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>"we aren't going to the vet, are we?"

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holy shit, why is swisscex so absurdly fucking slow?
they are confirming my shit for like almost two hours now.

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I had mine running at 1100 core and 1400 mem at 1128 volts.
I let the fan run auto. Actually I did hear some weird fan noise coming from the back so I think during the night that noisy fan finally kicked the bucket and died hence the thing overheated.
they didn't get to above 76 on auto fan

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hell, if we can suffer reddit, we could just start a /r/girlsgonepanda

message some girls from /r/girlsgonebitcoin to join

we would have to promise and actually *deliver* regular tips though

it would allow the concept to be tested before delivering an actual site

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pic related, it's chinese fake capacitors. pretty much all GPUs use 105C rated caps.

>so I think during the night that noisy fan finally kicked the bucket and died hence the thing overheated.
oh that was probably it then, ideally you could configure the miner to auto-shutdown when it gets too hot in bfgminer, but only large mining installations bother

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protip: if your fan starts making weird sounds, get a new one ASAP

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If you were setting up a tipping site, how would it work?

Like, tipping bounties for doing certain things? Or more like a camwhore site where you just straight-up pay to see certain things and get a shit tier amount of free to view content?

>> No.142621

>camwhoring site
I want to be in on this, since i was planning to do it anyway. I'll be in the threads later, hopefully we can take this somewhere

>> No.142626

still worth it to check if it's still under warranty btw.

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Some shilling on /b/ and /soc/, and also plebbit can go a long way s well

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Hi, I was wondering how much Doge is needed to get to "the moon."

I will be joining the military soon and I want to make a long-term investment into this coin, with hopes that I will have a nice ROI waiting for me when I get out.

I'm willing to invest (i.e. lose) up to $1000 (~1 million DOGE at the moment). Is this enough to get to the moon?

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well, the bitcoin one is more community based

girls do stuff of their own choosing, and if liked, people tip them

perhaps to bootstrap this we would create some fixed bounties, e.g. write PANDA somewhere

further nurturing of the community would require:

1. Consistent tipping of any girls voluntary posting
2. If there is a lack of girls, posting of more bounties and recruiting girls to fill them.

that's the KEY to this endeavour. It will only succeed if we are willing to spend our beloved PNDas.

if you do one, please make it community based, like the reddits, and not a cold commercial enterprise.

I have to go now anyway, hope this idea is still alive later

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Yeah might've been. I wonder if i'll get a 7950 back or something else. I'd prefer to still be able to crossfire for games.

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>not having autopayouts enabled every hour

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are you scared of SARS, why are you wearing a surgeon mask?

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>not being spanish

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How do you configure cgminer to auto shut off at a certain temp?

>> No.142656

I would say do it. As long as you're aware there are no guarantees.

Maybe buy a cheap, profitable mining rig too, leave it running the entire time you're in there. Get a bro to check it every now and then to make sure it is still running.

>> No.142657

4th ICN iCoin 78
5th KDC KlondikeCoin 62
6th PND PandaCoin 59

This needs to improve.


Getting on this website means point of sale stuff, it means merchants can sell things for pandacoin. It's really important.

It costs you 500 doge to vote though...however it is going to a charity giving clean water to Africans https://thewaterproject.org..

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japanese are known to wear these masks like everywhere.

I still don't know why. must be a japanese thing.

>> No.142662

Isn't that configured to 95 degrees at default?

>> No.142660

bear in mind that the whores need something to do with the pnd instead of just accumulate.

>> No.142664

usually they send you a newer version of an equivalent card if it's old. it'll probably be the same card if they're still manufacturing them

>> No.142670

That's a good idea, I will consider building a cheap rig along with buying in. I know someone who would be able to monitor it for me.

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>searched 7950 windforce death on google
>huge thread on bitcoin talk about how the 7950s windforces keep dying if you farm with them

well this sucks.

