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My life is so rough. Every Jewish family is rich, only my family failed and is in the poor 3%. My family thought they were smarter than the majority and invested in Russians. It's a common thing in the Jewish families to only invest in other Jews or Asians.

>accounting job
>small dick
>Jewish family
>no money
>no friends

Women love guys with good dick or their money, I have neither. I do not want to keep living like this. Anons name me good teams with a solid Asian or Jewish team, I am gonna invest my money the Jewish way.

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hahahahahah poor you bitch.
life’s a bummer

>>> invest the jewish way, its not TOO LATE. You know the drill. C to the O

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Buy COTI or kill yourself

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>jews invest in jews
I'd asume only if they know them in person. Otherwise, it's just begging to be goy'ed.
Nevertheless, a major figure in Chainlink is jewish - Ari Jules. He also happens to be a legitimate demigod.

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poor fellow , time to commit suicide , but no problem anon you get 1 chance for coti and hold long term for moneys

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I guess it's kind of the same thing as I've not yet figured out how to use my white privilege to make a lot of money, and you haven't figured out how to exploit Jewish nepotism to make a lot of money. Let me know when you figure it out.

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anon, I am on massive student loan debt and only has a minimum wage job. you're doing better than me.

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White privilege is a smokescreen used by upper class white people to deflect from their monetary-based/class-based priviledge

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Get rich or try dying biz.
Look at this cotton picker. He went allin and paid his dues. As much as I dislike the entire race, the guy does have money.

>>> Advise me where to go allin.
I want to get rich.


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Well... fuck.

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Anon, I am also sitting on a massive student loan. My accounting job pays ok but I am working like 10 hours a day.

I looked at the COTI team and showed it to my brother, seems like my family knew them before they cut contact because of our poor situation. They are rich fellows and are just building things because it's fun lol

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maybe you dont cheat and subvert the goyim enough

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>small dick

Feel bad for you faggot. I can't do something about your small dick but at least I could help a brother out. I have bags consisting out of:

Made mad money on them but I'm still holding because it's not over yet. Can expect them to burst during the bull market.

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KYS kike

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Should have chosen the Math field. Well anon let me introduce you to my portofolio do your own research.


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>small dick

How small? My dick used to be 6in now it's only 5in because I got addicted to painkillers during the most important years of growing. but I'm off them now and taking l-arginine and other stuff trying to undone the damage cause by wrecking my testosterone levels. But either way, 5.1in is actually average it just is small in comparison to porn. Keep in kind that even amateur guys in porn are going to usually have above average dicks cause otherwise they wouldn't feel as comfortable filming themselves. Girls surveyed on a woman's only subreddit voted that they disliked big cocks because it hurts them too much to orgasm regularly. So just do some kegels so you have girth (that's mostly what women care about anyways) and invest in etheruem, chainlink litecoin, shit like that and hodl (bull market incoming).

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>Jewish privilege
Look at this guys story for how it works. It's basically chutzpah + being very able minded/capable + a bit nepotism (not a lot)


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lel op I too am Jewish and grew up dirt poor in Brooklyn myself. still am dirt poor.

my entire extended family lives out in long island, some of them in three million dollar homes. my wealthiest aunt is even married to a goy to add insult to injury. my cousins are half goyisch mamzers sitting in the most expensive section of the reform synagogue. mamzers for Pete's sake!

it's all so very embarrassing. I am also a neet.

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Almost as if "white privilege" and "jewish nepotism" are things that losers make up to cope with lower IQ.

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typical jewish kvetching

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You got Blacked. Enjoy your agenda cucking you back

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What does the demigod meme mean? Seen it a couple times now

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>the position that the paternity of a child born within a marriage cannot legally be challenged in civil courts
Holy hell, jewish men are cucked beyond belief

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Look at what he did in his career. He's as legit as one can get

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Yeah I've read his cv, it gave me a lot of confidence during the 2018 raping. Is that all it means, just that he is extremely capable? I thought there was a more espteric answer, not that i believe that shit too much, just find it interesting

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>just that he is extremely capable
That's what I mean when I describe him as a demigod, yes. It's tongue-in-cheek.

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Don't all Jews automatically get ground in Israel?

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>the most expensive section of the reform synagogue.

They divide it by wealth?

>mamzers for Pete's sake!

What is a mamzer?

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You have to be a capitalist to do that.

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>The halachic definition of a mamzer -- is defined in the Oral Law -- is someone who is born out of an adulerous or inecstous relationship. A child who is born out of wedlock, or a child born to a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father, is NOT a mamzer.

