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If you were born a 6/10+ female you could /makeit/ by just posting weeb photos of yourself online to appeal to beta weebcucks on pateron. She makes 100k+ per month and has never even had to take nude photos/do sexual acts irl. Meanwhile you wageslave and bet your life savings on LINK just for a 1% chance of her lifestyle.

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Yeah and if you get dealt pocket aces you don't have to try either
Play the hand you're dealt and don't whine that the person next to you got better cards faggot

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but then you're a digital whore

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Lmao get a load of this guy

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i'm fat, but my features aren't ugly, so if i just lose the weight i could probably be one of those egirl costhots that make 100k but I don't want to be a whore but I want money for nothing

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Even If I were born a 3/10 roastie I'd be a millionaire. Women have so much power to steal money from betas it's absurd. The only reason most roasties aren't rich is because women are brain-dead and have no idea how to manage money

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she's a young femal/girl, she'll end up ruined or provided by a beta cuck which she doesn't love
Femals are not made to make it

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Stop being fat anyway retard. Why would you chose to be fat? Even if you don't need validation from others it is nice to see a fit person when you look in the mirror.

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This bitch has a limited amount of time to make money off betas though.
Once she hits the wall that income is over and if she's not good at handling money she will lose everything.

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Probably has a pimp that takes a cut of her checks.

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Stop posting this literal whore here. Fuck off

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why are there so many incel threads lately? can we have an incel general thread?

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i have no self control

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The window to make it with your looks is so short if you're female. By the time you're 21, you look old and used up.

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i've seen girls at 25 that look 16 and I've seen girls at 17 that look 30
it all depends on genetics, no 2 girls age the same

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Yeah. It's her photographer. Aka her father.

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>LINK just for a 1%

Lmao, subtle FUD.

I see the Discord Trannies and Swinglinkers are out in full force tonight.

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Fix your flaps

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have sex

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And if you're a pretty boy or have a good personality you can exploit young preteen girls with disposable cash... It's all relative.

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Pocket aces are 25% win rate

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You don't even have to be a 6/10 to make it in the west as a female. It's life on easy mode you just exist and have orbiters give you shit and pick out a Chad from your tinder harem to marry and freeload off of. Once you get bored of him you can just divorce for half his shit and repeat the process.

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Nah.. you woulda been just a roastie.
Now if you were able to transfer your male brain into a 3/10 female then you coulda make tons.

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Yeah that's what I meant. If I were born a roastie I would have no soul and thus no means to acquire the self-awareness needed to make money

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That’s a very large cope bro.
Honesty, you think if she can manipulate men like this, she doesn’t know how to invest money?
Even pornstarts and strippers do this shit, they fuck around and invest in real state and stock market and then retire.

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Awfully defensive stinker getting scared NEET nodes will never happen
Protip: they wont
You know I'm right I always am

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Ah great a shitposting thread. Just what I needed.
Can someone post that >altcoins pic of a cartoon rat? I need it to repost it on /v/. Help anon, bros.

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Then you're doomed to fail. Clean your room, bucko

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More pink haired cutes!
Less of the pink haired E WHORE

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You being a literal toastier is a bad deal in making money.
Male brain in female body means you can manipulate market .
Literally, every girl has a potential to make money off this market without ever showing boobs and they don’t even do that.

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>no self control
never going to make it

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Pewdiepie just plays video games and makes millions. How is that now the same? Never seen any of you complain about him.

The only reason you are obsessed with this whore is because you are incels

Have sex

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shes a legit 8+/10

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>Pocket aces are 25% win rate
What kind of retarded math are you using? Are you trying to say against a full table of random hands played to the river or something? Because anything besides that isn't even close to true.

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your brain is 25% winrate

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based and incelpilled

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Pewdiepie is just one lucky Chad.
Women everywhere are making bank from desperate losers by simply posting pictures of themselves on the internet.

And even he has to put more effort into his shit than the pink girl.

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>spending your time getting raped by youtube
>making it

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You have no idea how pampered the average Hog is in western society. Now imagine a 5/10 or higher. These women are given gifts, vacations, cars, marriage proposals, patreon donations, easy youtube/twitch views, affirmative action hires, etc etc

Any woman with a hint of brains could be making $100,000+ a year. If they cater to fetishes it's easy $250,000+. If they're white and above average looking $500,000+

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That’s just one single guy.
At the same time for every 1 pewdipie there are 10000 ewhores who make banks.

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>women everywhere
if there are so many women making bank why do you guys ALWAYS post this one whore? where are all the others??

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The man was one of the first, has a pool of skills, kept going when he was unpopular, and tries his best to promote positivity and community building. Video games are what you can describe his content as, but he's truly a one of a kind individual who knows what he's doing.

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Speaking of gambling, what sites do anons use to gamble online and make some money? Anything I should be aware of from the US?

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wew a whole load of newfags

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We need more 2D and less 3DPD on /biz/

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Very true, but this board is full of boomers and reddit normalfags

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They are tons of them
This one is just the one that get on news because of all the shinnanigans she involved with “aka stroking 2 big cocks on pornhub”

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c o p e

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vast majority of /biz/ posters are incel, since only incels have so little to lose they'd unironically bet everything on meme coins

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But she's going to hell so who cares?
She is literally going to be on fire forever.
Seems like a pretty shitty deal just to have a few years of material comfort.

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retard. just don't eat.

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You need to be 18 to post here.

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Survivorship bias

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And what happens in 10 years when shes ugly and has literally zero skills and all her money is gone?

lolz wrecked faggot op

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>'Even pornstarts and strippers do this shit, they fuck around and invest in real state and stock market and then retire.'

hahahahaha holy shit havent heard something so stupid in at least an hour.
>thinks porn stars are investing in anything
>'uh yeah mr sheckleberg id like to get in that REIT you got going

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Stop complaining and start soliciting money from normies with feminized filters of yourself.

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When link moons i’ll buy her for an overnight stay and post a timestamped pic of me a fat neet rawdogging her worn cooter
t. Cake batter neet that holds 22k links

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If she had the tiniest cock she’d be perfect

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What if I’m a 6/10 male? Am I just destined to be a virgin for the rest of my life?