>> No.142672

I would like to see how far we can push the community thing while making it profitable. There's not much point in starting it up if it doesn't at least cover its cost and then some.

Cold commercial is also better for the girls. Camwhore sites make sure the girls get money. Subscription-based with paywalls everywhere sucks for guests, but everyone involved gets paid.

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whelp now you know.

most cards don't die if you mine with them... some people are still mining on 5850s and 5870s (albiet with replaced $5 fans)

>> No.142679

My Doge wallet has almost finished syncing. Use pastebin I will be able to bankroll transactions for poorfags in about 10 minutes.

>> No.142680

to not spread disease like western pig >:^(

>> No.142681

Teasing reminder that I don't have 4chan x installed.

>> No.142682

People still use external extensions?

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another reminder we are no longer on /g/

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But Anon, don't You like nice things

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>People with masks: 4chan x users
>Guy smoking: me

call the cops I don't give a fuck

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>tfw I want to buy doges or at least some bitcoin satoshis with L$ and all people are suggesting me to go to virwox instead of doing some quick exchange in person.

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I had something nice once, it was terrible.

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Virwox? That's the worst thing you can do.

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just voted on coinpayments, come on guys its just like 50 cents a vote

>> No.142718

b-but i already have all the functions i want in the native extension

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what happened to it?

But my 1 second refresh interval

>> No.142723

Remember when Linden Dollars were all the rage like Bitcoin?

>> No.142724

The offer still stands. Anyone stepping up?

>> No.142727

Have we thought about putting a PND ad on 4chan?

>> No.142730

>i don't understand the difference between a decentralized currency and a centralized one
it's the difference between gold and paper notes, except in electronic form.
zimbabwe dollars:gold :: linden dollars:bitcoin

>> No.142731

and it's amazingly doing well without all the media coverage and rage

>> No.142732

donate the doges to coinpayments to vote for pnd

>> No.142738


I thought so too. not going to use that crap but apparently it's the only way to exchange L$ into btc

>> No.142741

>owning linden dollars
>the year of our lord two thousand fourteen

>> No.142743


I can't help it when people buy my old SL shit like mad

>> No.142745

people still buy furry skins/clothes on second life?

>> No.142759

This shit really take 8 weeks to download?

>> No.142763

dogecoin? use multidoge.

>> No.142769

It takes about a day to sync. It's 8 weeks worth of transactions.

>> No.142774

yeah, we'll need detailed advice for them cashing out to BTC, or even better things to buy as part of an ecosystem...

OK, I don't have a problem exactly with cold commercial, I just think if it is us the community doing this then an informal reddit type thing is a lot simpler and quicker to setup and prove the concept. Anyone with a reddit account can just go right ahead and post bounties, lots of girls are familiar with reddit etc.

Of course, if you're willing to put in (or able to muster) the effort for a slick and functional commercial enterprise, then go right ahead, it can only benefit Panda!

>> No.142778

Thought yes.

>> No.142779

>yeah, we'll need detailed advice for them cashing out to BTC, or even better things to buy as part of an ecosystem...

perhaps even pay them in BTC or DOGE, though that might not be as healthy for Panda

>> No.142785

Already done that.

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File: 83 KB, 1086x647, commonguys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep the votes flowing in.

>> No.142801

sent ;)
I'd rather you posted that "on this page" link with pastebin or so.

>> No.142815

What is the most trusted Fiat-BTC exchange?


>> No.142839

yep, they do.

>> No.142893

How many votes does the top coin have?

>> No.142905

How the fuck are we getting so many votes on mintpal right now?

>> No.142913

is it hard to maintain 15mh? also which city do you live in?

>> No.142911

I was just checking it out, that was like 200 votes in 3 seconds.

>> No.142915

I guess amDOGE or someone else must have paid them some more btc

>> No.142916

Depends. Berlin.

>> No.142919

It's still going up like a motherfucker

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File: 4 KB, 200x100, 200px-0,275,34,172-Tio1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the results list:


We approaching target.

