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>durrr theres no google partnership they only integrated it into there product theres no way thats a partnership duuur ha-ha im retarded duurrr
Pic related

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bless you fren

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anyone can post on forbes tho

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Dude, that only proves the retards at Forbes are just as clueless as LINKies on /biz/.

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Chianlink confirmed acquiring Google

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please dilate your fake vaginas you mentally ill faggots

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Literally who?

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Wow this Chainlink startup sound great!
Where can i buy shares?
wait i can't?

what's etherium?
what's a blockchain?
smart contract?

...i think i'll just buy more google stock.

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>forbes sites

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my vagine is realer than this partnership dude

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Sorry you got blindsided by the Google partnership pump. There is no amount of selling or fudding you or your pathetic discord can do that will get the price back down to a $1 where you sold like a retard.

Now go dilate and then kill yourself.

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cope harder swinglinkers, cope harder

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Pic related

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cope harder faggot

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Cope harder faggot

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wow the prestigious decrypt newspaper confirmed it, it must be true! they have the standards of the new york times!

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oof you're upset you weren't smart enough to buy LINK huh, it's okay dummy, maybe your shit for brains will get it before this is $10 EOM

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Oh ok. Thanks for answering! I now have a better understanding of who Google is.

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the cope is strong with you
>in b4 who is google

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circle the word "partnership" for me pls

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look at the first post then cope harder

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you do know anyone can post on forbes right? neither google nor chainlink has used the word partnership

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>must cope harder

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the coping, THE COPING!! i need to cope harder!!!

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neither google nor chainlink has used the word partnership

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The coping continues

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Read pic related

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mmm yes I love your tears. did you dilate your fake vagina yet?

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Dilate more please

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pls link googles announcement of a partnership where they use the word partnership

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>ctrl f
zero results

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pic related read the word i highlighted. coping faggot, what will happen when they whispering? Coping faggot

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$8 increase in a week.... no chance.

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listen, i'm right you're wrong, they never used the word partnership, the only one coping here is you sweaty

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ITT: retards are fighting over semantics while pic related is far more important to what this means

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Cope harder faggot

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Cope harder faggot

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1. already been posted
2. any dipshit can post a forbes article (i already stated this)
3. neither google nor chainlink has used the word partnership
4. calm down

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Imagine thinking a ChainLink dev could @Google like that if it weren't true

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the cope is making you smell like a pajeet

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Pic related for coping faggots

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The absolute desperation of the linkfags. Your shit ass shitcoin is shit, it's all about BTC and ETH going forward now.

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Yes it's all about some shitty ass btc that needs 2 hours to confirm since it's been taken over by jews and then we have ETH which is always "soon".

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>trusting the guy from American Pie

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The only people I see coping here are the ones who didn't sell the google news and aren't going to be able to double their stack after next BTC pump end.

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thanks for the input subhuman, but I don't take advice from milktoast retards with sub 90 IQ

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bump for the coping faggots

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The word partnership is utterly meaningless ever since VEN fucked it to death. All you need to know is that everyone will use Chainlink. It's the industry standard. Who gives a fuck about partners, honestly...

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The sliding is incredible today

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i don't hold any link but i hope you Stinkys make it because im tired of all your threads. please just get rich and leave and never post here again.

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Exactly, partnership doesn't mean anything.
However in this case it's not a "partnership" like ven's bullshit. It's google shilling link itself and saying hey if you want to use smartcontracts we use this. use this.

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All this partnership is fine... but we're not in 2017 anymore. They need to hurry up and get more nodes up, and have these "partners" start using the network. We still have no staking, no reputation. It's a damn simplified mainet with5 nodes.

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You retards really need to learn some programming. Google hasn't integrated anything. One guy tested running a node. Big deal. Literally doesn't mean shit.

Learn some programming. Stop getting fooled by retarded news outlets.

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I don't shit on any streets but i hope you pajeets make it because im tired of all your depravity on National Geographic. Please just get potty trained and leave and never shit here again.

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This. Most LINKies are obviously tech illiterate retards. All google did was say "btw you can use google cloud with ETH and LINK". It's not a "partnership" with LINK or ETH it's just google shilling their shit.

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Smell that? Smells like spicy curry mixed with burger.

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bump for coping faggots