Guess it's a term similar to "mutt" for Jewish incels, despite it being an incorrect usage of the word traditionally.

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holy justed. how can u fail as jew?

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>gommunism wasn't a kike shill

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Israel will set you up with a place to live and probably health care and maybe some kind of welfare payment if you’re super poor. But it’s very expensive there and it’s hard to make much money outside of the tech sector. I’d say it’s analogous to being a poor fag in Italy except you’re surrounded by sand niggers. You have a better chance of making something of yourself in America if you’re not totally lacking agency. If, however, you’d be content being kind of poor but not stressed out, and you don’t mind the heat or possibly being stabbed or blown up by an Arab, Israel is a pretty good option. But the average American Jew is gonna be able to get richer here. It’s much easier to swindle the goyim and blacks than other Jews.

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How do you cheat and subvert the goyim without owning capital?
Fucking retard.

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Even if you make money no women will ever truly love you. Jewish men are consistently rated as the least desirable mates because of your small dicks and bad attitudes. You should go MGTOW

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Just sue Germany.

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Hasn’t been my experience. I can post some pics of some nice goy snatch to prove it. Girls like Jewish men because we’re smart, funny, not women-beaters, not drunks, and usually have money. The downside is that we go bald and have smallish dicks. Still, to say that we’re less desirable than chinamen or pajeets or even blacks is laughable. Only thots and fat girls resort to black men,

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Take a look at this thread OP. Also cheer up, you are probably young considering you have student debt. You are in the right space to get rich, just focus and invest wisely.

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Jewish men are usually heavily narcissistic, with the affinity for psychological abuse that comes with it

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Pretty much all men have the potential to be abusers depending on what kind of psychological damage or bad upbringing they have. I’m just pointing out that there are very few Jewish men that ever go to jail for beating their wives, which is not something most other groups can say. We’re fucked up, but not in the same way that involves being addicted to drugs and alcohol and putting cigarettes out on your kids arm.

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>tfw have perfectly sized 6.5x5.1 dick according to studies
>tfw all in Harmony ONE
feels good man

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Some have more potential than others. Rather hard to call the police for incising persistent psychological abuse

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you nasty npc

>tfw jewish ( ish = not real ) people like you will only ever be able to redeem themselves by elevating the blacks from which you've stolen your religion and culture

>actually interfaced with the yah-weh protocol

>this is a reverse simulation where the micro is projecting the macro and vice versa based on variables of perception

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Ummm sorry dude I know your mommy probably told you that you’re a good boy but every study has proven that jewish men are the least desirable men other than Asian men. Asian men are truly fucked but a poor jew is not far behind that
>we go bald and have small dicks but other than that
Those are the two most important things for adult relationships anon...

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I have a Jewish landlord, if there are young single girls in the building, he will always go to them late in the evening to discuss payment, getting a good deal or if they have problems paying the rent. He is rude. Goldchain, goldrings on his fat small fingers. He is very short, balding, smeely and a really unpleasant creepy dude. Is this normal? Is he a normal Jew or is this just some freak statistical accident where he is is the complete stereotype of a slimy kike?

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Typical jew

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I don’t know man. I’ve had tons of chicks but that’s mostly because I’m a bartender. But I’ve never had a problem getting a girlfriend because I was Jewish. Usually I’ve had to break it off with shiksas because they have that emotional repression common in Anglo and Germanic peoples. Jews tend to be more emotive and share their feelings. Which women do want. I’ve got a little under a 6 inch dick which is good enough for a more petite woman.

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There’s probably a fair amount of these in New York and New Jersey. But I’m a Jew and I’m 6’1. Taller than many goy manlets

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Same dude. I was the only Jewish kid in a pretty hardcore Italian/Irish burb of NY. Didn't have much opportunities on the east coast or cash so I moved to Israel. Things ended up pretty sweet for me. I work in blockchain tech over here, got a QT3.15 that sits on my face on Fridays and Saturdays. PS don't invest in COTI.

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OP do you work out? If not try. Working out regularly will boost your confidence. I took a look at COTI and the project looks good, heard that they hired a MM who will put to work soon. Do your own research, and do not get too greedy. Investing/trading is a marathon not a 100m race.

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Whats with BIZ's obsession with COTI recently? I met their team, read their tech and wasn't impressed. There are better DAG projects out there.