>> No.142918

UTC people are voting for PND now.

>> No.142922

how much time do you spend fixing stuff on the rigs?

>> No.142921

>living in degeneracy central

>> No.142923

i'll gladly donate 50k doge to this, just waiting to sync my wallet

>> No.142925

Compared to what?

>> No.142927

also is there a way to do multiple votes at once?

>> No.142933

Disposable mail address that you can change per vote and a new IP address each time.

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This one is in DOGE

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man my english sucks dick

wieviel zeit musst du durchschnittlich in der woche damit verbringen alles am laufen zu halten

>> No.142944

pls pastebin "on this page" link

>> No.142948


>> No.142947


It's good to be near when it's running so all the time I guess. There can always be the one card that goes sick.

>> No.142955


>> No.142956


>> No.142962

hey goys it's me, angry mac fag.
I took your advice and got off the internet for a few days.
What did I miss? I see there are color id's now.

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>> No.142968

Klondikecoin is pulling ahead guys! We need 6 more votes to get ahead of them!

>> No.142975

scratch that, 4 more votes to get ahead

>> No.142978

scary ;__;

>> No.142976

How long do we have until they add a new coin?

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>> No.142983

those fucking UTC lots are playing nice guys now.

dont buy it niggers.

>> No.142984

I don't know. It doesn't say

>> No.142990

They are pressing on the vote button for us. What's not to like?

>> No.142995

they are not to be trusted. tell them to go away. we dont need them.

>> No.142997

Are they really? Why is that?

>> No.142999

This is beautiful propaganda!

does anyone have source file or even the name of the "VOTE PND" font for remixing?

>> No.143000


I have been voting as much as I can, but isn't mintpal an even lower volume exchange than that ghost town they call cryptorush?

>> No.143001

Anon don't be rude.

Because why not?

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File: 71 KB, 1374x746, ss (2014-02-26 at 03.05.39).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls send doge

>> No.143005

Good enough for me

No clue, but the more exchanges that adopt us the better so I don't mind

>> No.143009

Exposure is always good. Mintpal is decent in terms of volume, for now.

Don't forget to post in the cryptsy thread though.

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okay, at first I missed the boat but today I joined the PND crownd and turned my Topkeks into PNDs and made 1.224.749,948

I seriously don't know how to feel but I hope this was the right thing to do.

inb4 topkeks skyrocket without me on board.

>> No.143014

amDoge i question your leadership skills. dont be so naive.

>> No.143018


Aus rotten Juden!

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>Current Price 189 Satoshi
You guys said it would go up.

>> No.143024

Any good leader would take free help from someone. I don't see your problem. It isn't like they can take back the votes they give us.

>> No.143025

This needs more focus.

>> No.143028


>> No.143037

enjoy getting stabbed in the back

>> No.143030

>3 days
Give it longer

>> No.143032

Maybe we can join forces with those guys for other polls in future?

>> No.143034

We would need to constantly pour BTC in to this and the winner would be mintpal in the end.
They did pay more than us to surpass us, we just let it go and turn it to a promotion.
How is that bad?

>> No.143035

>3 days
It's been like two weeks since the halvening.

>> No.143039

Miles, seriously.
Don't look at it for a year or something, just keep coming here so we can keep you informed.

>> No.143044

Just hold miles goddamnit

>> No.143048

Seriously, how the fuck can this work against us in any way? Please enlighten me. Otherwise shut up and let it happen.

Yes but it has been 3 days since it crashed. Give it time to recover. It doesn't have the same following as BTC or LTC so it will take longer for these things to happen.

>> No.143049


It's still higher than 40, I mean who would be so stupid to sell it at that price?

>> No.143050

Wait what happened to UTC on the mintpal page? Did they win or did they get disqualified for being faggots?

