's time to pay back?

Like I said, get fucked. This shouldn't even be discussed. You made the choice, and now you live with it.

I know people with PhDs who have managed to pay their loan back, what is your point? You want the government to suck your dick too while they're at it? Eat shit and fuck off to reddit.

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A wise man plants the seeds to a tree he knows he’ll never see.

You’re angry because someone else will have a better life at the cost of a system that’s been bleeding people dry for decades.

Literally neck yourself, you negative faggot.

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The Elizabeth Warren plan seems more realistic and that is saying something. Only 50k of loan forgiveness then it lowers based on income.

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>End the FED and privatise the system
Fixed. The rest of your post is all true though.

>inb4 but the FED is """""(((privately)))"""""" owned

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redpill me on student loans

how's the interest? am I better off just going to the bank for a general loan?

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Why so mad fren? You’re not making any money off these loans. Let your fellow man have a break. Kiss a pretty girl. Have a beer. Chill.

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Fuck you, pay your debts, you filthy nigger. Eat my shit.

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I don’t have debts. I went to community college for free. I make more money than you, too. Sad and mad.

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I have kissed pretty girls, girls who like men with some sort of financial backbone, men who aren't crippled by loans because they are fucking retarded and think life is a game.

Like I said before, you zoomer cock slurping homosexual, EAT MY SHIT, PAY YOUR DEBTS.

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And I'm the King of England, and I have a 14 inch cock, and I have 50,000 ETH, oh yeah, I also invented bitcoin.

I also didn't take out loans I cannot pay back :)

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Privatizing wouldn't work because the (((banking executives))l would just collude and we'd end up with a monopoly without even the semblance of state oversight. Forcing the fed to loan to private citizens irrespective of their political beliefs (1st amendment) is the best solution we have, besides the final one.

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>Want to buy a house
>Live around 300,000 people
>Made sacrifices to be able to get the house early
>Government enables 20,000 more people around you to compete with you for the house that would have been yours
Life takes planning. People made sacrifices for a reward later in life. Tipping the scales removes that reward.

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You type like an angry false-alpha. You think grinding yourself to the bone to pay your debts is MANLY.

Women like whatever you tell them to like. You’re angry and you’re insecure and you’ll never have a pretty woman love you.

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Interest is actually very fair, these retarded fuckheads who thought life is a game just took too much money and they cannot pay it back. Rewarding these dipshits is just setting us up for future failure.

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don't you left wingers realize that writing a blank check just enables the next cluster fuck debt spree because it sets a precedent of populist gibs mentality. a bailout cycle is unsustainable and does not fix the core issue. if the education system is flawed, let it crash, bankrupt some universities, and the market will adjust. nobody ever said that EVERY SINGLE PERSON should be college educated anyway

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>le angry
>le insecure
>le just have sex bro!

Fuck off, you npc zoomer faggot. Eat shit.

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Agreed, but the average 17 year old kid doesn’t have foresight and they’re often sold a false bill of goods with these loans. No excuse, and you should expect to repay a debt—but this game was rigged.

>> No.14338927

I didn't grind to pay my loans, I paid for my schooling (most of it) up-front. I didn't even use all of the money I loaned, because I'm not a retard with no concept of thinking ahead.

Fuck you, and fuck lazy dipshits like you. Like I said many times before, EAT MY SHIT.

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Cope harder Jew boy. Dotr soon

>> No.14338943

You make up words and talk like these zhe-gendered miscreants. That’s shitty company to be in.

>> No.14338949

It wasn't rigged, I would even say there are more 17 year olds WITHOUT crippling student loans. You just want a get out of jail free card, and you aren't going to get it my friend.

>> No.14338963

I’ll eat shit if you stop being so angry at the world. You’re definitely short too. Lol I just realized. Nvm. Gonna go now. Bye.

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Go have some sex you loser.

>> No.14338975

Have 0 debt. Loan or otherwise.

And yes, there are more 17 year olds who don’t get loans. There are also more people in the world without aids than WITH aids. It doesn’t make it any less of an issue. You’re strawmanning hard.

>> No.14338980

I'll stop being angry if you stop being such a homosexual faggot. Deal?

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Unironically bullish for crypto.

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>I busted my ass so that I could pay off my $180k
stay cucked faggot, no one to blame but yourself

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Nice dude. You fuckin got me.

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Those debts will be paid, end of discussion you commie faggot. Eat shit and die a slow painful death.

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LMAO!!!! Socialism falls apart when you realize its not the 1500s and you can just get up and move to a less taxing Country (plenty of 1st world countries on the market, thx Globalism xDDD). Srry Boooomers but ur bonds and stocks will get seized by Bernie when you try to Transfer them to your new Foreign bank or when you sell to fiat (even Shedule 3 banks). Me and my Linkies can move way more freely. #Multi-Mutli-Citizenship #patriotic=poor

>> No.14339012

I'm sure you're seething, you zoomer faggot. EPIC MAYMAY

>> No.14339023

I'm down for killing bankers, I am NOT out for paying for other people's college for the rest of my life. I already paid for my own. If I have to pay for college via taxes FOR THE REST OF MY FUCKING LIFE, then I expect a fat stack of the $70k I spent plus 10 years of interest.

>> No.14339024

>don't you left wingers realize that writing a blank check just enables the next cluster fuck debt spree
We're already $21 TRILLION in debt. We have a yearly deficit of $2 TRILLION. We're already going into debt funding:
>nigger welfare
>spic welfare
>boomer welfare (social security)
>Israel welfare
>foreign aid
>jew bank bailouts
>wars for Israel
>medical welfare for niggers, spics and boomers (medicare/aid)
All you cuckservatives haven't been very conservative with giving our money away freely, but as soon as Whites MIGHT get some of that money all of a sudden it's SOCIALISM! COMMUNISM! HYPERINFLATION!

>> No.14339032

You tell em, chief. If I were president id make you general of the collection committee. You and 1,000,000 of your closest 5’9” friends would be tasked with collecting my interest on these loans.

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*killing bankers in Minecraft

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>take years to finish an education trying to plan what I want to and can do and minimize debt
>lose years of experience potential in value after finally having a solid plan for a career to follow through on
>turns out after the fact I could’ve just fucked around and racked up $100k being undecided for 6 years and taking classes for funsies because it’ll get forgiven
Fucking fuck fuck fuck every time I try not to be some doublefaggot relying on gibs everyone hands them out and leave me playing the fool.

