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>watching ONE/BTC orders at 247 sats, all 800 orders, every second

bots bots bots

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Some random shitcoin of the month being PnD'd. Nothing to see.

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seriously what the actual fuck is going on

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the bot run out of bitcoins
what a faggot

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fractal declined, rsi double topped, and heiken ashis are just now turning red on long term charts.

not even cz can save you cucks

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You forgot the bullish divergence on ONEBNB

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oh hey look matic is doing the same thing

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cz is testing the new bots, hold on to your butts boiis we finna make it

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That's a convergence you retard

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Not selling my bag until it reaches 1000

You have to be absolutely braindead if you think it won't pump hard in the very near future.

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All we care about is now. Not 1 year down the line

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Gotta warm up the pussy, then you fuck the pussy

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you do realize that exact mentality and frame of mind is no different than just taking w.e. you put in that shitcoin and going for a leveraged trade right? You would actually gain time saved from the time spent in creating the asset.... uh why do i bother educating ACTUAL npcs

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that's just bots painting the history book to bait peoples in
how new are you ?

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idk how

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