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Making massive gainz father
Feels too surreal, feels kinda uncomfortable, used to feel better every time we dip
What do father?

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I have spent all of my hard earned money on Chinese vaporware.

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I actually bought LINK lol

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I have spent a lot of money gambling at casinos. please forgive me father

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I'm doubting that chainlink will bring anything significant to the cloud expo. Father I'm so scared

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Went all in LTC last week when BTC was 9.2k i made 10% increase on my LTC stack but should have waited and done it at 11k

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starting getting this feeling in about october 17'
it's my reminder to stay tf realistic.
I started selling like 10% of folio -> 20% of folio until collapse. But reevaluate when fundamentals change

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I own 0 Link

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Bought SAFEX because McAfee tweet about this

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I shilled DBC (deepbrain chain) here back in January 2018 and then proceeded to dump my bags on a lot of well meaning /biz/raelis
I then proceeded to rub it in their faces shortly after they started posting pink wojacks and it dumped lol
>mfw I dumped my DBC bags on them
>video related: https://youtu.be/y28Diszaoo4

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I am all in in Zil

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I only keep 5-10% of my portfolio in crypto

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>I own 0 Link

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Bought ENG all the way up to when it was $6 a piece. It financially ruined me.

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I sold my 400 bitcoin @ 1$ so I could but a ps3. Please just kill me.

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I keep fudding quant and I can't fucking stop

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Bought AGI cause /biz/ told me to

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i don't know what i'm doing and i have no idea how any of this works

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my ATH was 930k and I didn't cash out a penny

I'm now at 98k and that's only after adding another 30k fiat to the market

and yet i am not even allowed disabled parking

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