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Im also curious about the hype about COTI recently. Might be Binance list speculation? There is a chance, since COTI is partnered with Fantom and Simplex

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Most people do not know if someone is jewish or not especially secular Jews. My point is about characteristics of jews being statistically unattractive. Also you have some cope about your dick, you will always be a dicklet if you’re under 6 inches. Learn to jelq because otherwise women will not respect your tiny penis and it will never satisfy them. You can ask them after you break up and they will tell you the truth about your tiny cock. Sorry man

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>Working out regularly will boost your confidence
Not really. It will make people respect you due to your physical formidability. Nothing to do with how you feel.

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You're retarded as hell if you don't realize nepotism was heavily in his favor.

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Over 80% of the first soviet government was Jewish.

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>all these people admitting to being jews on /biz/

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To be honest, I regret not choosing the math. It would have made my life so much easier


I am not sure how many in, but it looks small compared to porn ye...

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Sorry for you, (((OP))).

Do Russians count as Asians for you?

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Took a look, it was a good read. Got myself a bit of coti might add more later. Ye, I just want to try my luck in the crypto space, haha..


I do not work out, have been planning to but always give myself excuses to not go.

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Googled jelq, isn't it dangerous/damaging?


Not really.. when we talk about Asians it's about the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. They are very hard working people, smart and humble, that's why we like them

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Chink scam coin

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Laughing at you. woman enjoy a meaty big cock. You are fucked. Deal with it

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anyone got rekt with VEN and Link?

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Hard working of hardly working.
Chinks take wellfare too. Not just us dark chocolates. At least our dick is big

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I encourage you to jump.

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I can’t help but to sympathise with anon. What you should do is invest in yourself, go to the gym, do some penis exercises and be a COTI bagholder. You will feel blessed when we pump, and later thank me cause COTI is gonna moon

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Good for you anon. Thanks for answer.

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selll ur soul to the devil like most of ur ppl did
and go ahead and start sacrificing sandniggers children, this will propel to the top anon

remember the more sandnigger children u kill, the higher u reach on that pedestal

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7.5x5.5 is where it’s at

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Mine is a solid 6 inch. Quite average and when its hard its hard AF. Not like those soft bendable nigger dicks. Mine is like a wooden baseball bat level hard. Also, thick vains popping like cray.

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I have 3 inch penis , my wife loves it . She always scream coti me hard .

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Nice thread. From Jewish Nepotism to Asians hard working small dicks

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Compensate your small cock with COTI.

Got you a plan OP

>Buy coti
>coti moons
>get yourself penis surgery
>rich and big penis
>enjoy life

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Compensate your small cock with COTI.

For real OP, I got you a plan

>buy COTI
>coti moons
>get penis surgery
>rich and big cock
>enjoy life

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where money for dick surgery?

>> No.14239108

I can sell you sperm, im for sure op cant make baby’s , i help you

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When coti goes 8x in a few weeks

>> No.14239125

>get penis surgery
Can't get your dick up

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Kamagra will do the job for you

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Take a look at Morpheus Labs. Project is from Singapore. Really solid.

Morpheus Labs provides you multible blockchains to choose from, experiment with and create Dapps with them in a heart beat, and with 75% less in cost and time.

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Indeed take a look OP. Morpheus Labs (MITx) has a lot of growth potential. Also read that MITx will get listed on more exchanges soon. Buy the rumour, sell the news

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lets talk dick again. or pussy.

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Any one want to shill me a shitcoin. Here is your chance. Im having a shit and takes a min of 10 minutes

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It will be the best choice in your life, do not worry anon. I borrowed money to get on the Morpheus train *choo choo*

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Not buying Morpheus Labs right now is like shooting yourself in the foot. It’s so cheap and undervalued, get yourself a bag at iDex anon

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“its the joos fault im not rich”

do you ever hear yourself speak OP? stop blaming others for your failures, nazi

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Keep crying in front of your pc or get on the Morpheus train. All you need to have if you want to make it.

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>small dick

Get rope OP, life is over

>> No.14240999

You can borrow my rope

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>accounting job
>no money
Your problem is IQ, you have all the tools you needed. Next.

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File: 1.20 MB, 3840x2160, 5F379CC8-183F-4AB0-858D-182EDEB3C72A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am so pumped

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>small dick

Check jelqin and kegels OP. People have growed their dick with these techniques.

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Anyone want to swap Sprk for Mitx?

>> No.14241112


I have bcc wanna trade?

>> No.14241147

I have Uchain for Bcc. DM me

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Didn't answer the question you faggots.

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>How do you cheat and subvert the goyim without owning capital?
By seizing everything in the name of the revolution and killing off the most capable of the goyim.

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Also stretching.

Where can I buy coti?

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dont accountants make decent money

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