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Where were you when you found the next great 100x?

Big July incoming. I'm selling 50K Link this week and laddering in. I suggest you do the same. The FUD is very weak on this one. Don't let 'em shake you out.

This. Is. The. Floor.


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When binance sir

Project unironically has a decent community for a microcap

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the FUD is weak on SNTVT but not on LINK?

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shill me

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Whispers of Binance DEX. Only a matter of time.

Shill yourself. I gave you the info. It's 1M cap. o read for 5 seconds and realize you should be market-buying instead of asking for bread.

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*ching ching*

i know something you don't know.

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Sell your link and but my LITERAL WHO coin

>6 months later
>literally who has partnered with Chainlink