>> No.143054

Is this paid for yet?
If not I will pay for it.
Also other people vote this shit and post the qr page here.
Or a pastebin.

>> No.143055

am i the only one who is seriously annoyed by this constantly depressed miles guy, spreading his negativity? i cant stand it. go hang yourself already miles

>> No.143057

They won by pumping 1BTC into their votes

>> No.143060

We are tied up with Klondikecoin with 65 votes right now

>> No.143062


Fucking great.

I don't understand a payment based voting system. It just means the big dogs can get any currency they like in by dropping a few BTC.

I thought the point of cryptocurrency was to avoid shit like this?

>> No.143064

they paid at minimum 2 BTC

>> No.143066

It is because Mintpal like their shekels

>> No.143071

Most exchanges you pay to get listed anyway

>> No.143072

and they also use the shekels accumulated to artificially pump their own cryptoshitkel.

>> No.143069

PND has paid 2.5 or so and UTC paid 4+

>> No.143070

to be fair we got this high because amdoge pumped 2 btc into our votes as well

>> No.143075

>I thought the point of cryptocurrency was to avoid shit like this?
you don't have to use these sheckel excanges
but you want to. and they make the rules

>> No.143076

not paid yet.

>> No.143082

I was talking about the more recent pump

>> No.143087

Klondikecoin pulled ahead with 68 votes to our 65 votes!

>> No.143091


The more recent pump was about 40,000 votes so 2 BTC worth.

>> No.143092

Please use pastebin with a link if you want your vote paid for. It's easier that way.

>> No.143094

How about you post a fucking link as your spam doesnt even say what votes you're talking about

>> No.143096

Vote people! 0,001 BTC or 500 Doge we can do this!!

>> No.143099


Mods are banning for fucking payment vote links? They're banning BUSINESS on a BUSINESS board?

>> No.143103

If you were paying attention to this thread at all you would know I was talking about https://www.coinpayments.net/vote-results

>> No.143106

We seriously need new mods, at least mods that are /biz/ posters

>> No.143104

Ok, paid it.

>> No.143107



Vote PND, post pastebins with links. I will cover DOGE expenses.

>> No.143111

Include it in your spam so newbies who come to this thread know too

>> No.143112

Have you goys seen this?

It's Wolong's "book"


>> No.143114

You can post just QR too if you like, I will cover it.

>> No.143115

we have to pay for the votes?
why are we even bothering with these jews

>> No.143120

That is such shit... That is intro level crap that he could have just pulled off Wikipedia

>> No.143121

would send doge but it's all tied up in exchanges atm

>> No.143126

Because it's guaranteed we can use our PND to buy things.
We don't have that yet, we are fun bux that can be sold for BTC.
With this we can buy stuff, it's better than getting on another exchange.

>> No.143129


Are you not supposed allowed to tripcode your address anymore or something?

>> No.143124

It goes to a charity, not their wallets.

>> No.143135

please note that you have to have different emails and ip addresses to vote multiple times i think

>> No.143136

No. Anything seen as 'advertising' is banned
The mod is an idiot and does whatever she wants

>> No.143137




>> No.143141

I'm paynig for this.

>> No.143143


Yeah, you can't put a wallet address in your name field because it counts as "begging".

Which means Santa Doge has abandoned us because we can't post addresses without being banned.

>> No.143147


So the first rule of business is do not talk about business.

These mods get paid or are they volunteers?

>> No.143152

So what's everyone going to do with BTC we make when PND reaches the moon? I'm gonna cash out if I can and put it towards my car fund.

>> No.143158


>> No.143167

sent ;)

>> No.143164
File: 97 KB, 640x426, 19634_eaaf54f18e_low_res.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hopefully 11 million will be enough

>> No.143168

How are we on PND?

>> No.143169

write to moot

>> No.143170

I agree the begging can get out of hand, but if someone offers free doge/pnd i don't see a reason to ban

>> No.143174
File: 293 KB, 1000x830, weirdal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here the Thing Begging != Giving ....poor santa Doge ;_;

also isn't santa doge confirmed for JacobUX?