>> No.14339048

You don't have a fucking platform, faggot. no one is going after the politicians, no one is going after the banks. keep fucking dreaming and posting online about a world that will never exist for you. you're more deluded than the fucking niggers.

>> No.14339049

You’re fine with paying for my grandmothers nursing home bills? The woman never worked a day in her life, and stopped going to school in the 6th grade. She can’t read or write, and she’s had a free ride her entire life. But you’re okay with that, aye?

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I'm going to assume you are fresh 18, clueless, and about to go to college. Student loans are, in my opinion, the most predatory loans in existence. They set the interest rate at 6-10% depending on factors and sell the loan to people who have no clue how money works, and are basically children with legally binding signatures. Students live on student loans throughout college and unwittingly dig themselves a hole they can never climb out of.

>Adults struggle to make minimum payments on their loan, paying mostly interest. This is why they hold signs like "Original balance: $30,000. Paid: $20,000. Still owe: $30,000." Mark my words: if you fall into the student loan trap, you will be a debt slave for life.
>You can never bankrupt out of the loan. If you stop making payments, the government garnishes your wages. The only ways out are to pay it off or leave the country.
>Federal direct subsidized loan is the only one that is a fair deal. 6% nominal interest when I was in school. It doesn't accrue interest until you graduate or you drop below full-time student status. The interest you pay is a tax credit up to a certain amount. This is what I did. If anything, I paid off my 8K debt at graduation too fast and didn't take enough advantage of my effectively interest-free loan.

Don't take out any student loans, except Federal Direct Subsidized Loan. That one can be a good deal if you're careful.

>> No.14339054

His plan has consequences and it won't happen. You can't just forgive people's debts. He will fuck America to the ground faster than any other candidate including Trump and Ocasio-Cortez.

>> No.14339066

I voted in Trump last time, voting for Bernie this time. Fuck loans. Don't care what the side effects will be. i need dem gibs me dat

>> No.14339075

>he thinks whites will be the ones getting the money
You realize this won't be universal, right? Section 8 was supposed to be universal, look how that went. On top of that, white people will get a degree then get a job. Why would a brown person ever get a job? They can stay in college for a hundred degrees taking 7 years a piece and stay around young white women the entire time. There is no reason for them to work when you'll pay for their life forever. This is a government system, they never, ever benefit the rational workers.

>> No.14339087

Vote Trump

>> No.14339092

I actually don't mind funding the 70+ elderly healthcare (I'm currently paying for the 60+ healthcare). I do mind paying social security, I know how to handle that 5% of my paycheck better, just let me handle my own affairs. What about my post implied I wanted to do what you're implying though?

>> No.14339101

I don’t know a lot of minority kids who were approved for 6 figure student loans.

This would absolutely favor middle class whites. Which is the obvious target for Bernie’s vote grab headline. Again, never gonna happen—but if it did, this would benefit whites by far greater a margin than any other race.

>> No.14339107

>$200K in student debt
>making $500K from a settlement
>move to new zealand and chill for a few years
>debt gets forgiven
>move back
kek clownworld at its finest

>> No.14339144

>I don’t know a lot of minority kids who were approved for 6 figure student loans.
You're not looking hard enough.


Brown people are the primary debt holders. Banks love them. And again, you're thinking of how this would affect the current system, not how this would change the future system. There is no reason for lazy people to stop going to college when you'll keep paying for it. They'll go for 12, 20, even 50 years if you let them.

>We'll limit it to one degree!
You will. The next generation won't. When we voted in gay marriage some loonies said that would lead to trannies. We all laughed. Now people in Canada are in jail for saying a man is a man.

>> No.14339145

You’re bleeding money away to the government for bullshit, and yet you seem so much more vehemently opposed to forgiving loans that the government ass-fucks teenagers with and sells it as a golden opportunity. Idiots deserve to be fucked over. Young idiots, less so. The loans in some cases are lifetime sentences. If they’re truly brain dead, they’ll fuck up again, and won’t beat out the savvy people who paid their way in full.

I just don’t get this us against us mentality.

>> No.14339147

I'm actually 5 foot 10, and I like to watch faggots like you seethe behind the keyboard like their life depends on getting loan forgiveness for a bunch of equally retarded dipshits with no concept of thinking ahead.

>have sex
>you're short
>why so angry

Man reddit is in full force today.

>> No.14339179

IM VOTING BERNIE CUZ IM already hedging the entire US market, 12 year bull run was way to long just crash it already xDD WallStreet is doing the same remember the 20% flash crash a few months ago? They exited LOL the whole market is surviving thx to Normies Buying at the 12 year high with their 401k roth plans xDDD

>> No.14339186

You’re almost a grownup! Again, I don’t know how to prove it, but I have 0 loans or debt of any sort. I don’t have anything left to say to you. I’m gay. I’ll eat shit.

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>> No.14339202

I don't have loans either, I went to community college too, and I didn't even spend the full amount I borrowed. What is your point? I still will not support this (like it has a chance of happening) because people who borrow money and don't pay it back are the lowest of the low, even lower than niggers (like you).

>> No.14339210

>If you're getting fucked already you must be a retard for not wanting to get fucked worse
I didn't even comprehend that you could be trying to make such a bad point. I'm anti-taxes. I'm being taxed. I don't want to be taxed more. You're implying that means I enjoy the current taxes. Learn logic.

>us against us
I'm not against us at all. I'm protecting people from paying TRIPLE over the course of their lifetime. Do you really think your money, when the costs are now hidden by government funding, will be used properly? Look at social security. If you let your college costs be absorbed into your taxes, you will be paying an extra $120,000 for a $40,000 degree. God forbid you don't want to go to college either, too bad, you'll still pay the 120k throughout your life (before inflation). Again, just look at social security. We all pay in and the government knows you don't see the numbers so they skim off the top ALL OVER IT. They will do that with this. They do it with medicare. They do it with the VA. They do it with the military. I do not trust the government to handle any money, within 1 generation it drops in efficiency by 60% by every 2 years' congressmen adding more shitty bills to siphon money for their hidden bullshit.

