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Options include:

1. Brazen bull
2. Scaphism
3. Flaying

Don’t like an option provided? Get creative! Brainstorm in the comments below!

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pee pee poo poo

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>Open his ass and put a 2" thin-walled metal electrical conduit in it, doesn't matter how long, just needs to be longer than the snake
>load said snake into it head first, preferably something super venemous like a diamondback rattler, a cobra or a viper
>pour boiling water down pipe

The snake will travel through the fags digestive tract, stretching and ripping it every inch of the way until he bleeds out or dies of shock.

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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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How do I profit from this?

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That’s even better than the bucket and the rat tourture
Well done my friend

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Oh by the way, only flaying is Mesopotation
The rest are Greek and persian

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Yeah, Flaying is Assyrian. I count Persian as Mesopotamian. The Greek one was probably from Crete which is basically the same vein

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>/biz/ - Business & Finance

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>The Schwedentrunk (German: [ˈʃveːdn̩ˌtʁʊŋk], Swedish drink) is a method of torture and execution in which the victim is forced to swallow large amounts of foul liquid, such as excrement.
Literally death by peepeepoopoo

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>Blood Eagle
>Slow Slicing
>Poena cullei
very based thread

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misread OP's post its gotta be flaying from me

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Long pipe, lube and boiling pot manufacturers, long snake farmers

Is it really that hard?

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Brazen bull to celebrate the golden bull.

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Why are there so many muslimjeets on this board?

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Genital mutil...

Oops looks like its too late for that one

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holy based

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