>> No.143176

gonna buy shiny shit for my cars

>> No.143178
File: 27 KB, 976x277, 1393429035516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


They're moots friends. this is an excerpt from the IRC channel that hang out in.

>> No.143182

so its going to go to the moon even though cryptsy wont touch it and btc-e can do nothing but laugh hell even bter and vircurex NOPEd you into oblivion

the reason doge took off from 30 satoshi was because it trended on google when we paid for the jamaicans to go to the olympics

>> No.143179


>> No.143184

pls post "on this page" link

>> No.143185

>fancy expensive car
shiggy diggy

>> No.143187


what's topkekcoin?

>> No.143190

my bad

>> No.143195

Buy a bigger mining rig of course

>> No.143198
File: 1.33 MB, 400x240, 1390853811092.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cash out enough to buy a house and pay my mother's as a "thank you".
No need to cash out more than what's needed. All you'll end up doing with it, is more than likely spend it on something stupid, or on all friends you suddenly got after becoming a millionaire

>> No.143199


Good lord no. I'm planning to just get myself some old run about, not a brand spanking new car. I've technically already got the money but then insurance, tax, MOT. It all builds up.


Anon don't believe in PND, believe in me who believes in PND.


Now confirming, cheers bru.

>> No.143200

Which channel #4chan?
There's another channel on rizon that is exclusively for 4chan staff but if you posted it here you'd get banned.

>> No.143201

Sent. Also voted from neighbors wifi.

What would be a good comment to leave?

>> No.143202

>cryptsy wont touch it
Citation needed
>btc-e can do nothing but laugh
btc-e still refuses to accept doge
>bter and vircurex NOPEd you into oblivion
Citation needed

How many hours a day do you spend shilling?

>> No.143205

>sorry for using your wifi

>> No.143206

If you guys have a problem with wallet addresses getting banned then I suggest you write moot and the mods and explain your thoughts on the matter, because until they revisit that rule then they'll be enforcing it as written

>> No.143210

>sorry for using your wifi

Not really, hehehe

>> No.143211


Yeah it's #4chan. But the mods do go there for manual ban appeals.

>> No.143217

>mods ban people for giving away PND
>PND transactions grind to a halt

Fuck you, mods.

>> No.143222


I wouldn't have touched PND until someone happened to send me some via these threads and now I have 8million.

But yeah, how can we get new Bamboo Recruits now?

>> No.143223

What causes price to skyrocket from ~180 satoshi? It's 191 already and it doesn't look like it going to stop anytime soon.

>> No.143232


>> No.143235
File: 43 KB, 672x428, rip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.143239

i dont think it will get past 20-30 satoshi. but i will sell my 2.3 million PND to stack up my DOGE

>> No.143246

Can I use PND to buy something without exchanging it to something else?

>> No.143247

Doge crashed when everything else did, it's just recovering its value now.

>> No.143250


Also, there was an idea to set up a camwhoring site with PND tipping. Any webdesignfags who can at least make a rough draft?

>> No.143254

That's what we're trying to do right now.
That's what the coinpayments vote is for.
Did you vote?

>> No.143255


>> No.143259

Some guy selling his house for $135,000 worth of dogecoins made it to cnn.com

>> No.143257

On it

>> No.143258

We would first need more grills than amDOGE to get that to work...

>> No.143262


>> No.143266

Some concentrated shilling on plebbit and /soc/ may do the trick

>> No.143274


>selling your house for a crashing currency


>> No.143268

16 more votes to reach #4 and secure(?) our position

>> No.143269


>> No.143273

amdoge is a gril?

>> No.143281


>> No.143277

because retard

>> No.143279

That's what I also thought. Just tell the attractive ones about PND and how they can earn money from what they usually do for free

>> No.143282

Because it wont be crashing for long. In fact it is recovering right now as I type

>> No.143287

>WE are now on the 6TH PLACE !! Please keep up voting we can´t let panda take the 5th place !!


