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It's going to lead the 4th industrial revolution.

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sir please do the needful, this coin is so cheap I can't believe how cheap it is, and it needs your help to succeed!

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naw, we're targetting a different set of clientele
however, if by chance you're interested, you would do well to look at our long term historical performance and network utilization

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heh...by the way, that'll be $42.00 per token
>inb4 he's a big guy
>4 u

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Imagine selling the real bitcoin for a measly 225 cuck bucks

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well well well

waddaya OP?


looks like we might be running away with this thing?
>btw it's double now
>in b4 $84.00

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>waddaya say OP?

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Checked we're going to make it

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this is now officially a /link/ shill thread
thank you OP for the great question
we have even greater answers

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>thank you OP for the great question
>we have even greater answers

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>what "block" are the /anonz/ here "hashing" out again?
>they're calling it "block" 2019, or is it "year" 2019?
heh...who knows anymore
>book related

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also RSR is 100% US government
>you heard it here first

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No, it's great and mine, you can't have it

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Should I dump chainlink for RSR

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>Should I dump chainlink for RSR
put in more fiat
you do have cash don't you anon?

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Nope I'm balls deep in LINK

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I have your wife and daughter. As you can see they are unharmed. You can either pay me the ransom that I am asking, or I can extract value from them by what I'm going to do to them and through them psychologically. You will eventually get them back that way, but you may not want them back at that point.

I demand payment in (coin).

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>what is cash flow
no sources of income?
if you have no sources of income, you have bigger problems than not holding RSR
>mfw nothing personal kid

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Poor college student lol

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>Poor college student lol
scrape together what you can, if you're all in link, then go 5% in RSR max
otherwise, just put in more fiat when you can to increase your total stack instead of shifting your existing stack around

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>Instant one-click private swaps between BTC, LTC, and now Tether via LN swaps. Goods payable with BTC can be bought with LTC, Tether, or XSN.
>Re-establishes privacy that LN routers potentially compromise while re-establishing privacy for otherwise-traceable BTC funds
>Truly decentralized DEX - run by MNs, secured by the network - that hosts every blockchain for every coin available for trade so the end-user doesn't need to download them individually
>Pioneered TPoS (trustless proof of stake) - stake 24/7 while your computer is off or even from cold storage
>Working to make TPoS a one-click option
>Trustless MN hosting services payable directly in XSN. Run several MNs while your computer is off and receive a 16% annual ROI in XSN
>DEX Aggregator that intends to pool together numerous other DEXes that suffer from low volume
>CCPoS - stake XSN, receive BTC, LTC, Tether
>Dedicated hardware division.
>Intending to pool MN hardware into a collective supercomputer secured by the network. The DEX is the first dApp.
>No KYC to use the DEX, perform LN swaps, or use any of the other features mentioned above.
The X9 Developers are working to obsolete centralized exchanges. They've routinely delivered on all their ambitious goals to do so.
They're doing it in a way that honors the original cypherpunks that built Bitcoin.
Stakenet is being built for the collective benefit of the entire space.

If you trade between BTC and LTC alone, this will have a tremendous amount of benefits to it.
>No bid orders
>No buying down sell walls
>No need to transfer
Funds and keys remain secured and completely in your control whether you wish to hold, trade, spend, or cold stake.

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>The X9 Developers are working to obsolete centralized exchanges
pic related
seems like it's just getting started
any reasons why someone should invest in this when the markets for it are smalltime?
genuine question

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whitepaper looks interesting

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went by another name and exit scammed. rebrand as this

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I-It's a good token

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>went by another name and exit scammed. rebrand as this

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He's at it again!

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>in b4 $84.00

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But you already hold it...

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$1000 EOY

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if then and apple they ran right up the alley of their own will to guise the all of beings there aren't always too many in deed indeed if you swish the slam slang then it pop pop the quid loo they jump the run of the limp lamp


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Ok faghpt, Write a smart contract that utilizes real world information

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It's absolute shit, don't buy it, it's a scam, the ceo wears the same shirt every day, 2 man dev team, etc...

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>He's at it again!
you should have seen this one
what the hell is going on lol

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