>> No.14339237

K but I don’t have loans. I think many of the people paying these loans are doing what they can to repay them. But they’re in over their heads. Wiping the slate clean may not be ideal. A restructure of interest and reduction of totals may be in order. By funneling every bit of their income into loans, we’ve got a large portion of our younger working class contributing dog shit to other avenues of our economy.

>> No.14339240

Us against us? No, it isn't like that. You borrow money, you pay it back. There is no discussing this, nobody put a gun to your head and asked you to borrow money.

>> No.14339249

>I still will not support this (like it has a chance of happening) because people who borrow money and don't pay it back are the lowest of the low, even lower than niggers (like you).
Imagine caring about not paying back the government their money after they put you in unpaid slave labor for 3 months out of 12 every year with the taxes you pay lol

>> No.14339257

Isn’t the proposal for this entire idea—having a tax implemented on specifically Wall Street. “New speculation”.

>> No.14339297

>tax specifically Wall Street
>"We'll tax Wall Street and they'll stay here and make money here and pay for your stuff."
I don't know how to stress this enough: You are being lied to. I thought that part of my argument was obvious.

>> No.14339298

Stop speculating and make some long term investments. Coked out faggots who milk short term fluctuations without creating longterm value get to pay for Katie. Bernie is unironically trying to usher in the golden bullrun by crippling swingtraders and short sellers and contract players.

>> No.14339300


not a fucking chance in hell these guys would pay it, probably 10% of projected revenue. Also it would destroy the structure of the stock market, probably cost $100 trillion overall in wealth not to mention not a chance in hell people would be willing to invest when they know a literal fucking communists is running things

third world shithole within a generation

>> No.14339351

Too bad, shouldn't have taken those loans then, you dumb faggots. I think the word I'm looking for is called "RESPONSIBILITY"

>> No.14339366

Agreed. Bernie will never win an election, and if he did, this would never fly. But to dismantle his ideals when the businessman we just elected isn’t doing so hot himself wouldn’t be my approach.

>> No.14339367

Imagine not paying back money you borrow. I smell a nigger, what do you non-niggers think?

>> No.14339380

You’re so fucking angry dude. Chill the fuck out please.

>> No.14339390

No, you're so angry dewd, chill out brah, have a toke or 3 BRO

HEY BRAH, can I borrow some $$ to pay my loans?

>> No.14339419

How about lowering the taxes to encourage new businesses, which leads to more jobs which leads to competition for competent workforce?

>> No.14339442

No way MAN, we have to LIKE pay off all these student loans. How were we supposed to know that we had to actually pay back money we borrowed? I thought like the GOVERNMENT or like MY PARENTS would take care of it MAN. LAWL, LIFE IS SO COOL HASHTAG FEEL THE BERN DRUMPKYKINS!!!!!!

>> No.14339459

Do burgers ever wonder why they are the only "civilized" country with insane student loan debt?
A bit like healthcare, do you ever stop for a second and wonder why you are being milked dry for something that costs a fraction of the money you spend in western Europe?

>inb4 our schools are better

They're not, your schools are shit until university, then they are good

>inb4 our healthcare is the best

It's dogshit unless you are rich and even basic meds cost 4x/5x times more than anywhere else

>> No.14339462

You’re such an angry short loser, dude. Chill.

>> No.14339485

No. We don’t bother thinking of this. We just take pride in paying back these ridiculous loans and allowing ourselves to be milked dry to the point of absolute mental meltdown like >>14339442
This fucking clown. Education is an investment in our future as a society. Healthcare ought to be a right. We’ve got it backwards, and dickheads like this guy are glad to take some faux-masculinity approach to GOTS TA PAY YER DUES!

>> No.14339488

You're such a short angry virgin loser. See, I can do it too faggot, project harder.

I just bought my 2nd gas station. I would say thinking ahead and PAYING BACK MONEY I BORROW allowed me to do so. Fucking homo.

>> No.14339491

Its almost like commie fucks has no grasp of money

>> No.14339504

Look at this bitter faggot lmao. This faggot for sure owes money he cannot pay back, that is why he is so vehemently defending useless shitbags like him.


>> No.14339532

Suck my cock, pay back money you borrow, it does not get more simple than this you filthy good-for-nothing nigger. I would love for someone to clean my shit for me too, but guess what? Life doesn't work that way, you are responsible for yourself, and these debts will be paid, end of discussion, bitch.

>You're short
>you're angry

>> No.14339553
File: 3.17 MB, 406x300, 1452158593593.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>paid for with a new tax on Wall Street speculation
What does that even mean?

>> No.14339569

If you aren't a retard, you will not be put in a hole like these cum slurping faggots who borrow money and then cry about paying it back.

>> No.14339576

What’re you making like .008 cents on the gallon? Sick. I make more money and I’m taller. And my dick is FOR SURE BIGGER. And I know all of this based on how angry you are about someone else getting a break. I’m projecting? Sick. You don’t have to. You ooze beta. You’re a human recessive gene that’ll never reproduce. Enjoy having no debt, you’ll be able to leave all your money behind to absolutely fucking no one.

>> No.14339584

This cock-sniffer is resorting to insulting me instead of proving me wrong, what more do you expect from commie shit-bag niggers?


>> No.14339610

I'm making over 50 cents per gallon on 1 location, and 80 cents on another. I also have a mechanic shop, a smog station, and electric car charging stations (tesla soon to come). Oh yeah, I also have a mini market at one location too.

You know how I got here? I paid back money I borrowed. I know this is something a piece of garbage nigger like you won't understand.

>> No.14339642

Oh yeah, I have kids too, you worthless shitbag LOL

>> No.14339688

>Imagine not paying back money you borrow. I smell a nigger, what do you non-niggers think?
Hmm, I say I'd rather be called a nigger than pay back the money. Being perceived as leech doesn't affect me one bit, while not having to pay back thousands of dollars on the other hand does. Imagine caring about society/government that doesn't care about you personally as opposed to worrying about yourself, your family, and immediate friends.

>> No.14339690

Where did the nigger go? The way he was defending niggers like him, I was expecting him to pay off some of my bills or something.

>> No.14339708

Well, you would love that, I understand. But that isn't how the game is, faggot. You will continue to make payments, until you pay off your loan. There is no discussing this, there is no crying, there is no mommy & daddy.


>> No.14339709

The problem was making it illegal to declare bankruptcy and skip out on your loans.