>> No.143295


We have http://www.reddit.com/r/girlsgonepandacoin but it's deserted.

Get it some activity and I'll add it to the sidebar in r/therealpandacoin.

>> No.143291

anyone remember the name of that auction site where you can use doge?

>> No.143294

he's already making bank and it was a vacation home

>> No.143296

No, retards think it's funny or whatever, !amDOGE doesn't care.

>> No.143297

Can someone please tell me something good about PND, I'm starting to give up hope on this coin, it wouldn't really make any difference, I can't mine and I can't do anything but beg.
Will 222K PND be worth holding, will it get me anything in the end?

>> No.143303

sent ;)

>> No.143299


>> No.143300

where is this, bro? sorry was sleeping

>> No.143302

link m8

>> No.143308

On it

Don't post anything though, be subtle.

>> No.143305

Make a guy version of that. It worked pretty well on /r/dogecoin. It was for shits and giggles and a bunch of different guys did it. I know I would

>> No.143306

Is there not enough evidence ITT that efforts are being made?

>> No.143314

you got this? >>143299

>> No.143309


>> No.143310


Will do today.


>> No.143311

we 5th place now

>> No.143313

amDOGE already paid that one!

>> No.143316


Did the wallet update get pushed out yet?

>> No.143317


>> No.143321

not sent );

>> No.143320


I still can't build the mac wallet.

>> No.143322

You are all doing good, but like I want to eventually make some form of money off PND.
Sorry if I sound bitchy, I'm just a poorfag struggling to pay for rent, internet and other necessities.
Deadend job working in a gas station isn't doing anything for me

>> No.143328

so has anyone confirmed that coinpayments will recognize if more than one payment comes from the same wallet?

>> No.143330

You better start shilling then. Pnd is what we make of it

>> No.143331


Ok, What is the problem with the mac one?

>> No.143333


I have a ton of emails :3

>> No.143334

You are sounding hella entitled for someone investing in a trollcoin.

maybe go out and suck some dicks instead of whining about how worthless pnd is

>> No.143335

You probably won't make any money off this.
Especially with 200k PND.
I don't want to sound mean, it is what it is.

>> No.143341

That's all I wanted to know, thank you

As I previously stated, sorry for sounding bitchy.

>> No.143342

I hope you change IP and clear cookies.
I'm paying this.

>> No.143343

It doesn't build. I'm not sure why.

>> No.143345

good quad

>> No.143346

Well what does it say?

>> No.143347

thank you for voting

>> No.143351


This and yea I'm to lazy to switch to my mac partition sorry.

>> No.143349


>> No.143353

miles if it doesn't go up, I'm gonna be your big spoon for a night when your bf is out

>> No.143355

40 satoshi is possible at best

>> No.143362

10000 PND for someone that can read moonrunes and give me some information on monster hunter online. All the info I found in english is outdated. It is now in closed beta but I am looking for info on a western release or other good news.

>> No.143359

>PND is dead

Goddammit. The one time I get on the train early and it goes nowhere. I'm still going to hold onto them, because there's no point trading it for a single litecoin.

>> No.143360


I'd take 20BTC for my efforts.

>> No.143368

I checked on Swisscex, if I sell all my PND for DOGE, I'll only get about 6K DOGE, but if I then sell that for BAC I'll get ~30K, then sell the BAC for BTC I'll get 1.something BTC
Should I do it?

>> No.143371

>trading anything for litecoin

>> No.143369

wololo is back with with a brand new coin

brace urselves

>> No.143376

Who are you going to sell the BAC to?
There are no buyers on swisscex.

>> No.143378

PND has more community support than most other shitcoins out there, so if you're gonna write it off as dead on its second week then by all means, but it's clearly gonna go a bit further than it has

>> No.143382

Anywhere else I could sell it?

