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>be me
>hungarian living in budapest
>see fat la creature
>remember those people are responsible for every war since the second
>literally just beat the shit out of him, his wife and his kids
>they are now all braindamaged and need help to eat
>police asked me why I did this
>explain why
>he laughes and gives me highfive
>police man spends me a bear and says thanks


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Cool story bro.
>Transilvania is Romanian territory tho`

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OP is clearly a low iq romanian shitposter with hairy feet

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Are you talking about jews? It's not just wars after the second.

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>expecting anyone to believe that

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based kill all americans.

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good job op :)

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based beyond limits

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sadly we dont have such based in our countrys :(
t. german

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keep it up węgrybro you're doing the God's work
t. pole

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>t. Larping poorfag hungarian IRATE that due to the influx of based westerners into the district 7/ruin bar/thermal baths area, prices are now too high for him to afford basic toiletries using his poorfag communist hungarian salary

STAY MAD faggot

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>t. American who can’t wait to move to Budapest full time and cuck subhuman Hungarians like OP out of his women using his crypto gains and western wealth

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no one is talking to u tyrone

op u are fucking based, keep it up

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This is funny because it is true. Good luck with your 400 euro salary hungcucks, keep voting for that corrupt shitstain trolololo

T.dutchman who is visiting hungary often, and yes i will have another 0.5 beer with the gulash next time thanks for asking

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Except I’m white and actually part hungarian. Stay mad europoor and try having sex

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This is a larp. I know because no fatclap ever brought his family to Budapest.

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My gf is hungarian and she is based as fuck. Hungary is beautiful but most people are still stuck in communism, it is a shithole to actually live. Orban is even more retarded than trump, quite a achievement

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>expect im white
chuan pls...

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based, redpilled.

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>malnourished yuropoor has fantasies about beating up an american chad
i know this is a larp because no american has ever heard of your country and certainly would never consider leaving the US to go there even for a vacation

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lmao how will this mutt ever recover

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I'm in Budapest
Wanna meet up?
>I'm a femanon btw

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American that just went to Budapest recently here. Thanks for the cheap food and drink, and those incredible thermal baths. Hell, I even paid $70 USD for a fun hour with an escort. Well worth it.

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Habony te vagy az?

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Kurva anyád libsianon

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american education at its best
visited budapest last year and you can say that there is not a single city in muttland which such beatiful buildings like in budapest
rest of the country is trash though

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American here. we don't visit no budapest or other middle eastern countries

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european here, so annoyed with these uneducated americans
hungary is in ASIA RETARD
next to finland and north korea
fuck you

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based kill all american pigs

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It was a joke dumbass

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that's a load of HOGWASH! everyone knows there's no hungry in asia, and budapest is in the middle of them middle east! stop spreading your lies, frenchie, or you gone get some FREEDOM

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Legalább ide szarposztol a többi rák közé, és nem a csodálatos csenünkre.

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>european here
ew someone kill it

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why would i learn about some shitty third world country in an american school

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there is nothing more satisfying than dead american children

good job bro.

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>be me austrian 10 years ago
>hear amerifat bragging dropping bombs here when he was young
> hit him with a stone in the head when he was leaving through the woods
>newspaper wrote he fell on a stone

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>what is the internet

tyrone, I...

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based, you are doing gods work

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The amount of jews assuming op is talking about Americans and not jews is startling

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hahaha you really think i would waste my free time researching globally irrelevant nations ahahaha L.O.L

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>implying there is a difference

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we all know that cultureless mutts are not interested in any culture, this is no surprise

but he is even bragging about it, holy shit

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this. kill ALL americans

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Biggest american cultural achievement:
Mc Donalds

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>we all know that cultureless mutts are not interested in any culture, this is no surprise
>but he is even bragging about it, holy shit

Ignorance is a virtue here. It comes from our negrofied "culture".

>kill ALL americans
It's what's best for the world. Fortunately we are killing ourselves with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and suicide.

T. regrettably American

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>m-muh culture
when a country has no place in the future they cling desperately to their past

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A girl on biz...
Must be ugly, good on you tho

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based and amerideadpilled

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brags about how americans are soulless cultureless greedy jews

holy fuck its even worse than the mutt memes

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