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>tree-hugging boomer
Jesus fuck.

Only quads may destroy this monster.

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1 BTC that he has eaten all his money

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The jews dont like it
Who cares what this puppet says

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That guys lunch is an environmental disaster

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I think he’s talking about BSV

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>head of /BIS


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The fuck? Look at the size if him. Looks like a Sergey edit.

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and deutsche bank calls it the next evolution ion money

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Looks like (((they))) skipped a step from 1024 A.D. to the 19th century...

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Fuck bros he's gonna beat our asses

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The absolute size of this lad
Is he the final boss of bankers?

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Why is his head so tiny? That’s photoshopped, right?

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>6 months ago
How many heart attacks has this absolute unit had since he made this statement?

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Absolute UNIT

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is this shopped? if not im pretty sure that dude's daily cattle intake alone is causing more enviromental damage than all of crypto

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That motherfucker by himself is an environmental disaster. Do you know how many cows it takes to make that much cheese and burgers to get that big?

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>heh, I could crush you

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In absolute awe over the size of that lad

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guy looks like this dude after he stopped taking creatine for a few months

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fucking international banking were made by jews!
thats how they can make money off governments(debt)
this guy absolutely saying what they want to say.

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SUMO match
Sergey vs this guy

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absolute unit

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this guy needs a smart contract to control his caloric intake, else he's gonna die an early death

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>The future of money? Heh, I could crush you

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lol how is this not a photoshop

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Someone please make this

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This guy is a living meme

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He will have McCaine cancer next week.

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talk about fat cat

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wha you say white boy?

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how do I get a body like this?

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>You want approval for your little token? Come and take it.

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This is peak male performance.

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Dad im home

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This fat fuck is such a disgrace to the institution he represents. He probably got his job from a cunt. No sane man would promote such a walking mountain of diabetus to a high level position.

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gib eferums..

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Jesus Christ, he's like a real life Kingpin.

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bitcoin is an environmental disaster, PoS is the future

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you tell em! Bits Coin stinks!

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ancient history at this point, but still—
>this man having the audacity to call anything else an "environmental disaster"
talk about the pot calling the kettle a nigger; how many heart attacks does this fat fuck have on a daily basis? looks like he needs a team of surgeons waiting at his bedside every single night to perform a quadruple bypass and liposuction around his internal organs in the morning to rescue his comafied ass from the verge of stagnating into death and keep a pulse in his fat fucking heart
this dude is like the ultimate manifestation of a waddling holocaust to all seating amenities and mobility aids, and he's calling bitcoin—which is going to lead to an industrial revolution that will have energy production wind up in the hands of anyone who can buy a mass-produced personal failsafe nuclear power generator—an "environmental disaster"
fucking keynesian economics pushing morons with no insight into head positions of major financial institutions
it's so fucking telling how little insight and creativity this guy has that he's probably got TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, AT LEAST at his personal disposal, and he can't find a fucking way to bring his weight down and prevent himself from the creeping heart failure that hangs over him like the fucking grim reaper

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What a specimen.
A freak of nature.
An absolute unit.

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he is right though

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Legend has it that he stores his jew gold in his neck rolls

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this to be entirely honest
"disaster" is a bit strong, but that's politics

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lol viking emerges

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>Imagine him and Sergey sumo wrestling.

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rolling for destruction of fatboy commie
btc 99keoy

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my penis can only get so erect

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this guy's whole life is an environmental disaster

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The memes...

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ese gordo trabaja para el judio

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The whole point is to push us towards renewable energy sources. That's the only way to prevent the environmental disaster.

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save the sammies

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when are these intellectual prostitutes going to get a new script?
their material is old and tired
>mfw I've seen {HONKS} you people wouldn't believe

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come to think he has ´murican kind of body, yet his mexican.

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this is bitcoin's final boss

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Leave him to me

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Absolute unit

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>Only quads may destroy this monster.
where's his neck?
>gif related
he's clearly fudding so he can accummulate more turtlecoin

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lol am I the witness of a new biz meme
it has been a while since this place was funny

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> Come at me biz. I eat zoomers for lunch

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new boomer dad bod

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Why is his head so small??