>> No.143383

Proof that this is done by wolong?

>> No.143388

10 more votes and we're on #4.
Also klondyke has now 72 votes and is closing in.

>> No.143397
File: 28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe more than a bit. It's all on us.

>> No.143398

Seems that what you've linked is Chinese and not Japanese, so can't help you with that, sorry.

>> No.143399

anyone know when the deadline for this is?

>> No.143402

i prefer the term concept coin.

Like as in "conceptual art.

>> No.143404

Would you buy a chocolate bar with PND if it was available to buy online with PND?

>> No.143407

No, but that is just because I don't waste money on candy.

>> No.143411

What altcoins should I buy now?

>> No.143414

At the end of the day.
But I don't know in which timezone.

>> No.143417

How about heroin?

>> No.143420

No need to say sorry mate.

>> No.143422

How long would it to program a exchange site and what would I need for it?

>> No.143426

Depends if I can turn a profit off of it. I don't use heroin. I would buy MDMA, pot, and LSD with it though

>> No.143430

A master's degree in CS.

Expertise in penetration testing.

Expertise in message queue-based transaction processing.

>> No.143436

That is Chinese, not Japanese. I can't help you with that. Sorry m8

>> No.143443

Guys, I need your help. What alt coins should I get into now?

>> No.143444


>> No.143445

isn't it the same thing m89?

>> No.143448

>Chinese MMO

There is absolutely no way you can level up without paying money.

>> No.143451

Well, Japanese did import a lot of their characters from China but they are very different otherwise.

>> No.143449


PND isn't dead at all. It's only been a couple weeks and these things take time, so stop shitposting FUD.

And consider yourself lucky, because most people who manage to get on a train early end up overpaying, like the people who bought Vertcoin for $7 a piece when they first hit Cryptsy.

>> No.143453


>> No.143457

Chinese is structured a lot more like English while Japanese is a lot more loose in their structuring.

>> No.143458
File: 146 KB, 640x480, 1374639955115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.143461

Other than that.

>> No.143467


>> No.143464

What to mine except PND?
Any coin with low difficulty?

>> No.143472


>> No.143470

I don't need yes men.

>> No.143471

Klondike is at 77 votes.
We're at 79.
Just letting you know.

>> No.143478


>> No.143482

Japanese also sounds much nicer.

>> No.143485

Say hypothetically you buy drugs from a Silkroad type place and your package randomly get pulled for inspection by the postmaster, you would be in deep shit right? it's a federal offense.

Do they have ways of hiding it really well?

I knew a friend who was able to send out weed by cutting the weed into the size of packing peanuts and would pack them around a busted cell phone or whatever. It fucking worked though, he's been doin it for years.

>> No.143486

In all seriousness. Don't split up your mining. If you want to max profits stick with PND. We are the most profitable altcoin to mine right now.

>> No.143497

I've used up my IPs but will pay others gladly.

Pick DOGE payments and use pastebin with "on this page" link.


>> No.143498

i wish i could tell if my votes are actually going through or not

>> No.143491


PND or you miss out.

>> No.143492
File: 107 KB, 300x295, double ruse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>100% premine
>100% ipo

>> No.143493
File: 42 KB, 500x480, and_522902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


vote for monacoin, jp strong

>> No.143496

You can't get in trouble if they pull anything. Because they don't have any proof of you purchasing the package. As long as they don't find a purchase stub with your name on it, you are safe.

>> No.143503


Vertcoin seems like a solid as fuck investment.

>> No.143504

overnight priority express is what i read, only sent weekdays avoiding weekends, no time for inspectionz.

>> No.143505

/jp/ has its own coin?

>> No.143509

2 minutes after 10/10 confirmations the vote should show up.