If students could just declare bankruptcy and tell lenders to fuck off, then lenders wouldn't be able to give students loans they can't afford.

>> No.14339717
File: 348 KB, 1208x856, 5A42799D-972B-4CBE-BCF4-30CE5A4FC31E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn. You’re doing pretty good.

>> No.14339730

Tbh, I wouldn't mind letting students declare bankruptcy and walk away from their loans.

>> No.14339735

Imagine using kids as a fucking bragging point. I’m not gonna make fun of you anymore, it’s actually getting sad. You made it too real.

>> No.14339741

I have a fucking station, do you want me to pull up wholesale price of gasoline? Eat my shit you nigger, I currently buy wholesale fuel for less than 2.90 a gallon. I sell it for 3.99 at one location. Suck my dick and keep projecting.

>> No.14339742

Oh hey look, a candidate making up bullshit ahead of election year.

So let me get this straight, he will:
1. Make healthcare free for literally everyone (even millions of illegals that doesn't provide anything to society and they are not included in this price calculated btw), this cost is calculated to be around $32T over a 10 year period.
2. Remove all student debt of ~$1.3T
3. Make college education free for everyone (ignoring the fact that there's millions failing and dropping out every year in america, the cost would be roughly $70 billion annually.. adding the cost together would be roughly ~$100 billion annually, this is pretty cheap to be honest).
4. He wants to tax the rich by 90%
5. He's considered an enemy of wall street and promises to make their life hell
6. On-top of point number 5, he wants to introduce a "financial transactions tax" which is basically a tax on purchases/sales of stocks, bonds and more.
7. He wants to tax big corporations, A LOT.
8. He promised to push for a bill if he's elected to rebuild/repair america's infrastructure with a $1 trillion (this is obviously WAY too little money to repair infrastructure in just a few states and according to actual numbers the cost would be roughly around ~$3 trillions and that's just to give them a "fighting chance" in the near future).

So all in all, he pretty much promises free shit for $36.4 trillion over a time span of 10 years and this will be done by introducing taxes on literally everything and everyone. Can you imagine the growth and profits of companies completely taking a shit when this happens? Holy shit.
No joke though, if any democratic president wins then I'm simply just gonna go long on China. The removal of tariffs, end of the trade war and more friendly handshakes will make China just burst out profits once again, the pop after election day will be insane.

>> No.14339765

Look at this homosexual faggot lol. First you bring up me not having kids as a negative, and then you talk shit about me having kids?

Look man, I get it, you want mommy & daddy to hold your hand through life. You are a useless piece of trash, and the majority of the world is like you, you are nothing special, you scum.

Those debts will be paid, end of discussion.

>> No.14339799
File: 293 KB, 1242x619, D8ED14D4-B576-4659-924C-B809D6B68ACF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re either lying or you’re selling gas to the biggest fucking morons on planet earth.

>> No.14339805

This zoomer actually googled gas station profit margin holy fuck okay now it makes sense. you're underage FOR SURE

>he cites wiki-answers!

>> No.14339824

This is flat out wrong. wait for me to get the wholesale price of gasoline.

>> No.14339854

If you’re entire lie is blown up by a 4 second google result, I don’t need to hear anymore. You’re full of shit.

>> No.14339887
File: 622 KB, 583x606, zoomerblownthefuckOUT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suck my dick. This is from May when gas prices were high. Like I said before, suck my dick.

THOSE DEBTS WILL BE PAID. As long as people like me exist, you will not get a free-ride in life. Cocksucker.

That location I have fuel for 4.09 a gallon.

>> No.14339904

We will see. I can also take up more loans, including credit cards, and move out of the US and never pay back a cent. :^)

>> No.14339906

You think wiki-answers is going to prove me wrong? I can fucking give an answer to that shit website, you stupid nigger. Eat my SHIT. I probably sell gas to retarded zoomers like you LOL

>> No.14339912
File: 708 KB, 1685x1756, eu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our school costs more due to our government; the Higher Education Act of 1965 incentivized schools to arbitrarily raise their prices in wild disproportion to the inflation rate in response to government-mandated lending to functional retards for 50 years, this being despite all charts showing that this arrangement has been failing to protect the dunning-kruger students since the late 80s. "Paying off" these students debt is literally incentivizing bad actors to become worse actors.

Our healthcare costs more because of terrible market conditions (a 50 year "refugee crisis", low proportion of doctors per capita with few "general practitioners" among them, the obesity epidemic) and to some extent other country's governments in collusion with our own (76% of insulin produced by our "European allies"; sold at unsustainably low, break-even-if-that prices in Europe and at a deadly premium in the US as one example) and our needing to protect Europe's favorable market conditions with our military hegemony, allowing them to spend well under their NATO prescribed 2% military GDP while we struggle to contain China and Russia's sphere of influence on the world stage with our unsustainably high military budget.

>> No.14339914

>my $180k in student loans
i'm a little curious as to how people end up in this hole

assuming you aren't a doctor or lawyer that is

>> No.14339922

Sure thing, and I will claim the throne as KING OF ENGLAND!!!!!

>> No.14339938

if you're not lying your probably just exploiting some tiny poor town with one gas station and you should still kys, those fine people don't deserve to be assraped by your gas prices

>> No.14339968

No I'm not. I'm located on a street with more than 7 gas stations. Nobody is forcing people to pay the prices I set my gasoline for, but guess what? I pump over 2k gallons a day, at well OVER 50 CENTS PROFIT PER GALLON.

My location is off a freeway exit. Fuck you.

>> No.14339983
File: 252 KB, 619x619, jkyglv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>every other western country has free or virtually free education
>but the US cant because reasons
>but we can spend 1 trillion+ fighting a war in a muslim shithole for 18 years
>and we can afford to start a war with Iran
>and we can afford to bailout banks while their CEOs who started the great recession get a golden parachute
>and we can afford to give the wealthy a 2 trillion dollar tax break
>but we cant afford free education
>cant afford to bailout the lower and middle class

If you guys would stop being retarded boot lickers for 5 seconds you might actually get ahead in life

>> No.14339986

Things your image doesn’t account for:
Tax on sale.
Cost of dispensing/operating your station.
Paying your wagie.

You’re not walking away with 80c profit per gallon. If you were you’d be using a Pos from this century.

