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>Could have made 50,000$ out of 10,000$ in 6 months if I would've been watching Bitcoin instead of stocks
>Instead making 5,000$ out of 10,000$ in that time frame

Stocks are too slow and stable. Penny stocks are here today and gone tomorrow, so they're dangerous.

Crypto-currency is the only way to make a good deal of money quickly safely.

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I know that feel, I could have bought at 4k if I didn't start in stocks too. Bought at 5K though. If only I wasn't a poorfag

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Probably the worst feeling is that I can't even get started on Bitcoin because it's in the middle of its jubilee.

I'll be stuck waiting for a year or two.

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You can buy LINK or wait a year and make this same thread about how you missed out on exponential gains.

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Not going to chance buying Link and then watching Bitcoin hit the price ceiling at 12-15k and then drop.

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Trade options you mong

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>Still down 50% over 18 months

Not going to make it.

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>CryptoCurrency is the only way to make a good deal of money quickly safely

>Buy CryptoCurrency
>No CryptoCurrency is too risky it might go down

Which is it faggot, are you willing to take the risk or aren't you? You don't get 500% gains without the possibility of heavy losses.

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stocks are not pumped with tether and there are more volume in the market

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but you have the choice to wait for the right moment or to buy in at the ceiling and hope for the best.

I intend to watch and then go for it.

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Nobody knows what the ceiling or the floor is
If BTC drops to $5000 tomorrow I bet a year's worth of salary you still have cold feet, thinking it may drop lower

Similarly if it rises to $14,000 you will say that it's too late
Nothing short of God himself whispering the future price of BTC into your ear will suffice if you're scared to enter the market right now

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