>> No.143512

Vertcoin is expected to overtake Litecoin by the end of the year

>> No.143513
File: 225 KB, 487x640, top.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


no, its from the real japan

>> No.143520

I am still keking over Ultracoin pumping 4BTC into mintpal when the website they should have pumped the BTC into only has gotten .002BTC

>> No.143525
File: 182 KB, 515x645, 3NYsRwD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.143528


That's what i was wondering. But it makes sense though, how easy would it be to set up anyone you wanted by mailing them a package of drugs and then anonymously report them. it would be to easy, you could pretty get anyone you wanted locked up.

In fact i remember seeing a tv documentary and they showed the postal inspector finding drugs in packages and all they did was confiscate the package.

PandaRoad, when?

>> No.143535


I'm thinking of dumping my 4000 shitty potcoin at a 200% loss and buying Vert while it's still cheap.

What do you think? I'b be losing close to $50 buy dumping the potcoin btw.

>> No.143537

New thread when?

>> No.143547

potcoin is one of the few coins actively seeking market adoption, if it does that it will see some substantial gains.

whether or not that goes through idk, but i'm holding my pot.

>> No.143541

don't dump everything you have, diversify nigga.

>> No.143543

Is Vertcoin really the future?

>> No.143545


>> No.143552

People will flock to it once Asic scrypt are released
Price should match Litecoin

>> No.143556

that won't be for at least a year though imo, by then i hope to have made enough profit from scrypt coins to not care

>> No.143559

Does anyone here use coinbase?
How fast can I authorize a 2 BTC purchase if I were to make a new account?

>> No.143563


>> No.143565
File: 656 KB, 480x270, 1392992401320.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit.

>Send in my 7950 3 weeks ago
>Finally get it back
>It's a 7970 with a non-stock cooler

>> No.143566

>tfw international wire transfer costs so much money

>> No.143570

what exactly is to prevent a regular scrypt asic from mining adaptive-n scrypt at roughly the same performance hit gpus get?

>> No.143573

Sometimes we all get lucky.

>> No.143574

Pandaroad comes when PND is worth as much as or more than DOGE which is a stretch.

>> No.143577

that's cool, you're going to be using 50W more of electricity though

>> No.143576

>Miles getting lucky
Something is not right.

>> No.143578


>> No.143586


Scrypt ASICs won't have nearly the impact SHA256 ASICs had.

>> No.143587


>> No.143588


>> No.143592


See, this is why I consult you guys before doing anything hasty. I'm too compulsive left to my own devices.

>> No.143594

4 days or so

>> No.143604


Just a heads up, the computer rejected all my orders I made the first few weeks except for instant buy. You're just going to have to be patient goy.

>> No.143605

6 more votes to get to #4
You vote, I pay.

>> No.143654

I'm glad there are others out there with more patience than me, because this is something I don't bother telling someone if they seem completely ignorant of the coin they're collecting.

The coin is only as valuable as people think it is, so you should know why people would care about a coin. Pot coin, since day one, has been about being used as the de facto currency for marijuana dispensaries because most deal solely in cash and have to worry about getting robbed by gangs, or even the federal government.

So if you come in asking if you should just dump all of your coin into a different coin because you don't know how to invest, then I don't have the time to hold your hand.

I love you guys and wish you all the best, but I have to know when I can and can't help, and you can't cure stupid.

To make this sound less high-and-mighty, I'll point out that I've been mining between nyan and potcoin since they came out, because the difficulty for doge got too high.
I jumped on PND as soon as I found out about it and have about half a mil now, but its consistently low value made me switch back to nyan and pot for a bit the other day.
I didn't give up on pnd, I just took a break and NEVER considered dumping. If you just want to make a quick buck, then jump from new altcoin to new altcoin. If you want to invest in something, then you better fucking believe in it and hold on until YOU decide you're satisfied and let it go.

>> No.143664
File: 139 KB, 1202x779, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone sort this for me?

>> No.143670

Yes I'll do it.
Also we have a new thread.

>> No.143680

sent ;)