>> No.14339998

>itt sour grapes losers who were stupid enough to pay back the scammiest loans in the history of humanity, even when it was clearly a system destined to fail
>Itt losers who don't recognize that education isn't just for personal gain, but also as a means of improving the citizenry
>Itt losers who don't have anything going for them except their loyalty and discipline to the Jewish order of usury, so they aren't prepared to innovate and make money off of their colleagues who will now have expendable cash on hand

All first world countries have free college at this point.
Y'all just want to maintain the system of power that marginally benefits you, so that your Jewish masters can throw you a bone now and again.

>> No.14339999

Maybe those "fine people" should open up their own gas station after years and years of hard work. That way then can set prices at what they deem fair given the labor it took to reach owning a gas station. Have you ever thought of that? Do you think people dream big and own businesses to actually help people? You are so fucking naive and I hope a nigger rapes you asshole raw.

>> No.14340039

Keep moving goal-posts you delusional retard. I just proved you wrong and you are changing the argument, I mean, what can I expect from some low-life nigger who doesn't believe in paying back money he borrowed?

Now prove to me you make more money than someone who owns 2 gas stations, (16 pumps total), 1 mechanic shop, 1 smog station, 1 mini market. Oh yeah, I also collect rent from food trucks who park at my gas station everyday after 5pm.

Go on, you cocksucking nigger, I'm waiting.

>> No.14340049

You seem really obsessed with niggers, fren.

>> No.14340069

You do not own a gas station that pockets 1,000$ a day in pure profit on gasoline alone. I don’t doubt you work at a gas station, but I’m starting to suspect your a pajit pump attendant who’s larping as the boss, and has no idea what it actually takes to run a business.

You haven’t found a loophole that puts you 10x ahead of the average gas station. Your margins are razor thin due to competition( the admitted 7 other stations nearby).

You’re a legitimate psychopath.

>> No.14340080

I'm surrounded by niggers like you, I want to keep myself free from such frivolous nigger behavior that plagues so many useless shit-bags like you and the faggot I blew the fuck out with my gas prices.

come on man, prove me wrong, prove you make more money than me. You talk shit but you cant back it up?

>> No.14340100

Hes obsessed with niggers and eating shit. Confirmed street shitting pajit pump boy.

>> No.14340101


I make well over 1k from each location profit lol. One of the locations is fully self serve, I do not even have a cashier, my gas pumps accept US dollars like a vending machine.

But keep on projecting you stupid nigger. Maybe someday you will get somewhere in life.

BTW, car repair makes EASILY over 1k a day lol. Fuck your mother.

>> No.14340104

You are a crab in a bucket.

>> No.14340112

underage baiter not fooling anyone

>> No.14340117

>I'm surrounded by niggers like you, I want to keep myself free from such frivolous nigger behavior
>I want to free myself from nigger behavior
>CTRL+F "Nigger"
>31 matches - 1
Why not just KYS and solve the issue? Seems like most of the nigger behavior is in your mind.

>> No.14340121

Keep riding his dick like he's going to pay off your bills and student loans. What do I expect from some cum-stain who thinks they don't have to pay back money they borrowed?

>> No.14340135

I don't know about your student debt, but your healthcare mess is a direct consequence of letting big pharma do whatever the fuck they want. Not having the state as universal payer means you get fucked as a consumer, since the state doesn't negociate prices and availability and doesn't use its leverage to keep prices affordable. Every other western country spends less than you and has generally better service because it's in state's best interest to not blow their budget overpaying for meds.
Burgers are left alone as consumers and have no choice but getting fucked.

>> No.14340140

Shut your nigger mouth and pay back your loans. End of discussion, you filthy good for nothing nigger. Why did you borrow money you cannot pay back?

>> No.14340152

Thanks for the free money!

>> No.14340160

This. If school were free I would have went to medical school and been comfy. Instead of doing a meme STEM degree and actually having to work to be comfy.

>> No.14340175

>Why did you borrow money you cannot pay back?
Because I could. And I can.

>> No.14340177

It isn't really free, you have to flee the country to escape, and you cannot come back LOL.

Tell me, who does this hurt more? You think the US economy is going to suffer if a nigger like you doesn't pay back his loans? BYE BYE FAGGOT, HOPE YOU ENJOY CANADA

>> No.14340195

Sure, you can also go fuck yourself with a cactus. You think it bothers me you don't pay your loans? I'm not the one fleeing a country due to being a stupid nigger lmfao.

>> No.14340239

>It isn't really free, you have to flee the country to escape, and you cannot come back LOL.
Not too terrible, since all the United States is good for is making money (irrelevant with the internet) and higher quality consumption. Certainly not living conditions (I'm not fleeing to Africa) or health care. Can't even trade crypto without paying 30% to Uncle Sam, while in Germany you pay 0%.

>Tell me, who does this hurt more? You think the US economy is going to suffer if a nigger like you doesn't pay back his loans?
Exactly. That's why no one will be paying anything back once Bernie is elected.

>> No.14340252

Also, I got my life on track, you worthless maggot nigger. After I paid my loans back, so what does that say about you? How come I was able to do it, yet you weren't? Fucking loser.

>> No.14340264

>An education in a US college is worth more than a degree in any other shitstain country unless they're the top 0.1%. You'll want your children to breeze through the shitty US education system and attend a top tier college so he can meme through life. Pay your taxes anon

>> No.14340271

>How come I was able to do it, yet you weren't?
Because paying back the government wasn't a priority in my life whatsoever. Cuck.

>> No.14340289

Bernie isn't going to be elected, and you will continue to pay, until you pay off or fuck off from this country.

The thing is, you think you are getting away with even minimum payments but even then the bank is making money off of you. You are just a useless worm who cannot contribute more than he consumes. End of discussion, I expect nothing less of a worm who brings up Germany LOL.


>> No.14340293

His brain is too simple to understand the assblasting America is about to endure. At least he can break his ass to scrape 3 cents a gallon out of people. Do that for the next 30 years and he might be able to retire in time to watch his son marry a black chick.

>> No.14340296

Pharmacy school. I took out like $140k and got raped by interest during the 4 years of school. It grew to $160k when I graduated.

