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Hey everyone,

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on Ethereum. Last time Bitcoin skyrocketed, Ethereum wasn't too far behind. But this time, Ethereum isn't catching up. Is there a reason for this occurrence happening?

On top of this, what are you thoughts on Ethereum in the long run? Will it ever break 1k, like it did in 2017, again? I think it has potential, but tough to say with the current conditions we're seeing.

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icos all exit scammed and there is no money left to exit scam with

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So you're telling me there's a chance?

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My theory, normies started coinbase accounts after Libra. They went bitcoin because it’s the big name

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Unironically everyone thinks it will succeed, so the pressure from long superiority is keeping the price down.

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it always lagged. It had ATH weeks after BTC last time. It will pump.

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Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I currently have 10 eth, but I want to transfer some to VID-T or other alt-coins.

I do have a fair size of my portfolio in alt-coins, but I'm not sure if I want to transfer more eth into them or vise-versa.

The market is obviously going into the early stages of a bull market. My prediction is that it will be a slower, bu higher, climb than what we saw in 2017.

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I believe any capital in alts of which you aren't sure will pump will have a good place parked in ETH for now

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Are you satisfied with your number of VID-T coins? 10 is a nice number to hodl long-term.

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Don't wish for normies..once they're in it's ogre.
It;s the last profit taking of whales.
There is no one left after them to buy bags for higher price.
sell signals are as follow
> normies
> talmudvision ads
> niggers
> "women in crypto" movements

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That's what I'm thinking. Thanks for the input.

I'm currently in college rn. I have most of my money dumped into crpyto. I've been trying to get my friends into it, but they all think It's a scam.

I do believe we're living in a time of change; from a physical to decentralized, virtual economy. This shit is going to boom once it becomes mainstream. And I'm not speaking about BTC, ETH, etc. Everything is going to explode.

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libra has not had an effect on bitcoin's price. ars technica saying so is an embarrassment. those writers are ignorant as fuck when it comes to crypto.

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I have around 5k. I'd say I'm happy with it, but who's to say it isn't going to moon, or vise-versa.

The reason why I have a lot of my portfolio rn is because, personally, I think It's a safe pick. Sure, it may not explode as much, but, at the same time, I don't think it will crash as hard.

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Sorry, I thought you were asking how much VID-T I have. I will buy more VID-T if the price continues to go up or if the company announces new initiatives.

I'm not too concerned buying more, whether that means missing out on 5 or 10 cents. It's not too much in the long run and the risk isn't worth it to me.

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I'd keep those 5k desu, solid returns if it goes to $10-$20 and you got in cheap

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>Will it ever break 1k

Yes it will. There's a need for something like Ethereum and all the other wannabes are not delivering. It's a huge problem to solve but Ethereum is slowly but steadily creating scalability and adding new features.

FOMO will kick in once they move into PoS.

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What is the due date on PoS?

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January 3rd


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It's not really a move to PoS, more like the beginning of the move to PoS

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>btc bottom $3100
>now $10400 (+220%)
>eth bottom $75
>now $300 (+300%)
>"eth isn't catching up!!"

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tell your friends you sold everything and never talk to them about crypto again
put in as much as you can over the next 3 months

t. oldfag

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in terms of ratio it used to be stronger. It should be around 500 by ratio of late last bubble

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eth will hit 0.05 soon

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I have 32 ETH on Coinbase... Do I need to do anything for the move to 2.0? Will it conver automatically or is this a change in name only?

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do not post thus r*ddit drivel

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Nare ETH is gone with the post mail!! If anything it’s going to be exchange platforms or IEOs BNB for example $1000k easy, because all the chinks are robot trading

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I’ve got bad news for you, I’m a normie and bought 20$ last night.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Warren Buffets take way from lunch with Justin Sun is that bitcoin = scam, smart contract platforms = maybe have a future. Bitcoin has no utlity, where ETH and other platforms at least have some type of utility and potential for more.

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They will very likely make some kind of announcement about it but I guess it will convert automatically.

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youre an early normie. 10k news didnt even sink in yet

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It's pumping right now lads

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So it will be another coin completely? I didn't know if it was just a 2.0 in name only.

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it's an entirely new chain with the start values set from the old ledger. It's pretty much the same as BCH/BTC did on the fork

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Great, so a shitshow lol

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You realize that ETH was for a long time in the 0.07 to 0.1 ratio, but is now unable to stay above 0.03, right? You realize it's being outperformed by a large percentage of shitcoins, right?

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sure? the whole crypto market is overvalued, manipulated and detached from fundamentals. eth could go to 0.005 btc whrn eth 2.0 releases, and bitcoin might go to $100k with $200 fees and tether fraud

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ETH is an absolute mess and largely associated with scams and vaporware. People perceive it as "last year's ponzi." BTC, which for whatever reason has a reputation as a safe, bluechip and normie-friendly coin, will carry it somewhat, sure, but it has no where to go but down ratio-wise.

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Look at the chart, it was literally below 0.03 in late 2017 before the bull run.