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>hurrr the fed is decentralized, there are 13 banks guys
you are nobody in the space
some failed computer security forensics guy turned into e-teacher OPENLY mocked in the field now being used by Calvin to do money laundering
EVERY bank will burn, they have no more use, you can store fiat on metamask or any ethereum wallet, it's fucking over for kikes or should I say oven

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> amerisharts banks can't profit from this
> it's ponzi
> gold isn't

fucking mutts, please neck yourselves

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It will look like an accident.

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He's head is just slightly but very noticably too small for his body and I'm triggered

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absolute unit

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>probably got his job from a count
Or one of (((them))). (((They))) dont want healthy goyim running around spreading financial upheaval.

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rolling for a better world

>> No.14332348

I like to think maintaining the bitcoin blockchain will actually be the reason we build a dyson sphere

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BIS runs the show. BIS is above the United States Government and above all central banks. They have their own jurisdiction. Literally untouchable by any government

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No need to be polite here. Just say he is fat.

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check em

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It's old as fuck newfag

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imagine in current year actually letting a bunch of old filthy scammer fiat kike shills tell you what has actual value. lmao

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how do i achieve this physique?

>> No.14332916

Why did they put the Head of Bank on that too-big body? Looks suspicious to me, 2/10 human bean

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rolling to merely INCREASE HIS POWAH!!!!!!!!


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look at this dude

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>no acknowledgment of gold
It's afraid

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Can you imagine the levels of methane this motherfucker emits on the atmosphere? An environmental disaster.

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I roll for the sake of humanity

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His head is enormous, yet it's way too small for his body. He looks like the Marvel Kingpin if Buddy Hackett played him.

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The Jews are in on it. The entire crypto universe is full of them. Just look at any team of one of the top crypto projects and you’ll see they are teeming with Jews.

What you see here is Jew fud to deceive goyim from not partaking in a great finacial opportunity. Global currency has been the plan for a long time. This is extremely bullish, if you wish to profit from their schemes but be for warned. If they are to turly succeed in carrying out their new world agenda. Whites will be genocided and all your grand children will eventually be reduced to slaves, that are cucked by blockchain, ai and smart contracts.

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4444 u

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Digits confirm

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Fuck it I'll roll.

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close. quad 4's actually kills him by ass blowout

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>it's afraid

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why his fucking head so small

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>6 months ago

>> No.14335042

I'm fatter than this faggot.

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uh it's an environmental disaster now. Please keep using banks and credit cards guys. Please we need your interest. Don't destroy the environment. Plastic credit cards and banks are environmentally friendly!
fuck em

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I'd say it's both

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>modern-day Turkey
Gotta love how the fuckers are rewriting history by saying Greece is Turkey. The next thing is roaches claiming Alexander and Socrates were turks.

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That pic is edited, right?...

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this lol

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>an environmental disaster

meanwhile this fatso flies around in a private jet three times a month

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Because King Croesus lived in modern day turkey and he wasn’t Greek, retard.

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he's right

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anyone who doesn't know this isn't going to make it

carstens knows XRP is the future... because he's been told by brad himself at IMF meetings

he's in the same audience as lagarde...

ripple have it sewn up

which other companies do you see sat in such high level meetings?

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feb 2018 is when he actually said what OP posted

"More pointedly, he called bitcoin a “bubble, a Ponzi scheme and an environmental disaster” during a February speech at Goethe University’s House of Finance."

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He's a big guy

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>Dr.Pavel I'm BIS

>> No.14336786

Fuck I just got fired
>$40k btc
>$10k cash
fuck this shit I don’t want to sell but now I’m fucked. How fucked would I be to hold the btc and not sell it for emergency cash?

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>> No.14336805

radically downsize?

>> No.14336838

>year 2016+3
>not trading futures derivatives tied to Agustín Carsten's weight

Sorry frens, never gonna make it.

>> No.14336850

You could use it as collateral for a crypto-backed loan on nexo or crypto.com and pray the price doesn't drop enough to eat into your collateral.

>> No.14337150

find a new job?

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Gas the boomers
Generation war now.

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please 4chan I don't ask for shit but please turn this man into a meme

or wait he probably already is one

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wait he actually looks like this?

i saw his photo earlier and thought he was photoshopped. but every picture looks like that

how the fuck

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