>> No.14340312

what is better 1k per month or no more student debt

>> No.14340318

But borrowing money from them was a viable method of getting ahead in life? Ah yes, I see, you are a filthy good for nothing nigger for sure. See, a nigger like you would of course think like that, you are not capable of taking care of yourself and you require a holding had, I totally understand.

Go ahead and call me a cuck, you act like there is honor in being a cheat, scoundrel, good - for - nothing piece of garbage. I mean, if your word isn't good, what is? Fucking nigger, fuck off to the EU where you belong.

>> No.14340338

Because wiping the debts off a bunch of whiny cock riding faggots is going to help America. I would rather this country burn to the ground than help entitled pricks like you. EAT SHIT NIGGER.

>> No.14340362

>Go ahead and call me a cuck, you act like there is honor in being a cheat, scoundrel, good - for - nothing piece of garbage.
Okay, cuck. Welcome to machiavellianism. This isn't medieval times, no one gives a shit about honor. Can you pay for your dinner with HONOR bucks, cuck? No, you cannot.

>> No.14340365

Look at this assblasted zoomer project holy fuck LOL. UHH SWEETY, IT'S ACTUALLY OVER 50 CENTS PER GALLON?

I sell gas to entitled pricks Ike you every single day.

>> No.14340375

Removing the debts was never the answer. It’s a ploy to gain votes—but to ignore the fault in the current system is to be a baseline moron. You’d be able to sell so much more gas if the current generation could afford a car to put it in. But your walnut brain can’t fathom the bigger picture.

>> No.14340384

No but I can pay for dinner using my credit card, considering I have a good credit score since I paid my loans back. You dumb fucking 14 year old nigger. I hope you enjoy being a poor nigger.

>> No.14340386

Once Bernie is elected and I have zero debt, I will be focusing my money and throwing into solar-powered self-driving cars to put you out of business.

>> No.14340396

Just like Trump would give us a wall, right?

Only normies fall for this shit, if any of you unironically expect Bernie to deliver you're retarded. Sorry.

>> No.14340402

I would rather keep things they way they are if it makes niggers like you angry. I'm comfortable, I don't give a shit if you aren't. Fuck you, pay your debts nigger.

>> No.14340417

Come on cuck, keep pumping that gas quicker. Otherwise you cannot pay for your daily allotment of KFC fried chicken. Your credit card can only take so much.

>> No.14340422

Oh shit, I forgot to mention. I just got a Model 3 AWD with the extended range battery too. It helps when you have 2 profitable businesses (due to paying back loans).

Keep it up, nigger.

>> No.14340434

The only person in this entire thread that is remotely angry is you. You’ve openly admitted how angry brown people make you. We’re just trying to chill and get some of dat free school and kick a hacky sack around, breh

>> No.14340444
File: 1.02 MB, 3671x2408, 1559304370819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Completely unrelated, but I am pretty sure you just doxed yourself with all the information you gave fyi. There are only a hand full of stations in LA selling for over 4$, and fewer of those have the other things you mentioned, plus being in a location where food trucks want to go to.

>> No.14340454

Keep up the insults, but at the end of the day, you are the poor nigger who is most likely eating KFC (due to not being able to pay back loans)

Imagine, what kind of man gives their word and then cries about it later on? Who am I kidding, you aren't a man, you are definitely a onions-boy faggot.

>> No.14340459

This dumb mother fucker owns 3 gas stations and bought an electric car? Can you blow yourself out any harder? Holy...

>> No.14340475

There you go, nigger, you bring up anger again. Of course you are a nigger who has to resort to such childish things. Angry over text? Sure thing nigger. I'm actually laughing because I paid back my student loans and even my business loans. Now I'm comfortable in life and I get to watch niggers like you cry about not keeping their word.

O man life is going to be hard for you, my nigger friend.

>> No.14340489

How about this:
Cancel student loans
Credit everyone that paid theirs the full cost of what they paid plus 3.25% interest compounded for every year after they graduated college.
That’s a fair compromise.

>> No.14340498

Based. Tript and checked. 100$ btc to anyone who finds where this pajit works and makes him pump their gas.

>> No.14340503
File: 285 KB, 510x426, 1550955998571.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Terry, is that you? We all thought you were dead!

>> No.14340507
File: 268 KB, 557x375, 1538150549186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The electric car is one of my 3 vehicles, I got tax break from buying it too. I also have electric car charging stations at my gas station off a freeway exit in Southern California.

Yeah, I'm the dumb mother-fucker. The dumb mother-fucker who managed to pay back his loans and be successful in life.

Eat shit, and suck each-other off already, you poor niggers seem to get along very well.

>> No.14340524
File: 674 KB, 1125x1160, 0C08B799-6235-4D17-984A-433221454C72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14340526

Sanders wouldn't beat Trump in a h2h anyway. The media already blew literally all over their steam in 2016 in fudding Trump's campaign from every angle possible, they even invented a fake pee tape. He's ironclad at this point.

>> No.14340534

I actually don't eat fried foods at all and choose organic whenever available, but thank you for your concern, cuckboy. No one cares about your word, your honor, your character. It's pointless, meaningless, and no one gives a shit other than your parents (possibly).

If I ever go into your gas station, I will take a massive diarrhea dump all over the floor (will eat your favorite KFC meal beforehand).

>> No.14340546

I'm waiting nigger. Come find me.

>> No.14340552

You try too hard for someone who’s successful. Which is why I know you’re not. You’re miserable. But you try and hang your hat on some weird sense of accomplishment you have from paying off student loans in full. Wake up, pajit.

>> No.14340560
File: 33 KB, 417x414, 1538666883042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14340583

I expect nothing less than a nigger like you. Guess what though? I have an actual nigger cleaning my restrooms 4 times a week. So go ahead, make work for your kind, nigger.

>> No.14340612

Why do you get such stupid ideas? I'm actually at one of my stations right now, just shit-posting, you think this takes effort? My businesses pretty much run themselves. You can achieve great things too, if you weren't such a low-life nigger.

>> No.14340633

You mean you’re at a station now pumping gas for people, right raaj?

>> No.14340635
File: 575 KB, 1400x2200, rodion-vlasov-fin3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So long as I can keep having fresh water, air, and the ability to maintain my own land I don't give a fuck what the economy does. Putting my money on eth, check it

>> No.14340640

Where did the 2 gay niggers go? I thought you 2 would be exchanging emails and getting ready to fuck each other in the ass already. Come on now, you 2 can bond over being poor niggers who don't like to pay back money they borrow.

