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Remember that Chainlink has been closely working with Microsoft


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Breadcrumbs for 2 years. Give it up retard. IT IS OVER.

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Fake and gay

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faggot that was debunked, link is vaporware, gl anon dont get burned something thats up 400% since i first bought it

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Old, stale breadcrumbs.

link was just thrown out of Accord project

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low iq

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>FUD schizos triggering incoming

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I see the Discord FUDers are out in full force with no actual proof of anything. You will be left on the sidelines in fiat when the next big announcement happens

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Whew thanks guys, forgot link was a scam SO I JUST MARKET SOLD MY ENTIRE STACK. thanks lads, you’re some good boys for getting me out of this scam.

>stuttering potheads

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Bumpity bump

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looks like we going to the moon, boys

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You fucker won. Your constant brainwashing of link got the best of me. I just bought 900 links.It s not much but it s all I can afford right now. I ve been burned by my other main alt.

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