>> No.14340655

>Where did the 2 gay niggers go?
Such a needy cuckboy.

>> No.14340669

Nobody pumps gas for people, you dumb nigger. California is not a full-service state. I'm sitting in my office, at my fully self serve gas station. What are you doing? Posting from a room you obviously do not own, (most likely parent's house lol).

So go on man, keep talking shit. I'm not Indian either, but I'd rather be a Pajeet than some good-for-nothing nigger who cant even pay back money they borrow.

>> No.14340686
File: 129 KB, 1410x793, 85114851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If he will be able to pull it off without destroying something or cucking the working class, then this would be actually good news.

But of course this person just lies like any politician, what will happen (if he is elected and keeps his promise) is that all student debt will be erased and the USA will have another 1.6 trillion of debt added to the collection.
A literal government bailout like they do it with corporations and banks.

>> No.14340692

There is the nigger. hey nigger, pay your debts! life isn't a free ride off of the backs of hard-working people!

>> No.14340695

>I'm not Indian either, but I'd rather be a Pajeet than some good-for-nothing nigger
Sure Raaj, sure.

>> No.14340713

I'm 31 with good credit and I have like maybe a little more than a semester left of my 2 year degree, which I put on hold when I started working 80 hours per week. I actually just want the loan to buy crypto

>> No.14340728

Tyrone, you got blown the fuck out when I posted gas prices, you got blown the fuck out when you realized I have a tesla and charging stations, what more do you want Tyrone?

Just pay your debts, Jamal. Once you do, you can maybe get somewhere in life.

>> No.14340734

>life isn't a free ride off of the backs of hard-working people!
That's where you're wrong, cucko. You will be paying my debt in two years, as will everyone else's. Poor pajeet, worked so hard. I might even go get my Master's degree to spite you.

>> No.14340754

It's not your money retard.
It says right on it, property of the federal government.
And yes, if the money was gained through a scam, it's completely fine to repropriate the funds and spend it on the public good.

>Let's give boomers more money
Reparations makes more sense than this shit.
Cry harder sour grapes faggot.

>> No.14340767

>Paying down your 4.5% loans that are a tax write off down in 2 years instead of paying the minimum.

Should have taken a few finance classes you retard.

>> No.14340771

Only legitimate thing he’s done is show how much gas costs a station to purchase.

Claims he sells for 3.99

Leads us to believe he’s marking up 25% and is keeping half of it as clear profit on one of the most competitive businesses in the country.

Literal pajits slit their own mothers neck to milk a 1c margin, and he thinks we believe he’s pocketing 50 cents on the gallon.

You’re fucking CRAZY dude.

>> No.14340782

Sure you will, you will get your masters degree in Pan-African studies and then cry when nobody hires a useless nigger like you. I actually don't mind paying taxes, I live comfortably even after taxes. I cannot say the same for you, you are probably barely getting by, while I have an abundance of pretty much everything.

SOOOOO tell me again, who is winning and who is losing? You act like you are hurting me with your nigger choices. I'm trying to help you evolve and be less of a sub-human.

Who am I kidding, fuck off to Germany and get your ass fucked by a Turk already.

Fucking niggers, you promise them money and an education and this is how they repay you.

>> No.14340789

It's a scam now that you have to pay it back? It wasn't a scam when you took the money, spent it, enjoyed life, and didn't think anything of it?

but now that you have to pay it back, it is a scam. Sure thing, nigger. You will pay it ALLLLL back.

>> No.14340791



>> No.14340805

Wallstreet speculation sounds like a crypto tax. Looks like I'm never cashing out

>> No.14340807

>have an abundance of nearly everything.

Busted. No one that is wealthy ever says they’ve got an “abundance” of anything. You’re larping.

>> No.14340823

Cope harder, I mean how else would you get by with such a pathetic nigger existence?


my land is paid off nigger.

>> No.14340833

A nigger like you knows this? I have an abundance compared to a nigger like you, compared to actual working people I live an average to above average life. You must be living like a fucking nigger in Africa lol.

>> No.14340837

Shit yeah.

Student loan money isn't real money anyway. It's jsut a ball and chain to ensure wage slavery forever.

>> No.14340847
File: 87 KB, 2169x1080, pharma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These schools' Deans of Admissions know that there are tens of millions of grugs wandering around with tens of thousands of dollars of what they believe to be free money in their pocket and they set their own prices accordingly.


The FDA increased the inflation-adjusted cost of approving a new drug from 400 million in the mid to late 1900s to 2+ billion today. The work Big Pharma has done is a major reason life expectancy across the globe is rising quickly. US firms are responsible for 60-70 percent of new pharmaceutical treatments and cures, Europe and Asia OTOH are responsible for much less despite a larger combined economy-and without the U.S. market to exploit in the manner they do they would not make enough money to develop the ones that they do currently. Rich countries paying less so that we have to pay more in order to continue to see progress.

Big Pharma isn't responsible for our obesity epidemic nor the fact we have fewer doctors per capita than most other developed countries (I'm sure having an english illiterate underclass flooding through by the tens of millions through our southern border for 50 years hasn't helped in that regard) but the doctors we do have, 80% or so I believe, are "specialists" who perform very specific, complex treatments at higher cost.

Europe has its balls taxed off despite a healthy, childless population, basically no military and can only say that "college" is worth the cost because they have the ludicrous and artificial bubble present in the U.S. to point to in comparison without considering the ramifications of their own apparatus. "It's okay that the government takes $25,000 EUR from me a year because I received a FREE* bachelor's degree 30 years ago!"

The European system is extremely rapacious considering what little it truly provides and it would absolutely NOT survive the unfavorable market conditions the United States' kike politicians subjected it to at even 15% strength.

>> No.14340849

And you will be a slave until you pay it off

>> No.14340887


>> No.14340970

holy fuck you are actually an idiot,

>> No.14340988

An idiot that owns 2 large plots of lands, multiple gas pumps ( 8 pumps cost 90k), 1 mechanic shop, 1 smog shop, 1 mini market, electric car charging stations that pay 500 USD per month, Tesla super-charger on the way.

Yeah man, I'm a fucking idiot.

>> No.14341018
File: 21 KB, 438x318, 0c082a5abc44818cc78dd45016f0f3fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> busting my ass

Is literally living off of interest

Who's the kike now? Not Katie

>> No.14341041

Look at happened when they wanted to push healthcare reform under Obama when he had a majority, its probably the same deal with lobbies that are just as powerful. In reality all of these problems stem from how broken and incompetent the congress has become over the past several decades. They probably love trump because he takes all the heat off of them.

>> No.14341075

The problem actually comes from people borrowing more than they can afford to pay off. The problem isn't the reaction to these stupid dipshit fuckers, the problem is the dipshit fuckers themselves who don't seem to understand the consequences of their actions.

What about the people who paid off their loans? You act like they are the people who are forcing these retarded morons to borrow money and waste it on a stupid degree. Fuck your feelings, pay your debts. You can be educated without spending a fortune, you stupid FUCKS.

>> No.14341097
File: 270 KB, 971x1302, lmfao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy the tranny Glavlit from 8gag has arrived


>> No.14341132

Yeah, it's a scam.
Finding subprime lenders, who are making one of the most difficult and consequential commitments of their life, and throwing a bunch of credit at them is a scam.
Markets only work efficiently with perfect information, and this is a situation that's about as far removed from that as possible.
For you to argue anything else is to be a useful idiot for those who seek to control the market.

>> No.14341141

go on....

>> No.14341179

FAFSA needs reeled in, colleges need to chop their administrative faculty in half, and HS teachers and counselors need to tell their kids not to go into a mountain of debt for meme degrees without concrete and realistic career plans, while advocating more for community college and trade school to start out

Right now no one understands how skewed the dynamic is, high school teachers are fucking clueless and keep parroting the "durr pursue your dreamz at all costs!!" meme

>> No.14341204

No, that is just your opinion. The interest rates on my student loans are laughable, I did my research before and made sure to get the best loan. I also did research ahead of time, and figured I can actually pay back money I want to borrow, why else would I borrow it? Absolutely nothing was predatory from my experience, and I' not even a smart person, I just work hard. I consider myself stupid, yet I was able to figure out how much money to borrow given my choice of study. Your incompetence and bad decisions do not get brushed aside because of your feelings, bitch.

You are just a useful idiot for a group of idiots who fucked up, and now they want to act like the system they willingly signed up for is rigged. I actually know more people who paid their loans back, some even live and work in San Francisco (high cost of living, you dumb nigger)

You simply want no burden of responsibility for your shit choices, but the kicker is this, you stupid nigger; not everyone made dumb choices like you, so we actually don't give a shit, we actually LAUGH at you.

You will take that debt with you to the grave, or you will pay it off, end of discussion.

>> No.14341221

Idiots will always do stupid things until the end of time, likewise there will always be people to exploit them of their stupidity for profit. It is the governments fault in the first place by providing the loans under the moniker of education for everyone, which caused these loans to become a thing, which caused the inflation of costs.

It is very similar to what happened in 08 with regards to predatory lending which was enabled by government influence for the purpose of making it easier for everyone to 'own' a home. The costs are always there, but such populist policies pass without scrutiny by nature, and costs are often just hidden until they cant be ignored any longer. The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say.

>> No.14341242

College debt will be forgiven because about 85% of it is carried by womyn and its sexist to make them indebted.

>> No.14341259


yeah fuck this guy. I paid off all my loans living frugal as shit. good thing he won't win

>> No.14341273


you can't deduct from your taxes if you make more than 70k or some shit. poorfag confirmed lmao

>> No.14341280

A bridge is there, go jump off of it. A gun is in your drawer, go shoot yourself.

Don't blame anyone but yourself. If you get tricked, that is on you, I have been tricked and deceived MANY times in my life, even by family. It's human nature, and it's also human nature to assess a situation before you involve yourself.

You are simply coming up with excuses, these people willingly signed up to take a loan for X amount of money. You think borrowing money is a joke? No wonder my brother took 15k from me and never paid it back, he must think like you too.

>> No.14341354


and you are using windows 95 lmao

>> No.14341401

What would happen if I stopped paying

>> No.14341426

You are misunderstanding what I am saying. I am not making excuses, I am simply saying this is what happens without proper regulation. The point is that there will always be people, lots of people that dont understand what they are doing and will be exploited as such. Using your analogy, people jumping off a bridge is their fault, but when half of the population jumps off then it becomes societies problem.

>> No.14341430

>That's just like your opinion man
>The beta cucks retreats to meaningless subjectivism when in the presents of the valient and rational Aryan Chad

If it just comes down to an opinion, you are just as wrong.
The difference is that if I am a useful idiot, it's not for (((they))) who are already in power.
Bootlick a bit harder soiboi.
You fell prey to a scammy system and now you want everyone else to, just so that your poor delicate feelings and sense of ego can remain intact.
That's why you get all fatalist and try to end the discussion on this, without considering the opposition.
The only free man is the one who can change his mind.

>> No.14341460

Phone posting rational arguments with morons from bed before I've had my coffee is a bitch

>> No.14341524

that's cool but he should also give give me $150,000 cause I never asked no stinky kike for money to learn nothing but cultism. support individuals also

>> No.14341566

hitler killed himself and
germany doesnt even have a military and the us is basically your military. you’re delusional if you think germany won ww2

>violence is the jewish weakness
violence is nazi weakness since they lost in ww2

>> No.14341612

thats right goyim. why should other members of your community have it better than you. that is unfair. better stay divided.

>> No.14341622

>Claims universities are cults
>Then reveals himself as a member of the cult of the individualist
Yikes, you guys are just unhelpable.
No man is an island.
You just think so because you watched enough john Wayne and Bruce Willis movies that your brain turned to mush.
Did you never consider that these movies might be indoctrinating you with a set of values that makes for good TV, but ultimately makes you powerless in the face of corporatism?
I wonder who might be responsible for this.

>> No.14341683

>let’s give people that didn’t pay anything credit but don’t give the money back to the people who did pay.
Either the loan system is unfair and needs to be nullified or it’s fair and you should pay it off yourself. Refusing to credit those who sacrificed opportunity cost to pay their loans back but demanding those who haven’t paid yet be freed from the unjust system isn’t fair to the people that are most likely to be productive members of society in the first place: those who could manage their finances.

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